Tuesday 26th October 2021

Creativity Soothes Me. 2017.102.

Creativity Soothes Me. 2017.102.

It’s been a while!

I used to post more about my creativity way back when I was blogging more frequently so I decided today was ideal for a creativity catch-up.

Those of you who read my blog regularly know that since 2013 art, in one shape or another, has helped me bridge some of life’s changes and given me a great ‘head space’ in which to become more mindful. I wrote about mindfulness here yesterday.

I am visually dominant then my next sense as a preference is kinaesthetic with aural (hearing and listening) third. I wrote about that here. It makes great sense to me then to enjoy art and using a myriad of different resources. From 2013 when I joined a group called DaisyYellowArt here, I have learned so much about media and then what I prefer to use. It has also meant I have, ahem, spent quite a lot of money over the years investing in artist-quality materials as student ones just do not ‘cut it.’

Making patterns on the page which may be large, small or somewhere in between gives me a creative freedom which I love. Although I do like to share on social media what I have made, the value for me is in the process. 

That is when I am at my most mindful and that is so good for my emotional health. When I went to hospital I took some art materials and an A4 book with some mandala outlines on quite a few pages and once I was in the ward (and not so knocked out from the huge surgery) I could lose myself in art each evening. I was a happy patient for sure and I did show some to the nurses as a way to connect.

Here’s a few I’ve made recently in my creative times. I will often say throughout the day, “I’m off to the art room” and it is a most pleasant and soothing place to be. I listen to some CDs often by some of my favourite teachers including Brene Brown, Pema Chodron and Tara Brach. It does soothe me for sure! I will sometimes draw mandalas and colour them in bed or sitting watching TV. I have a book with art materials that moves from room to room with me!!

What do you do to become more mindful?

Have you tried something new creatively recently?

Do you know what learning style is your preferred one? (hint: post link has place where you can check it!)


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  1. These are gorgeous Denyse. Research has shown that being creative is very important to living a wholehearted mindful life. You are on such a lovely path and this is shown in your work. Thanks for sharing it with us. #teamIBOT

    • Thank you Natalie. It is true about creative pursuits which is why I am drawn (no pun intended!) to them all the time. Denyse x

  2. I really admire your dedication to your art, Denyse and love seeing your latest works. I used to paint and draw all the time and have tried zentangling, but just can’t seem to work this into my schedule these days. I really should just put aside time for art and not worry about being “productive” all the time.

    • Thanks Dorothy! I thought you too enjoyed art. I find the actions of art are so helpful to me. I sit and think about what medium I may use, what type of pattern or mandala I might make and then begin the process. In fact it is the process that I enjoy more than the product. I have been happy to send people some of my mandalas in the past year when they admired them. I like the sharing.
      In terms of ‘productivity’ I hear you 100%. I too used to think I had to be like that, then I realised that if I am making something creatively it is also helping my emotional health and then I can be more in tune with productivity needs rather than feel guilty just because I want some creative time out. I think of art as self-care and that for me is more important overall.
      Glad you popped in to comment! Denyse x

  3. I love how you use your creativity Denyse, it is so important for all of us in so many ways. I also love that you move your materials around with you, that’s something I may need to take up x

    • Thanks Jan, I do love what I have for choices these days in terms of creating art but that’s been collected (and purchased when we had more discretionary money) over the past few years. I have a little art kit in a bag which fits into my handbag and it has some small notebooks for drawing and patterns along with drawing pens and coloured markers. If I was travelling (as you are soon) I would have one of these along with me just as I took a bigger version of it to hospital. It was very calming and helpful at night in hospital. Denyse x

  4. I love seeing your creative posts. You have quite the talent.

  5. Oh wow I love them. The colours as well as the patterns. I think art can be very healing and meditative in a way too. Elisa xx

  6. I love your mandalas and love how your creativity has seen you through your recent challenges. I think baking is my creative outlet – the kitchen is certainly my happy place! I think you should make all your mandalas in to a poster book – just sayin’!

