Thursday 2nd December 2021

Fallen. #SundayStills.#6.18/2021.

Fallen. #SundayStills. #6. 18/2021.

Each week I am writing and posting here for inclusion in the #SundayStills from this blogger and kind person, Terri from here.

And also this is part of my blog’s category for sharing photographs.

I have now combined the two and made a shared purpose photo for this photographic challenge.

What do you do when you get a prompt for Sunday Stills that is nothing to do with what you can relate to.

You come up with another version for “fallen” as I have now!

Falling! Fallin’ Fallen!

Oh I don’t know, let’s not get too carried away.

Back in 1970 two young teachers met at a Tamworth Teachers Conference. Story about that here. We admit we did “fall for each other pretty darned smartly”.

By the time this only know group of two pictures recorded us, we had FALLEN in love!


Now, what about that?

Without this, then these people would not have arrived in the world.

Our two dear children. As kids.

Then as they went on to have their children, our eight grandchildren, then the world would be a quieter and sadder place without them.


So, all in all, I think fallin’ for each other back then has paid handsome and invaluable dividends.

We paid out on that dividend with a celebration for our Golden Wedding Anniversary in late January 2021.

What did you think of my ‘take’ on Fallen?


Joining Natalie here for the Weekend Coffee Share.

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  1. I love your approach to this prompt Denyse. It came along at the perfect time for you, closeas it is to your anniversary.

  2. Your post is perfect, Denyse and is a wonderful interpretation of fallen. Believe it or not, I picked fallen because of an old image I saw (the one with white petals on the ground). Fallen worked well as a last minute idea for “fallin” in love. I’m impressed with the response this week. I really need to get over to your link up!

    • Thanks so much Terri. I like the idea of having to think for writing and presenting a post but also to add some images which can say so much more. I take inspiration when it turns up as yours did too.

      This WAS very timely and a good reason for me to shake up my blogging week and publication days.

      I can only imagine it IS very special as the link up host to have so many join in and interpret #sundaystills as they do.

      Pop on over to my place, on Mondays, any time and it’s fine to share a #sundaystills post there too or if you are wanting to use an optional prompt of mine, go ahead.

      I have been running my link up for 5 years this September and in that time I have met (and continue to meet) some new bloggers who have found me via another person’s blog. Blogging makes the world a smaller place.


  3. This is a great interpretation Denyse! I love that with Terri’s Sunday Stills there’s never a right or wrong way of choosing what we post, as everyone sees it differently. I really enjoy seeing how others post and it helps with continuing the engagement of blogging and meeting new bloggers around the world. So good to have you combine your ‘share your snaps’ and ‘Sunday Stills! Congrats again on the big celebration, it was a great choice for this week’s prompt.

    • Yes, Deb, it is a good mind stretcher to come up with a response. Sometimes they are quick to arrive, other times, we need to ponder.

      I am pretty sure it never occurred to me to join in till this year because of my own blogging regime and did not want to over burden myself with pressure to comment and follow.

      However, once I saw my way to having a bit more time to visit others AND to follow bloggers on wordpress I could see how I could meet more people and engage in comments too.

      If I find a link up full of links and no-one coming back to comment, it gets ditched. I learned that a couple of years back. I think, between you and me, we do it well here in Australia.


  4. Denyse, Your interpretation of Fallen and your love story are wonderful. Thank you for sharing your photos and linking with #WeekendCoffeeShare.

  5. Haha I like your interpretation of the prompt Denyse! Lovely pics as always!

  6. Everything is in the eye of the beholder, so are theme’s for blog posts. Great imagination !