Monday 8th August 2022

Endings & Beginnings. #LifesStories. Final #LinkUp. 40/2022.

Endings & Beginnings. #LifesStories. Final #LinkUp. 40/2022.

BEFORE you read any further:

Denyse Whelan plans to blog after the Monday link up concludes.

Denyse is not (yet) ready to let her blogging habits end.

Do follow her via the Bloglovin’ link on right hand side of site, at the top, to get updates, and I look forward to responding to YOUR comments.

Of course, I will continue looking for your blog posts and updates too. Thank you! Denyse.

Endings. Life’s Stories. Last One!

On Monday 6 June, I announced here that  this would be the final post for the link up #LifesStories and invited readers to add their blogs to link up for the last time. Share a post, old or new, I used to say, so I hope people do that today:

Monday 20 June. Ending #LifesStories this week.

Thanks to Tanya who could ‘whip’ up one of these images below whenever I asked. In January 2016 it was Tanya, a friend I met at an Embroidery place in Sydney in 2013, who I turned to help make the blog’s appearance as I wanted: colours for each category, and more. Red was always for Mondays and a prompt I wrote under called Life This Week, and that’s where the name of the link up came from.

It’s hard isn’t it to finish something because it’s the end…

Maybe it’s not really the end but it is more of a gentle wind down for me, as an Australian blogger with one of the last blog link ups to her name, to ease my way out of so-called routine that was no longer working for me, and into a freer way to blog.

Of course, I am not going to sugar coat it, the lower numbers into 2022 were at times, disheartening. Yet I knew it was fine. It is what it is! 

When I first ran the link up, and probably for the next 3 years, there were many (often numbering in the 20s) bloggers from Australia and elsewhere who not only blogged, but also appreciated the value of connecting with others via the link up.

Back then I was linking up with people who no longer blog…and with some who still keep their blogs going for occasional use.

And despite making some changes here for the Monday link up, the result of having fewer people link up made me decide that it’s time for the end (of the link up)…….and

I hope to continue the connections made as I will blog here from time to time, and link up with others for their specific link ups as they arise.

I figuratively hang up the ‘keys’ to my link up… I have cancelled my paid account (I always had one) with Fresh Inlinkz and Maria from there wished me well. I always paid for the link up as I disliked the ads.

Thank YOU… 

bloggers who read & comment

AND have linked up for your support & care, always!

About the Beginning. 

Making the Decisions To Have a Link Up.

I am so glad I started the link up when Kirsty had stopped hers on a Monday in early September 2016.

The choice was helped by Kirsty’s encouragement and with so many of you, the blogging community. following me here it was very exciting.

My memory would possibly fail me if I attempted to show appreciation individually so I will not, because I would hate to miss a name!

This blog, and its Monday visitors since September 2016 have sustained me through:

  • being emotionally anxious for some time due to life’s transitions
  • having some personal/family  issues I could hint at but not specify
  • learning that others shared some challenges in family and other relationships
  • being unwell…in my gums….and gut (I.B.S.)
  • finally finding courage to have my top teeth extracted in April 2017 and then of course…
  • cancer diagnosis and all that has entailed, particularly in 2017 and 2017 with surgeries and more

And you, dear readers and commenters, have been exceedingly kind in your words about:

  • my photography
  • art and more as I played with mandalas and designs
  • eating and weight matters over the years
  • my education life
  • my memoir called Telling My Story
  • my oral cancer announcement and then updates which remain as a special page for future reference
  • and many of you became Women of Courage on the blog in the series after receiving an invitation from me in 2019-2021
  • and I just saw that I provided prompts: optional for anyone who wanted to use them. I know I did at times.
  • I also made new categories to help me share more of my story and encourage others and these included:

Share Your Snaps

Taking Stock

Self Care

A list of some prompts from 2020

11/51 My Neighbourhood 16.3.2020

12/51 Out & About 23.3.2020

13/51 Chocolate 30.3.2020

14/51 Self-Care Stories #2. 6.4.2020

15/51 Share Your Snaps #3 13.4.2020

16/51 I Heard 20.4.2020

17/51 Life 27.4.2020

18/51 Taking Stock #2 4.5.2020

19/51 Special Anniversaries 11.5.2020

20/51 Share Your Snaps #4. 18.5.2020

And I have recently done the clean up and clear out of my blog planning..old school style! This was done like this because of my old school organisational history! Love me a diary, a coloured grid and good old handwriting…messy though.

