Thursday 20th January 2022

Favourite Weather. #LifeThisWeek 3/52. 2018.5.

Favourite Weather. #LifeThisWeek 3/52. 2018.5.

Last Sunday, 7 January,  the temperature outside our house on the Central Coast rose to 43 degrees celsius. Lucky us, we thought, at least we have ducted air-conditioning! THAT, unfortunately did not last. No, like many others, our house lost power.

An outage that lasted 70 L O N G minutes where we both did our best to survive inside.

Just as decided to leave the house, to get in the air-conditioned car to go somewhere for a drive, the power kicked back in. Oh. My. Goodness. Fortunate for sure. However, given that the worst days of Summer heat are yet to arrive, as they did last year in February then we MAY not be feeling as comfy as we were. In fact, the management of Ausgrid who manage the electricity services here came out and said words to the effect of “it is highly likely there WILL be further outages with extremes of heat which put pressure on the electricity grid”. Great. Not. Later in the afternoon I DID go for that drive and it was STILL hot!

Wondered why I chose this optional prompt and then I realised I have been obsessed by the weather and its extremes for years. We lived and taught in Western NSW for 8 years and with little or no air-con, we survived. Is it an age-thing? In 1978 we bought our first house and the affordable area of Sydney then for us was in the north-west and so, knowing we needed our comfort levels at home for both cold and heat, we put in ducted air. From then on wherever we lived, we have managed weather extremes at home as well as we could (and a swimming pool always helped too) …but not when it came to work in schools.

We both worked in un air-conditioned schools and it was always HOT in the summer months and late Spring months. I remember dreading presentation days out west where I would be dressed in my best  and seated on the stage. I was an avid watcher of the TV weather reports and those on radio long before the internet told us everything. 

So hot most times in December. I was (and am) an avid weather watcher. In fact since the extreme heat of February 2017 where the temperatures stayed around 38-42 celsius for 5 days I have subscribed to Higgins Storm Chasers. Not sponsored but for annual  membership the warnings and forecasts these guys send are better than the Bureau of Meteorology for me. Here is the link to their site.

So What is My Favourite Weather?

Unsurprisingly it is the warm days of Autumn and Spring with some breeze blowing. I also don’t mind warmer days in Winter where I can sit and feel a little warmth on my back.

However, in contrast to the equilibrium found above, I also like following some of the extremes of weather to take photos and to be part of it.

I take care of course, but I do like visiting the coastal areas when there are big surfs and windy conditions. Something about being in the elements that takes me out of my head and into the whole senses’ experience.

My weather pics show what I like here:

So, what is your favourite weather?

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  1. Hello Denyse, I like all kind of weather, except when it’s windy or severe. When I was visiting Central Europe in November, it was cool toward cold temps. We had our fall/ winter gear with us, coming from Canada, so we were fine. I prefer cool to hot when I’m traveling as it’s easier to dress in layers, and easier to sleep, too. Thank you for organizing the link-up.

    • Windy is pretty darned nasty when it’s severe although in Australia, those of us on the eastern seaboard, “welcome” a southerly change after periods of HOT weather.I agree that in some ways cold weather is better to control. Mind you I have not lived in Canada! Thank you for visiting and commenting today! Denyse x

  2. I’m a keen weather forecast follower as well, Denyse. Thanks for the Higgins link. The app on my phone is so inaccurate. I watch the weather for all sorts of reasons – what to wear, if I can go out running, the laundry. When Master SSG was a baby, I’d watch the weather by the hour to plan what to dress him in… I am not joking I was that anxious as a new mother.

    SSG xxx

    • Snap! I think my mood was weather-based for what I was going to wear to school and how much discomfort I could endure that day. I have a few apps on the phone and reckon even the BOM gets in wrong. The closest place to a forecast for us here is at Norah Head (15 mins away on the coast itself) and being more inland our temps/conditions do not always match.

      I hear you on the clothes your son might wear! I am a layers person too. Mind you, when the grandkids came for care when they were little I always had some back-up clothes for accidents and changes of weather.

      Denyse x

  3. I don’t like being really bitey cold, so winter isn’t one of my favourite seasons. I don’t however mind the rain, I don’t like being cold! Also there’s not much happening in the garden then either, which is why Spring and Autumn are my next favourite seasons. I look forward to the things that happen in the garden in those months. I love the hot days of Summer, we haven’t had a heatwave as such for a couple of years, we usually get at least one! We, also here in South Australia, haven’t had a blackout yet, which is surprising.
    I am a week late on the prompt Denyse, but I was inspired to think about a word for the year after reading a lot of posts last week.

