Friday 28th January 2022

Explore. 8/51. #LifeThisWeek. 24/2021.

Explore. 8/51. #LifeThisWeek. 24/2021.

Let’s go and explore my local area.

Here’s a map of sorts:

From our place in Hamlyn Terrace, I go east to Lakes Beach Budgewoi about 20 minutes away. On a Sunday usually I go into Wyong, and out to Porter’s Creek. And in early February I drove south to Sydney to Northern Beaches.


This is something I do regularly each week. Drive solo to explore local areas. Often listening to an audio book.

Into my red car we go!

So, here’s a few snaps from earlier in the month.

Wyong: Sunday mornings.

Drive to Sydney to see Dad is followed by a drive to local beaches.

View from North Curl Curl looking south to South Curl where I usually stop for photos!


Applying some zoom, Manly is in the background. Freshwater area in the foreground.

Local drive to the Beach. Lakes Beach this time not Soldier’s Beach.

Very windy on my approach. Rough surf too.

Really wanted to walk along the water’s edge and in the water too….

these stopped me. There has been a huge influx of blue bottles up & down the coast. They STING like crazy.

What are your favourite places to explore?


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  1. You are so lucky to live close to the beach. What a nice Sunday excursion – setting off for places unknown, just you and your snazzy red car! I have never heard of blue bottles before. I am going to have to look that one up.

    • Thank you Laurie, you are right, we are lucky to live close to the beach. Every so often, I hanker for being back living in “the big smoke” as cities are often called in Australia and then I remember how far it was for me to drive to the ocean….and to the hills…

      We have the best of both greenery and ocean here, about 20 minutes from both. I will appreciate this more having made the conclusion I am indeed fortunate!

      You do not ever want to experience a blue bottle sting. Nothing really takes it away except time. The wee tentacles wind their way round your limb or waterever. It used to be that you put sand on it, but recent advice, is to pour warm water over it. OR don’t go in the water!!

      Happy week ahead wishes for you,


  2. Hi Denyse, Manly brought back memories to me as we used to catch the bus into town then the ferry to Manly for the day each school holidays. I’ve been trying to organise a weekly adventure for Mike and I but as yet it hasn’t happened. I love the idea of just getting into the car and exploring without a set plan. Thanks for the #lifethisweek and have a lovely week.

    • That is a lovely memory from childhood. They are talking about taking the larger ferries off the Manly run…how awful!

      Sue, I so hear you on trying to organise an adventure for you both.

      Back in 2014 I was feeling lonely in our relationship as B had begun almost full time Uni study to become a trained counsellor along with being a volunteer at Lifeline and when he could see what this was doing to me, we made a plan to keep Wednesday mornings for us.

      It helped me feel better for sure. We would have a drive somewhere and then have morning tea together. It did not matter where it was, the fact was we were doing it for OUR relationship.

      We actually dropped our going out for morning tea each week here because of covid and we miss it but not enough to return to it.

      The only way you and Mike will do this is to…I hate to advise someone who helps others…Make it a High Priority that you both want.

      Happy week ahead wishes for you,


  3. I enjoyed your exploration Denyse, you live in a lovely spot and so lucky to be close to the beach. Those blue bottles would have stopped me too, so many memories of being stung as a child. Explore is a great prompt and can be interpreted so many ways. Your red car reminds me of my bright orange machine, I love going for drives and listening to podcasts on my own.

    As we’re off travelling at the moment (exploring) I have linked to my favourite post from last week and included some words how it made me think of exploring my past to see who I am today.

    Thanks again for your creative take on #lifethisweek and the linkup. Have a lovely week.

    • Thanks Debbie, I take some of it for granted and even writing this post and responding to comments make me want to get back to it.

      No excuses! It was always a long drive to greenery or to the ocean where we lived in Sydney so it is time for me to enjoy what I have more.

      Blue bottles…eeeek. Never went back in the surf if I saw them from that day aged about 6.

      Love that your car is orange! Yep we fit our cars to us well. Listening right now to Rick Morton’s One Hundred Years of Dirt – a semi memoir and getting ready for his second book called My Year of Living Vulnerably. Rick’s mum agreed to be a woman of courage and is published here.

