Saturday 17th April 2021

Easter. #LifeThisWeek 15/52. 2017.52.

Easter. #LifeThisWeek 15/52. 2017.52.

Easter has always meant this to me:

  • a 4 or 5 day break from school when it was not part of the NSW School Holidays
  • a time to re-group after a busy first term
  • traditions of meatless Good Friday and me making a ‘fish dish’ for my family who loved it
  • eating maybe one hot cross bun (toasted) with butter on Good Friday. Not a great fan of H.C.B.
  • deciding whether to give out chocolate Easter eggs to kids and grandkids and usually coming up with the answer ‘yes’
  • not over-doing the chocolate egg thing as kids/adults get soooo many that they’re often still hanging around till Christmas
  • Easter Hat Parades. At School. Organising them and/or ensuring hats were made for kids/grandkids.
  • traffic on the roads leading out of Sydney so avoiding driving on major roads for that very reason
  • pleasant weather – sunny and warm days
  • family get-together at some stage if people were still at home
  • a visit to the Royal Easter Show in Sydney

Now that we are living away from family and they have their own traditions we do not catch up. We prefer not to drive on the dreaded M1 (motorway between us and Sydney) because of the traffic AND the more frequent accidents which cause delays and more.

So we will be having an Easter that is not really different to the way we live each day of the week and you know what…that is FINE by us!

A few times we held Easter Egg hunts at our place and the one we remember most was when eggs were hidden throughout our garden. All the grandkids from youngest to eldest had the most wonderful time finding them and checking back with their Papa to ensure they had collected the number allocated and then they got a bigger stash. It was to keep it fair as the eldest were in their late teens and the others were toddlers/pre-schoolers.

One place I always visited alone or with kids/grandkids was the Royal Easter Show in Sydney. From the time I was a girl and my family would come up from Wollongong for the day, I loved it. It was the atmosphere, the fun, the colour and the spectacles in the ring with the animals and the parades. As a teen I went with my then ag student boyfriend and we had members’ tickets which was awesome. Over the years at the old Showground at Moore Park I’d drive in with our then kids early on the first Sunday of the show to get a good park. We would walk around for quite sometime and catch up with the animal exhibitions, the pavilions, the games and then sit ringside for events and the woodchopping.

The Royal Agricultural Society of NSW moved the Show to Homebush and whilst it was not quite the same, they did benefit from the organisation of the Sydney Olympics in 2000 and transport was included in a Show Ticket.

I went each year taking the bus from near our Glenwood House. I sometimes took grandkids and other times went by myself. I loved checking out what interested me. The last time I visited the Royal Easter Show was in 2014 when I took Miss 4 and Master 6. We had a ball! Such great memories made.

So what does Easter mean for you?


Joining two blogging friends who have link-ups on Mondays here: Alicia for Open Slather and Kell for Mummy Mondays. Happy Easter!

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  1. I’ll be organising an Easter Egg hunt for my kids. As they are older now it won’t be an easy hunt but will involve cryptic clues to give them a challenge or two. Over Easter we will also be babysitting a puppy! My daughter is over the moon about this!


    • How fun! We used to do Easter Egg hunts with our (now adult) kids. I’d buy the dozen eggs in the crate and we’d (clever hub too) put the clues in them and as they found each egg, they’d fill the carton. They also got the traditional Red Tulip Bunny. Happy Easter!

  2. Two consecutive 3 day working weeks for me, school holiday traffic and more recently the world of Easter celebrations at preschool. It’s only Monday but I’m excited already.

    SSG xxx

    • That’s like an Easter gift for sure!! Have fun enjoying the down time and let’s hope Sydney sparkles even though it is cooling. Have fun with your son!! Happy Easter.

  3. Thanks for rekindling some lovely memories of Easter for me Denyse. Growing up in Sydney, Easter meant the Royal Easter Show, School holidays and yes Meatless Friday for Good Friday. I’ve kept that tradition going. Happy Easter Denyse x

    • I am glad Sue. I love that we can share a similar set of memories. We will probably do the no meat thing as well but no necessarily have fish as we are eating far lighter these days. It is the first time I won’t have cooked for my dad but I have to care for myself first these days and he will be fine!! In fact a friend in the lovely independent living place he is in regularly gives Dad fresh fish from his ocean fishing ventures. At 93 Dad has lucked in there for the past 6 years making the place at Dee Why home. Happy Easter!