    • I hear you on the cold because I am married to someone like that. I must say it does somewhat limit where we might live in the future but I also am compassionate!!

      Rain is good for a while but then we have lived through severe floods which kept us isolated for 10 weeks and in 2015 our welcome to the Central Coast was an east coast low which stayed far too long.

      You ARE lucky (so far!) re heat and blackouts. I am watching the SBS special The Ghan and saw the fields of wind turbines you have in SA.

      Glad the posts helped you from last week to come up with something that works for you!

      Denyse x

  4. Anything warm for me. I love the beach and swimming so summer is always my pick.

  5. I love spring/autumn. Cool enough to enjoy the outdoors!

  6. I used to hate those extremes of summer in western Sydney. people wondered how we’d cope up here, but they class it as a heat wave when it gets to 35! We’re fortunate we don’t get the extremes they get inland. The humidity, though, takes some getting used to.

    • Oh yes, the dreaded nightly forecast for western Sydney and my mum, when she was alive, would ring at times with words I promise never to utter now…”we have a nice breeze here” because they lived near Manly.

      The humidity would indeed. I find it very zapping. Hard to get going for anything and then you need to be back in the air con to revive!

      Denyse x

  7. I love cold weather although I dislike wind and rain (if I’m out in it!). I also don’t like really hot weather, but am OK with mid-sunny days. Autumn and Spring are my fave seasons 🙂

    Di from Max The Unicorn

    • Rainy and cold days are not bad at all when you can stay home and be cosy. It’s the getting out of the car and into anywhere that is a pain.

      Yes, the seasons between the extremes seem to be the best and we do not have to drag ourselves out or back home to air con!

      Denyse x

  8. It was really hot in Perth yesterday and so calm. Today we are hit with the tail end of a cyclone so we are expecting lots of rain! I love summer, give me warmth any day!

    • I saw those temps! Wow but I also saw lots of pics of people enjoying the water. Still, being at the tail end of a cyclone is not fun so I hope it behaves and goes away soon.

      Denyse x

  9. I remember those sweltering days in school with no air conditioning and just a fan to circulate the hot air. I think I took computer studies in years 11 and 12 because they were the only two air conditioned rooms in the whole school.

    I don’t know how you coped for all those years! I’m glad that the power kicked back in for you the other day though. I felt so bad for my brothers at the farm that day – it got up to 47 there I think and there’s definitely no air con there.

    It seems that my favourite weather is the same as yours! Warm spring days with a breeze to them make me feel happy and free for some reason. I used to call them “puppy days” because I’d run around like a puppy. I know, it sounds crazy. I hope there aren’t too many more ultra-hot days waiting for you this summer!

    • Oh you are a very smart student choosing that subject. They would have put air con in their so the poor computers did not mal function. Bugger the kids and teachers elsewhere.

      Yes Penrith temps that day were a disgrace. I imagine people went by the river or to the Plaza for comfort. 70 mins without power for us was 70 minutes too long!

      So far all OK here again and it’s actually much cooler with some strong southerlies blowing in.

      Definitely do not want any more of those extreme days but somehow February always seems to sneak something nasty in.

      Denyse x

  10. I prefer Spring and Autumn weather! The height of Summer is too hot for me and we don’t have a/c in our home.


    • Oh I hope you might consider air con because even living close to the coast or water there are still some mighty warm evenings and those days where humidity is high.

      Yes the between season extremes are best for sure!

      Denyse x

  11. Hi Denyse it has been very hot lately hasn’t it? Brisbane has only reached 38C but I noticed further south in the 40s. I can remember school not being airconditioned so it must be hard for students and teachers alike. My favourite weather is Autumn and Spring and Winter in Brisbane is glorious with blue skies and sunshine. I also love the ocean and your photos are a great way to start the week! Have a lovely week!

    • Thank you Sue, I love taking photos as it is also a great way to remember things too.

      Yes I imagine Winter where you are is great. In fact Mum and Dad would spend about 6 weeks of July and into August staying on the Gold Coast and it was also where lots of their Sydney and Melbourne friends had retired to. Mum loved sitting in the sheltered sun on the balcony of the unit they rented in Burleigh in the last years they did so.