      Safe and happy travels..of course they will be happy. Grandkids and cuddles!

      Happy week ahead wishes for you,


  4. I love that you do a solo trip to stroll around. That sounds very therapeutic!!

    • Thanks Lydia, it is!

      I do that most days but Sundays especially. I do make the effort to do it and I am always rewarded.

      Love driving my car so that helps.

      Happy week ahead wishes for you,


  5. How lucky you are to have all that on your doorstep – the coast (and beaches) are not that far from us and I do love to be by the water but where we live the hills and the Yarra Valley are much closer. To me the refreshing ions in the air seem stronger near the water than in the mountains so I look forward to my yearly dose during the winter.
    Thanks for this week’s prompt- gave me a chance to enjoy the beach again and see where and how others are exploring

    • Thanks so much Cathy, I do need to be aware of this good choice to live here.

      At times I forget we actually came here to be closer to the coast!!

      You are right about the feel and attraction of the ocean. I tend to deliberately visit in times of storms as I love the action and connection with nature.

      I hope you are going well.

      Happy week ahead wishes for you,


  6. I loved seeing where you do your exploring Denyse. Since we’ve been not working due to covid we like to do a roadtrip to a nice bushwalking area. We’ve made it a bit of must do. That’s when we’re not locked down of course. I’m very envious that you are so close to the beach.

    • Thanks so much Jennifer. You do sound like you are making social isolation work for you. I am afraid I couldn’t!!

      Nevertheless, you sure are looking after your physical health after a bit of a rough trot.

      I need to be more appreciative of where I live. I used to long to be closer to the beach, now I am.

      Happy week ahead wishes for you,


  7. You are so lucky that you live so close to the beach! These days we love to explore dog friendly places so Teddy Roosevelt comes too. I must say he loves a good beach situation! I think we can all do with some Vitamin Sea!

    • Ha, Sammie, I think I need to remember more just how fortunate I am living less than 20 minutes away.

      I can see why you need to suss out places for your puppy. There are a few dog-friendly beaches here.

      I sometimes find a frisky puppy not something I like to encounter when the owner has no idea where said Puppy is…..but that’s me and I know how you would be a most considerate “Mum”!!

      Happy week ahead wishes for you,


  8. Denyse, I echo other bloggers that you’re lucky to live close to the beach. I’d go every day if I could. My favourite local places to explore (during lockdown especially) are Lake Ontario and the Waterfront Trail. Along the lake shore there are many parks and lake beaches. #lifethisweek

    • Thanks Natalie, I used to think I would too but “life” and its many chores and appointments got in the way.

      I will be making a more concerted effort as the weather cools as humidity is high and quite unpleasant to encounter.

      Water is such a great space to be near! Glad you have many.

      Happy week ahead wishes for you,


  9. I must be tired, it took me a while to find the link-up! LOL! You’re so close to the beach, Denyse, and that is one thing I will miss, not being able to drive to the coast. Now my explorations are of the Spokane area. We’ve been to Couer d’Alene, Idaho several times, ( 30-45 minute drive, and in my new job, I’ve explored areas near the College where I’ll be working 1-2 days a week. Thank goodness for GPS on my phone AND an audiobook! So nice to see other fellow bloggers I know here!

    • Oh poor you being tired Terri. I think you have had quite a bit on your plate so to speak of late.

      Part of me is envious of your part-time work in a tertiary field but part of me is also glad I stopped tutoring Masters of Teaching students.

      This week I am about to do on-line mentoring of a young person who has a scholarship from the N.S.W. Public Education Foundation. This person will be in the final year of high school and it is the second year this foundation is using volunteer mentors. I shall be learning zoom to do so!Happy week ahead wishes for you,

      I hope the week ahead is kind to you.


  10. Hi Denyse – interesting that you like being out and about so much. I rarely drive anywhere these days (except to the local shops – groceries, coffee dates etc) or to local activities (within 5 mins drive). My car has done so few kms in the last 2 years that they keep repeating the same service on it!

    • Ah Leanne, I have always liked being out and about and it’s part of my social nature.

      For some time when I could not, because of anxiety, IBS and more it felt like I had not ‘succeeded’ any day I couldn’t get out and about. However, I also offered myself compassion then too.