The First Link Up Post. September 2016.

Beginnings. Life This Week 1. 366/256.

This was when I was doing a POST a day…in 2015, 365 posts & this one, the 256th of 2016. I found recently that I stopped doing a daily post in November 2016.

Welcome to the first week of the new Link-Up called “Life This Week.” I’ve been writing about the  topic I named “life this week” all year each Monday.

Today’s prompt,  which I am following is:-

Beginnings. “Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start” sang Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music. I began my life in Wollongong NSW as the first born to my parents.

At The Dapto Show age around 4.

At The Dapto Show age around 4.

Life was pretty ordinary in a good way from 1949 until 1959 when we made another beginning…. I began living on Sydney’s northern beaches and went to primary school in Year 5 & 6 there, and onto Manly Girls High School until 1967 where I was in the beginning… of the Higher School Certificate cohort. Yep, the first ones to do 6 years at high school instead of 5.

2nd Year of our 6 Years at High School.

2nd Year of our 6 Years at High School.

And for the rest of this is the link….


denyse whelan facebook profile picture

The first LOGO!

Mrs Whelan & Mrs Woog

Appreciation for those from the blogging world for their friendships…from 2011 on…this is me with Kayte Murphy who ‘was/is Mrs Woog from Woogsworld’ in 2012.

Many thanks to those I have been fortunate to meet with over the years from ‘the internet’…and even without meeting have extended the warmth of friendship and care across the virtual connections. A few memories from being a blogger. I wish I had more to share!

But wait, there is one more paragraph to add…based on my previous post, here. 

We plan to return to an area of Sydney where we used to live, and to rent. It’s likely to be done once our lease is up here in the first third of 2023. But no plans are concrete….leaving now to add more to a future post about ‘what, why. how’ and the like ready, as I can be, for Friday’s link up for Word of The Year Month Checkup.

This is the final link up here and my heart is grateful to you all for being here, adding a post of yours and connecting.

Thank you.

Take care, I am….


P.S. And, it’s another Monday where I am off to visit Dad in Sydney’s Dee Why with my usual package of treats, meals and conversations…so bear with me if I am not around till later today!


The number of weeks: 288 including today, I have hosted a link up here!


Denyse Whelan Blogs Is a Community…

Thank you for linking up in the past and today. 

I commit to visiting your blog and to  comment on your post.

Denyse Whelan.


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  1. Enjoy the day with your dad. It really won’t be the same on a Monday without you. I feel like you and I have been kicking around together since my first day. (On #IBOT and #WithSomeGrace and then Kirsty’s and then yours!).
    I know I will still see you very regularly on twitter. And when you psot. But, the regualar nudge on a Monday, and the community there with some of the regulars will be missed!
    Enjoy the Monday sleep ins! Until next time 🙂

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Thanks so much Lydia. I could “almost” be persuaded by your generous comment to keep going with the link up …but I won’t.

      Time for change coming via my choice is far better than anything else.

      I too have very fond memories of you and I meeting through those link ups…and there was Sammie’s too for the Weekend, and before that Al Tait did a weekend rewind. So, yes, VERY grateful for all the connections AND to have met so many people in person as a result!

      You too included in that group. Looking forward to 2023 for more ‘in person’ connection as there are “new to me” parts of Sydney I need to see and I reckon you’d be an awesome guide!

      See you ‘on the socials’ till then.

      With heartfelt gratitude for our connection and your support, always,


  2. First of all a huge thanks for all your efforts in building a community over the past years Denyse, you are a wonderful blogger and a generous person in sharing not only your stories but also your time.
    I admire you for all you’ve done and am glad you will still be blogging! I am very pleased with your exciting news about the possibility of a move next year and wish you well in the planning of such a move.
    I have written and shared a post today about being a part of a blogging community and your link-up was a great example of this.
    Can’t wait to see where you go with this new free-er style of blogging 🙂
    Many thanks again for all you have done and all you continue to do xx

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Ah Debbie, it’s been awesome getting to know you and many other bloggers via this community and beyond.