    • Cooking is definitely a wonderful outlet for creation and of course I can see that in your lovely posts too. I used to enjoy cooking cakes and muffins with the grandkids and they got to take their work home as well. As far as art goes, I guess I always liked it and made my classrooms very colourful and decorative with my work and that of the kids. Once I found the art group on line in June 2013 I have gone from ‘scared’ to ‘confident’ thanks to my own expanding belief in myself and the enjoyment my patterns and mandalas give to others.
      Whilst I had never considered any kind of book for the mandalas many stay in my books these days and I am using a scrapbook folder for some mandalas.
      Cheers, Denyse x

  7. You are so talented at creating these beautiful patterns. As you know, I tried my hand at painting recently which I found very relaxing. I can’t wait to try it again 🙂

    • This is so good to read. Loving seeing the art in the pub creations by you and it’s wonderful to know you are looking forward to it again! Yay. D xx

  8. Just lovely. I’ve been hearing the handwriting ad on the radio (that it relieves stress) and I’m wondering about that….must be something about the tactile process…

    • I haven’t heard that on the radio. But I can tell you that writing by hand is apparently ‘better for you’ according to Julia Cameron, the person who writes and speaks about ‘Morning Pages’ to help creatively. I did her morning pages a little bit but also found handwriting up to 3 full pages tooooo much. Prospective HSC students who are not proficient at handwriting need to become so to complete their essays!

  9. See all that colour and creativity makes me smile! It sounds very relaxing!


  10. Oh that makes so much sense Denyse – in terms of your beautiful artwork. I’m aurally dominant… so I hear things rather than see them. If I’m reading – for example – I rarely visualise characters or places and things at all. It’s all about how the words, sentences and phrases sound.

    I wonder if I need to think more about that in terms of releasing my creativity. #teamlovinlife

    • Indeed you must! I do think my husband is like you and he is right into music and creativity that way. Have you considered anything along the lines of a choir (so many now are about fun) or playing/learning an instrument. I admire people who are aurally dominant because I am embarrassed to say it is my least dominant.
      I once made the mistake (long time ago!) of NOT taking into consideration what some people’s preferred learning style might be and had one heck of frustrating time for both me and the other person who was my school secretary when she looked at me with great puzzlement about “seeing words, pictures in her head”. That’s what I am like of course, and it was by the end of this challenging convo with her that we came to the conclusion she was more of a kinaesthetic learner and that we had ‘clashed’ more at times because of our differences. I learned from that day NEVER to assume anyone’s learning style might be the same as mine and even added it to what I taught pre-service teachers at Uni!

  11. Your art is wonderful Denyse. I think you keep getting better and better! I’m so glad it provides comfort to you and soothes you. Creativity is so satisfying. Lately I am being mindful while crocheting. It’s been 25 years since I’ve crocheted and I don’t know why I waited so long to get back into it. I love it. It relaxes me. I love art too but haven’t delved back into that yet. Another thing that soothes me is nature. I just love being surrounded in nature which is why the recent trip to the mountains was so wonderful. Hope you continue to improve and feel better every day! xo #TeamLovinLife

    • Yes, I think I am improving too but I actually do not do it for the outcome I do it for the experience or process. I love that you have started something again after 25 years. Wow. Yes, you know I too love being outdoors in nice weather of course and I loved seeing your recent pics too.

  12. I’m always amazed when I see your finished work, Denyse. They look so complicated and you would certainly need some patience but I can see that you would get some relaxation from taking the time out to do it.

    • I am, by nature, one of nature’s NOT patient people so this regular practice of mine is indeed something good for me as I ‘lose’ myself in the patterns and LOVE coming up with them. I actually spend sometime in an almost meditative state as I choose the media and materials. I am always somewhat surprised by the end product and even though I am more concentrating on the process, it is lovely when someone admires or likes my work.

  13. They are stunning Denyse!

  14. I love how you are mindful through your creativity. I especially love how the patterns you draw and colour are also patterns in nature. #TeamLovinLife

    • This is why I also get such a kick out of my beach and other photography and why I admire so many of yours when I see an angle or perspective or even a pattern in your pics. It is a delight for a visual person such as myself.

  15. I don’t draw or paint a huge amount but I have found myself being drawn to sewing in recent years and it does seem to relax me!!

  16. I was in a funk last week and decided I needed to do something “artistic” to soothe my soul. So I combined art with my next magazine deadline and spent the day designing magazine pages. Not the same “art” as you but I found the graphic design very soothing and inspiring. #teamlovinlife

    • Oh that is so good. I love that you found something soothing like that. Methinks you had a very stressful time with Miss T leaving home. Never underestimate the impact of that …Take care. D xx