      Schools (and workplaces) without air con make it very challenging for everyone to give their best. No-one in the hot afternoons is able to do that!

      Denyse x

  12. Hi Denyse, As much as I like the beach and going for a swim, my favourite season is Spring. I love the springtime weather (when it doesn’t go crazy hot), and sitting out on my back deck enjoying the sunshine, and taking in the birds and flowers that are in bloom. I hope you have a great week 🙂

    • So nice that word picture you just painted! Yes we have a nice sheltered deck in this house we are renting and as I was recovering from surgery in July it was a great place for me to sit and listen to the birds and watch some of them at play. It was also lovely to see what plants had decided to flower overnight too.

      Summer at the beach is good but as long as there are no bluebottles and you can park close by!!

      Denyse x

  13. I do love autumn but I’ve also loved summer until recently. NSW wasn’t so humid when I arrived almost 13 years ago but the last couple of years, it’s been way too humid and I hate that. Oh and last Sunday was awful but I’m glad we live on the coast as opposed to Western Sydney because at least by 4 pm, the sea breeze was decent enough to help me sit in the backyard even though there was no power.

    • Yes I know what you mean about at least the coast has a breeze!

      Wow, your power was off for much longer. On the day I couldn’t work out why (and I admit a theory of Ausgrid is switching some areas off for an hour or so) but a look at the next day’s twitter response that on ‘that Sunday’ there were at least 3 reasons in different areas why the power was impacted.

      Let’s hope we do not go through that again!

      Denyse x

  14. I like the milder temps too Denyse – late Spring and early Autumn – I’m not a big fan of really hot nights (so hard to sleep) and cold, wet, windy days when it’s had to do anything outdoors. I still think how blessed we are not to have to deal with the snow and sleet that those colder climes have to put up with!

    • Oh “yes” to not liking warm/hot nights. Not getting comfy is hard. We have fans and they help a bit. On extreme nights we have let the air con run. I too miss going outdoors if the rain or wind stops me but sometimes I get amongst the elements for photos and find that very invigorating.

      I follow some Aussies who live OS now and they cannot bear the almost cold of Summer and the lack of light in Winter in the northern hemisphere. One person grew up as I did on the coast and she misses that part of life so much. But she enjoys the changes of living in different countries too.

      Denyse x

  15. I always say that I love the heat of summer, as long as I can escape it. For me, high summer reminds me of childhoods at the beach, impressive storms and long days with nothing to do and nowhere to go. Who cares if I’m a sweaty mess with all that on offer, right? Haha.

  16. The extreme heat makes me so cranky!!! My favourite weather is winter!!bring on cold snuggly days under a blanket or skiing down the slopes on our snow holidays!!

    • Yes it does me too…and we ‘have’ to leave our rented house later this year AND its ducted air con. Sigh! I am glad you are fan of winter because you certainly make the most of it!

  17. I’m fascinated by the weather too Denyse. Love a good thunderstorm! On 7 January (my birthday incidentally!) we were in Canberra and it was 39 degrees. We were meant to go to the Old Bus Depot Markets but they were closed, probably just as well. We ended up going to Parliament House for a devonshire tea, and took a free tour. It might sound boring to some but we were surprised to find we really enjoyed it and the air con was GREAT.

    We then visited some friends with a lovely apartment on Kingston Foreshore for a BBQ on their balcony, followed by a walk around the lake. Unlike Brissie the temperature actually drops at night in Canberra so by then it was quite pleasant. Must say also it was much more bearable because it’s a dry heat, it’s the humidity that I loathe. Goodness knows why I live in Brisbane.

    And, I’m sure it’s gotten worse over the years too!

    • Happy belated Birthday (but I am pretty sure I did wish you HB on FB!). I love Canberra and I hope to make it down there in Autumn. When we lived in western Sydney the trip was around 3-3.5 hours. Now I have to add on travelling time of around 1.5/2 hrs from here. I will do the trip by myself because my hub has no great interest in Canberra. I always visit certain places – the War Memorial, Old Parliament House, the Portrait Gallery and if it’s sitting I love the High Court. I am hopeful of meeting up with blogging friends who live there as well but first I have to have surgery #3 and see how that leaves me! Loved reading your Canberra weekend and seeing your updates too. Denyse x