      I have loved the connections and will continue to join in to other link ups you also share with other bloggers.

      I am so looking forward to the chance for more ‘in person’ connections over time when we move back “home to Sydney” and my post for the end of this week #WOTY shares much more about that too!

      With heartfelt gratitude for our connection and your support, always,


  3. I will miss Mondays linkup Denyse bit I understand why you’ve made this decision. I’ll still be popping in Regularly to read your posts. Exciting news that you’re planning a move. Things change as we age and sometimes that involves change. Thanks for all you have done for bloggers Denyse. Your work has been very much appreciated

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      I am glad you will remain connected too Jennifer.

      I follow your blog and others here via WordPress but as I am independent I am using blog lovin to share the posts.

      I will also update via social media and will remain connected by taking part in the other link ups that occur monthly.

      It wasn’t till I did the count to 288 that I realised that IS a lot of Mondays!! Privileged to be part of your world too.

      With heartfelt gratitude for our connection and your support, always,


  4. It’s good you’ll still be blogging. Isn’t it fascinating we seem to feel compelled to put rigour around it – “I’ll do this many posts a week.” Or I’ll post every Sunday etc…

    I’ve linked up today as I knew it was the last time even though I’ve felt I’ve nothing to say. I think perhaps I’ve become accustomed to thinking I should only be writing about profound things or something….

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      My husband said “but you won’t stop blogging will you?” I suspect he thought very briefly, “oh no, where on earth will you share your life’s stories…” but no. I will blog as I feel I want or need to, and look at it all again in a year.

      As I am practical too, I am already paid up for hosting so I will keep the blog going.

      Please write about the ordinary too. It’s each day we see that way that probably helps us feel less alone. I am SO pleased you came back to link up!!

      With heartfelt gratitude for our connection and your support, always,


  5. Hi Denyse – well, it’s the end of another era isn’t it? I’ll really miss your link party and all the bloggers I’ve met through it. I follow most of them and will still stay in touch, but today is another nail in the blogging community coffin 🙁 At the same time, I’m so happy for you that you’ve seen what needed to be done to keep enjoying blogging and made the call to put changes in place – it can be hard, but it’s worth it in the end.

    I’ll still be popping over to read and comment and stay in touch. I’ve lost contact with so many bloggers over the years who’ve moved on to other things, so I truly value those who are still around and still making the effort to stay connected. I realized my post I linked today fits well with the “endings and beginnings” theme for today. Enjoy your time with your dad and anticipating your new move next year.

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Oh dear, Leanne, I am sorry to see your sad words about the ‘nail in the blogging community coffin’….but in terms of self-care, this is the right way for me to go, and I know intellectually you understand this.

      Yes, emotionally it IS hard to say good bye to a group, a family of sorts, and a place for sharing values of connection but I needed to stop. You know only too well, effort can only go so far with less reward…Thanks so much for your ‘keeping it real’ stories and sharing your thoughts in comments.

      I so appreciate your views…you make me think!

      With heartfelt gratitude for our connection and your support, always,


  6. Congratulations on running it for so long. Will the possible move take you closer to family?

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Thanks so much and I am pretty sure you have not only been here for this link up but all the others down Aussie blogging memory lane, Vanessa!

      Yes, the move to Sydney will take us closer to family although we wish to remain independent as we are now, and they with us but it will be good, on some occasions for celebration etc not to have the tyranny of distance to cover!

      I am sharing a blog post with details as we know them for now on Friday.

      With heartfelt gratitude for our connection and your support, always,


  7. Thank you for running this linkup. I loved reading your posts, they are always so encouraging. Like you said, it is not the end, just a gentle wind down. Good luck for your next endeavors!

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Oh thanks so much Shiju.