      Now I am “free” so called, it is a joy to be out and checking out nature and more. I come home refreshed and revived.

      Your story sure is a different one to mine but isn’t that what makes the world go around?

      Have a great week ahead.


  11. You live in a beautiful area of the world Denyse. My sister lived in Borowra for years then Forster so I visited that area a fair amount back then. Not at all since she passed away 9 years ago. My post was about our recent trip to Lamington National Park so it fits the prompt this week. Regards, Christina

    • Thanks so much Christina. I am very familiar with this part of Australia but have not visited other states as much.

      How sad that your sister died and it must be hard at times to fathom that loss of a sibling.

      I have travelled to the Sunshine Coast and into Gympie and also three times to Far North Queensland staying at Port Douglass once and Palm Cove twice. Did a couple of hinterland day trips which were very interesting.

      I look forward to reading your post too.


  12. My boys and I used to take day trips at least a couple times a week. But somehow over the past few years we’ve found fewer and fewer places to check out. I am quickly running out of ideas! This time of year we mostly enjoy museums (which aren’t really opened yet) and other indoor activities but in the spring and summer we like to enjoy the outdoors and the beach.

    • It’s very hard during the restrictions of both covid and winter to get out anywhere, Joanne, so I get that.

      I admit when Covid restrictions meant we could not be on the road at all unless we were from an essential service or on the way to the shops for food, or to see the doctor it felt very weird but we had to obey under the legislation.

      I have a post ready for later this week about how those restrictions came into being AND how they were even enforcing them as we walked on the beach…with a police helicopter hoverinng and people on loudspeakers saying “you can only be here for exercising”….it was awful but at least we were outside!!

      No longer like this but even at the beach we are to maintain social distancing on the sand!!

      Hope you are out and about safely soon too.


  13. What an inspiring idea! Just get in the car and drive somewhere. Right now, I’m still scared to venture too many places as too many folks do not wear masks. And yes, we are hitting half a million cases in the US probably today. Yes, half a million and over 5000 new cases a day reported in my state every day. But I do love the idea and will try and take it on in a few months. Just pick a place and go -that philosophy will help me explore and learn my new area!

    • I am so glad you visited to let me know I inspired you to think about this idea, Patricia.

      I admit I like to be out and about a great deal and seeing new places and we have had such good covid safe measures put in, it’s pretty well risk free when outside.

      We here in Australia find it hard to fathom to number of cases and even sadder, the deaths from your country and the United Kingdom. Obviously both places much much higher numbers of people live there but we also instigated strict quarantine rules from the beginning…despite some outcry and even though no-one from Australia can travel to another country we can, at least, for now, cross borders in our own country.

      I sure hope you finally get to enjoy where you are now. Come back and share!


  14. What a fabulous idea … to take us along on your travels through the “neighborhood”. An area, I might add, I will probably never see in-person. Absolutely gorgeous!
    We are finally thawing out here in the Midwest United States, but I’ve had enough cold to last a lifetime. My husband and I have planned a vacation to Florida in mid-April for the purpose of looking at a permanent place to retire. We hope to be ten minutes from the Gulf Coast where we can enjoy daily walks on the beach. I can hardly wait to share this kind of post when we finally make that move 🙂

    • Thanks so much Molly. I am glad you enjoyed the trip.

      I did this a while back too which was fun. Not everyone in Australia knows this area where we live now so I think it helped others too.

      Glad to read of your improved weather conditions. Winter seems to be hanging on big time though. I have an art friend, Patricia, who has lived in NYC all her life and said today she has not seen snow at this time in February since she was a child.

      I am glad you have plans for a warmer life ahead as you retire!


  15. Hi Denyse, Australian scenery, especially beach scenery, is so unique! I can usually recognise an Australian scene when I see one. I can’t remember the last time I was on a beach with salty wind in my hair and on my skin. I’m not a big fan of going to the beach, but it’s always nice to see some photos of my home country. Thanks for hosting #lifethisweek.

    • Oh Cheryl, I am glad you enjoyed it and it brought back memories.

      Windy days and sand are not fave combos of mine either but I don’t mind watching the wind whip up the seas from a distance.

      Nice to see you link up too in this little place in the Aussie blogging arena.

      Thanks for doing so.