Friday 27th May 2022

Colouring My World In 2022. 3/51 #LifeThisWeek. 4/2022.

Colouring My World In 2022. 3/51 #LifeThisWeek. 4/2022.

I’ve been missing something in my creative life using art, words and photos. I wasn’t sure what and I felt a tad frustrated about my art journalling prospects in 2022 as a result.

I use my blank art books of various sizes for art, pattern making, designs, painting,  journalling, adding photos. I tried others’ methods and some guidance from others too, however none sat quite well with me.

I let that simmer on the back burner in my mind, while I came up with the FINAL versions of my first two posts for 2022….and looked to my learning and understanding of where I was going, and how I might ignite that creative spark that was a bit dull.

I usually have a project or two ‘on the go’ for my mindful needs…i.e. when I need to focus on JUST.ONE.THING.

Even though I turn to making things using my hands, much of my personal growth over last 5 years  has come from my learning here:

I have had from my life experience, and learning from others including Brene Brown, Susan David, Kristin Neff, Chris Germer, Tara Brach et al… and my daily meditation practice Calm guided me.

Notice the details…in nature

  • Slow Down. Stroll. Rest More.
  • Take Time Out
  • Do Easy Things Not Always Hard Things

Reflect on the ways  places have helped me heal

  • Recover
  • Revive
  • Go Gently
  • Be Self-Compassionate
  • Seek Awe
  • And Wonder
  • Feeling the feelings
  • No feeling is forever
  • Feel to know and own and accept
  • Feelings are fleeting
  • Gratitude
  • Accepting what is out of my control
  • Allowing Time To Pass
  • Self – Forgiveness 
  • Less Black & White Thinking

When I can safely (covid safe) go out for coffee I often have time to reflect…and this is something I want to do more of in 2022.

And then it dawned on me…I LOVE colour.

I love its brightness, its patterns and its many variants. I decided to re-visit a song from my past as a teacher where I taught classes K-6 on my first venture back to school in 2004 with this theme: COLOUR MY WORLD. My art and journalling, and photography too, will reflect this!

I am colouring my world.

Does colour affect your mood?

Share what it does for you too.

And when I remember, I am going to add a few photos from my world: Colouring My World: Let’s start now as I mean to go on.


Just for a reminder…here’s the singer Petula Clark singing….and only click to play if you like the song and want it in your head too…as it is in mine.


Life This Week. #274. 17.1.2022.

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  1. Hi Denyse, yesterday I finished my 100 day challenge to bring more colour into my life. Sometimes we get caught up in life and don’t see past the ‘grey’ days to the wonderful world of colour that surrounds us. Taking this challenge certainly helped me focus on colour and it certainly brightened my day. I look forward to seeing your take on colour throughout 2022. Thanks for hosting #lifethisweek and hope you have a colourful day. xx

    • Yes to your challenge being both a colourful one and one where you completed 100 days of bringing more colour into your life. I followed this with interest.

      I have always loved colours and tend to focus on the brights as they are joyful for me. I look forward too, to seeing how I source and enjoy bringing colour to my world.

      Thank you for your kind words and support, Sue,


  2. I need to think about this. I want to say colour doesn’t affect my world because I like all colours BUT I am drawn to clothes of a certain colour so it’s obviously not true. I wonder what it means though? Red and Purple (and black)….Not really back, just woke early. I need to finisha story but got distracted with this instead….

    • I actually think that thinking is not helpful as responding with intuition to colours. I know I always go for certain colours and patterns and this is reflected in my wardrobe.

      They make me feel better in many ways…so without analysing, enjoy what you find brings you joy!

      I for example just cannot wear yellow or brown as colours. I can take a little of them as parts of other colours but they just don’t feel right for me. As for beige and grey…they have to have lots of patterns and colours to take away from their ‘boring’ ness.

      Thanks for popping in….


  3. I LOVE colour in all ways Denyse, as you know! Your examples made me smile and thanks for the reminder of the Petula Clark’s song. Colour helps lift me and I’m known by many of my friends for my bold use of colour. Working with colour is a great use of your time especially if it offers you contentment. Great to read of your continuing art and journaling.