  4. I remember the first time I went to the Show. I was young (about 10) and my parents took me on a trip from Goulburn. I went on my first major ride, The Wild Mouse! Then when I was about 16 a bus load of school friends went. I can remember what I bought! A velcro sticky wallet (Cronulla Sharks design) and a pair of big plastic lightning bolt earrings that were so fashionable in the 80s. I went on a lot of rides that day.

    We have never taken my kids that I can remember. We do the Canberra Show instead now. I really must get them to the Royal Easter.

    • What great memories Leanne!! Going to the Show as a teen is/was a first mark of independence for me and my kids I think. I did not please my mum however, when I went to the show on Good Friday with a friends from school (we were about 14) and I ate a hot dog. Oh! Not fish. Ooops. I suspect your kids would love the Show but visiting Sydney at peak time has its challenges. Happy Easter!

  5. My Easter memories and traditions are pretty similar to yours. It was always lots of visits to church… so much church. A couple of years Dad took us to the Easter Show and we got to see all the animals and the wood chopping (our favourite). Dad helped organise a Good Friday procession at the local church, from traditional ceremonies that he remembered from when he was young in Malta. They had statues etc.
    We’d have salad on Good Friday, and then on Easter Sunday we’d get together with all of the cousins, aunties and uncles and have a barbecue.

    • Interesting about the Church thing. When I married a Catholic I was surprised there was not a big service on Good Friday because in my protestant one there had been. Nevertheless I sure remember the Easter Vigil I became a Catholic in my mid 20s …certainly no longer practising nor is B or our kids! Anyhow it is amazing how much sticks though isn’t it? The Good Friday and eating fish thing came from my parents and their protestant upbringing. Easter Sunday was the big day for a meal and we did have family get togethers. It is all a long time ago now. I also made my kids wait until the Bunny had been the night before to have their eggs. Happy Easter!!

      • There was always a mass at our church on Good Friday at around 3pm I think, and it was a loooong one. Holy Thursday night was pretty long as well. If I added up all of the hours that I’d spent in church through my childhood up to my 20s…. well, that’s a lot of hours.
        I’m not really a Catholic anymore, but old habits die hard, don’t they? And my Dad sends me texts at Christmas and Easter, directing me to go to church still.
        Happy Easter to you and yours as well Denyse!

  6. My son’s birthday is on Easter Sunday this year.

    We go to the Show every other year.

    I loved going to the A&P Show every year as a child. My father and grandfather showed their sheep. I got a kewpie doll every year too. I’d love another one but I have never seen one at the Easter Show.

    • I loved the ag side of the show because I had a boyfriend way back who was interested in all of that and I think as time went on I became more appreciative of the rural side of our Australia after spending years teaching there.
      Happy Birthday to Boyo. I hope he has a great day!
      As for Kewpie dolls, I have seen them because I got my granddaughters some. They tended to be hidden away in smaller stalls nowhere near the showbags. I hope you source one!
      Happy Easter!

  7. We’ve never tried the outdoor egg hunt but we should. I must get baking some buns this week. I just love Easter!

    • The egg hunt outside has a fun side too because not all eggs get found..and then sometime down the track one is….and ‘no you cant eat that’ has to be said!! I am so glad you love Easter! Enjoy the fun and the food!!

  8. We’ve never really had traditions over Easter – other than trying to be well off the roads by Easter Thursday. Hubby always dreaded Easter Thursday in the bank & I dreaded it trying to get home from work. That string of 4 days off though? That was, indeed, precious.

    • That is so true about getting off the roads…and staying put. Sometimes our grown family went away but usually the day before and they’d come home a day early. We definitely stay put at Easter too. I remember the frenzy that was Easter Thursday and getting money from the bank and making sure we were ‘well-stocked’ for groceries too because of the two public hols. I have memories of Stockland Mall at Baulkham Hills & crazy times! Happy Easter!

  9. Being from Adelaide, I’ve never been to the Sydney Royal Easter Show! I’ve always wanted to go, it sounds like such fun!

    • It is an adventure of sorts. If you wanted to go, it would be good to stay nearby and perhaps go twice. It is a HUGE place and lots of entertainment and much to see and do for all ages. Happy Easter!

  10. There is no way we would still have easter eggs in the house until christmas!

    • Love that!! I think it was my older grandkids that used to get sooooo much chocolate from various relatives that it happened once!! Happy Easter!

  11. Now I work from home, I have been guilty of working on the public holidays – if a big job is on, I can’t afford the time off. However at the moment it is pretty quiet – I think all of my clients have gone away on holidays which means I can take it easy too!

