Tuesday 26th October 2021

Colour Challenge: Rosy Red #SundayStills.#7.20/2021.

Colour Challenge: Rosy Red #SundayStills. #7. 20/2021.

Each week I am writing and posting here  on Thursdays I am now publishing on a Sunday as I have the prompts in advance….so here is my next one…for inclusion in #SundayStills, the photography challenge from this blogger and kind person, Terri from here.


Joining in here means I am meeting up with new bloggers and some also come here to comment. It is also made better by the company I keep including Australian-based bloggers too.


This girl, around 2 years of age, is my Rosy Red.

Actually her second name is Rose but some members of the family have called her Rosie or Rosy from time to time. First born granddaughter. Such a great experience in my  life, to hold the daughter of my daughter in my arms….2 days before Christmas way back in the latter half of the 1990s!


Red for Love.

Red For Courage.

Red For Romance.

Red For Life.

Red is for Caution/Danger.

Red is a favourite of mine. I even have a red car!

Red From Nature. 

Spring Impatiens.


Neighbourhood Hibiscus


Pansies In a Pot on Our Verandah


Spring Bulb After Autumn Planting.


Deeper Red Pansy


Camellias on the street I drove down. Stopped for the photo.


This pink rose can look red! My husband has grown this in our front garden.

Last but oh so not least..is Miss J Rose with her Grandma aka me celebrating our Golden Wedding Anniversary: in GOLD of course!!

What’s your favourite colour ?




  1. Hi Denyse love your take on the #SundayStills prompt Rosy Red. I started this challenge a few weeks ago and am really enjoying using my creative side. I loved your photo of pansies I don’t often see them and they are just so delicate. Have a lovely Sunday x

    • Thanks Sue. I too am really enjoying the challenge because it uses a different part of my brain and creativity is always good for us. I am now posting on a Sunday too which is something I haven’t done for a long time. Now to wait for our US friend and host to awaken and add this post there too. I will pop over to yours later today.
      Enjoy your Sunday too.

  2. How lovely that you have a Rosy Red, she’s very cute! A lovely collection of red (and gold) photos :0. It’s so good to see you enjoying the challenge and joining in.

  3. Happy Belated Golden Wedding Anniversary. I love all of the reds that you have displayed here — especially red in nature. My favourite colour is pink. Red is a close second!

  4. You are such a happy lady, Denyse! Your sweet grandaughter brings you such joy. Loved her rosy picture as a child and of course your red florals. They are simply eye candy now for me in a world of gray and white! Glad you are a loyal SS fan and adjusted your post schedule to fit. Once you read today’s, you will see that I included everyone who posted the week before! yay! Happy Valentine’s Day (or what is left of your Sunday!)

    • It was a lovely way to start my day (Monday!) seeing your kind words Terri. I imagine it must be pretty repetitive with all that white around. Here’s to seasonal changes coming soon with colour!

      I had my few years of not being so happy and then…following a cancer diagnosis in May 2017 I found my gratitude for all things going well, and have smiled every day since.

      Thanks so much for your welcoming ways and it is good that I found a new creative outlet via #sundaystills


  5. I loved your red photos. The flowers were beautiful, your red hair was gorgeous, the red car was sexy…but the best “red” was your granddaughter Rose and you all in gold!

  6. Beautiful reds, Denyse. Nothing is so delightful and brings a smile as the color red. 🙂