      I have really enjoyed being treated to images and words which give me a window into your life in the northern hemisphere.

      I wish you and your family all the very best,

      With heartfelt gratitude for our connection and your support, always,


  8. I knew you had been blogging for many years Denyse but didn’t realise you had been offering your Monday link up for such a long time. I just checked and realised compared to others I’m a very new newcomer to your blog…..nearly 2 years since my first Life the Week post. Thank you for the enjoyment you’ve freely given to me and others – I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as we have.

    In that time you (via the link up) introduced me to many ‘new to me’ blogs and their authors. As well as yourself I’ve bookmarked various ones ……unfortunately time doesn’t allow me to visit everyone.

    I had a little smile when I read the title of today’s post……the one I’ve shared today also deals with ‘endings and beginnings’ of a very different nature though. I’m looking forward to hearing all about your plans for the future and the new life ahead for Mr B and yourself
    Take care

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Thanks so much Cathy, I am so grateful for our blogging connection in the recent years. It’s been great from my end as well.

      I will miss the interactions but like I have said to others, it is better to know when to go than to fizzle out I reckon.

      The numbers are awesome that I did this for 288 Mondays and there have been a few of those people still blogging from time to time since 2016 too.

      Hope you trip to the warmth goes well…and I will be keeping an eye out for your posts!

      With heartfelt gratitude for our connection and your support, always,


  9. Denyse, I hope you are still reading. Thank you for welcoming me into the community as a pretty new blogger. The last six months, at least, I have posted very little on my own blog, simply due to life and preparations for retirement (next week, on this Sunday I do my last service as a pastor of a church. I will fill pulpits on occasion, but not as THE pastor. My husband needs more of my time and the time he does not need I hope to spend writing and baking. Because I have had so little time for writing, I haven’t done any link ups, knowing it is just not fair to try to participate when I could not be faithful to the partnership. I have been fortunate this week, to have caught out of the corner of my eye, Deb’s post about link ups and your last link up. I wish you the best in the writing/blogging you continue to do and thank you again for your warm welcome. Blessings, Michele

    • Ah yes I am not only still reading but very grateful to see your name pop up along with your kind words Michele.

      Wow, to the big changes happening for you.

      They are inevitable as we age and we re-gather ourselves for the priorities of retired life.

      There is a lot of that happening for me too.

      I wish you well in Sunday. It will be emotional but I am pretty sure it may also be tinged with relief.

      I will continue to blog from time to time and look forward to ‘chatting’ via our blogs when each of us follows our path into “doing less and being more”…my motto at least!

      With heartfelt gratitude for our connection and your support, always,


  10. Alas I did miss the last link-up and am sorry for that… although I came in and clicked on a few of the other posts. Covid finally got me (even vaxxed and boosted). The brain fog was real! I couldn’t read anything that required me to think, couldn’t write anything either. Even my morning journaling suffered. But I am now recovered (yeah to anti-viral medication).

    I’m sorry to see the end of your link-up. I know there are other link-ups, but I enjoyed the freedom of yours. I totally understand your reasoning however. Life is full of transitions. I see many bloggers I’ve followed shifting to the challenge link-ups, reducing blog postings, or totally leaving the activity. Or moving to podcasts, which I really have not embraced! I’m still a reader, not a listener. Have not even gone to audio books!

    Best wishes on this next stage of life for you. I do hope to remain in touch to hear (read!!) how it goes.

    • Oh my, covid got you…and I am glad you are better of course but it sure sounds like it takes a toll. Good to know you got the anti-virals.

      Yes, I may have continued to link up until it fizzled to very few linkers and I would be challenged by the changes of numbers going down…so I pulled the plug when it felt right for me. Of course I too will miss it but hey, so much change happening for us personally, I am pleased now with my decision.

      I do follow your blog via WordPress so will see updates from there for you. Pat, my blog has to be accessed by a Blog lovin’ email to subscribe (top right of this page) or I guess you might see my updates via the FB page for the blog.

      This transition thing IS a thing as we both know!! Mixed feelings abound.

      Take care, with heartfelt gratitude for our connection and your support, always,


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