    • Thanks fellow bright colour wearer and sharer!

      Yes to the colours..all of them and being proud to wear them.

      I did enjoy brights when I was much bigger in size but there was usually some black within that mix. Becoming more comfortable with myself and my size I have definitely taken on board to suit me and dress for me not anyone else…mostly! I still have some doubts but know how to work with them.

      I am enjoying making colour more of a focus and I sure need it right now as I know you would understand, Deb!

      Great to see you here today too.


  4. Now I’m singing along with Petula! And I completely agree with you Denyse – seeking out the colour, the happiness, the small moments of joy – and taking the time to appreciate them – certainly helps to counterbalance all the doom and gloom that we’re bombarded with these days. There’s a lot of stuff we can’t change, but we can still make choices in regard to our own little world and choosing colour and happiness (and art!) is definitely the way to go. x

    • Ha! I did warn you about clicking on the video..but isn’t it a lovely song. And made when I was 16. I did like her songs a lot too.

      I love your exploration of colour and creativity Leanne, and its good to have a blogging buddy who ‘gets it’ and shares my love of it too.

      Take care and enjoy creating.


  5. Some colours make me nostalgic. They trigger a ‘been there done that’ feeling, a sort of pleasant recollection from the past. But very rarely I could pin point the exact instance where I experienced the particular shade.

    • Oh how interesting..I love that you have a memory for colours and whilst they may make you nostalgic, it is very cool!

      Thank you Shiju. You sure do see some colours from nature!

      Take care,


  6. You have made me think about a couple of things. First color. One of the things I’ve been doing more recently is wearing colorful bead gemstone bracelets. I pick up colors/stones that “speak to me” and then in the morning pick a few to wear. I started this when I was working on Chakra release and one idea was to “wear the colors” of the area you are interested in releasing blockages. Now, I just pick colors that are fun that day. Not necessarily bright colors, but color.

    The other thing you made me think about is what colorful crafting projects I have going on. I did do a new vision board for the year (which is a collage and has lots of color), but I am feeling the need to add more colorful crafting into my life. Maybe it’ll just be coloring in my mandala coloring book, but maybe something more. Need to think on this!

    • Wow, loved reading this Patricia and how colour plays a role in your everyday life too.

      I often use brightly coloured clothes as a confidence booster and mood improver. It works!!

      I too, used to select things to wear around my wrist a few years back based on colours that “called me”.

      We really do need colour in our lives for many and varied purposes..

      Sometimes, to give myself an additional challenge in my mandala making and other colouring, I will restrict myself to a particular palette. I am also someone who stores her media (pencils, markers) in containers marked “warm, cool and neutral”

      Hope the nasty weather I saw recently that was in Florida has not directly impacted you.

      Take care,


  7. Yes, I love color and try to surround myself with it. Each room of our house has different colored walls, I tend to pick my outfit color of the day depending on my mood. Bright cheery colors tend to make me feel brighter and happier but I still tend to wear mostly blues and greens that make me feel more calm and centered.

    • I understand that about different rooms too. When we had our own place we did something similar for a while but when it came to selling, it was mostly painted in a calm palette (so people could envisage their own belongings there). We did leave one wall as a coloured feature one.

      I liked reading that about what you wear based on mood…and I hear you on those lovely greens and blues too Joanne.

      Take care,


  8. I love that you’re so committed to your projects Denyse AND that you have many going at once. I tend to struggle with commitments – even ‘fun’ ones – of late. I had to force myself to write a post today as I’ve got 4 half-written book reviews and just can’t bring myself to finish them so wrote something. (Anything!) xx

    • Ah Deb, thank you. I learned from my sad/anxious times that I needed to have a few things on the go I could turn to and it’s still happening.

      I saw you struggle about a post for this week. I can imagine, if your work is on-line then getting back on-line for other purposes would be less interesting.

      So, thanks for joining in…always welcome!

      Take care,