    • Oh I can imagine and when I was teaching at Uni I would be marking when it was holiday time too. You have to do what you can when you can! I hope work picks up for you Janet…if that’s what you would like of course. Denyse x

  12. These days for us Easter generally means time with friends. This year it will be a bit of a mixture, we are going to a funeral in Sydney on Thursday (much loved Dad of one of my closest friends) then home on Saturday via Canberra. Friends arriving on Sunday so it will be a bit of a scramble.
    I hope you enjoy your Easter as you wish to spend it and that your mouth is feeling much better by now x

    • Oh busy time to be coming to Sydney and under such sad circumstances…Hope it goes as well as it can. You WILL be busy with all that. My mouth is going to take some time to settle as I need to wait for the swelling to go down for a permanent partial denture to be placed in. The one now is hurting because it is sitting over the very problem I had with my sore gums. Nevertheless I am back to the dentist on Wednesday for a checkup and will so how things are by then. It was something I decided had to be done and I will need to live with aspects of the consequences. We will be having a lovely quiet time for sure. Take care of you in this busy time on the roads too. D xx

  13. Growing up, Easter meant my parents worked the Home Show in Melbourne. Now it usually means a weekend alternating between DIY projects and family movies or trips to the beach.

    • Working when others were having days off…I guess the work has to be where it is at the time. I hope you and yours have a good Easter Cate!

  14. We ordered Baker’s Delight choc chip HCBuns for a school fundraiser, they were amazing!! I am not usually a fan either. Easter used to have more religious meaning when I was a kid (we went to catholic schools), these days it is more about the chocolate, and four days off! This year with both the girls at school, it’s the start of the holidays from Thursday.

    • I remember the fundraising HCbuns from Bakers Delight when I was teaching. Always good fun and good quality. Happy 4 days off….and I hope the school hols with both the girls are just great. D x

  15. I’m really excited about Easter this year – we have both our kids + spouses + adorable grandbaby coming down for a few days visit. So much family time is so rare for us and I am counting down until it happens – three more sleeps!

  16. inthegoodbooksblog ( Michelle) says:

    I love Easter time. We actually celebrate two Easters (traditional and Greek), so it’s double the fun!
    My husband has a Greek background and there are a lot of traditions that go along with Greek Easter. Dyeing eggs, going to Mass, and buying special candles for our Godchildren are some of the things we do. I also make traditional Greek Easter biscuits every year, and this year I have also made traditional Maltese Easter cakes (my background is Maltese). We usually spend Good Friday at my parents; this year we are planning on getting fish and chips. And then on Sunday, as Greek Easter falls on the same date this year, we are going to my in-laws for a succulent lamb on the spit. I can’t wait!!
    Happy Easter to you and your loved ones Denyse!

    • You have been busy (I saw on IG) and I love how the two Easters have combined for this year. What great stories you have about Easter. Love it. Happy Easter. Denyse x

  17. My family never really had any strong Easter traditions when I was a kid. Since having my own family I’ve started to build my own. We have an Easter twig that we decorate each year with home made ornaments and dyed eggs. We also do an egg hunt each year and leave a basket out for the Easter Bilby to fill with pyjamas and other goodies. I’ve loved creating our own traditions 🙂

    • That is awesome. I agree with making your own traditions and you sound like you are having the best fun doing so. You know until a few years ago I had never even heard nor seen an Easter ‘tree’ but I know so many people do this to welcome the season! Happy Easter!

  18. You’re right about being careful not to overdo it in the Easter egg category. My nieces and nephews’ parents buy the eggs for them now because they would get too much. However, we try to get together if we can or if we’re in town over the Easter weekend.
    The thing that has me curious about Easter Sunday is that my son was born this day on the 16th April, 26 years ago. It’s not often it lands on Easter Sunday, but this year is another year where it’s happened. It’s only happened 2-3 times over the past 26 years. Importantly, enjoy your time relaxing over a nice hot cuppa — my favourite passtime.

    • Thank you for sharing your Easter stories and ones of celebrating birthdays too! Lovely to know what you are getting up to and yes, cuppas are definitely very comforting. Happy Easter!

  19. Thanks to an annual leave day on Thursday for daughter’s sports day and a regular rostered day off on Tuesday, I’ll get myself a lovely 6 days off over the Easter Break and I will do my best to enjoy some time doing absolutely nothing! Have a great Easter, Denyse.

    • Oh how wonderful for you and I hope the weather plays nice as well. 6 days off after your big year of returning to work is just the tonic for you! Happy Easter!