Tuesday 26th October 2021

Christmas Plans. #LifeThisWeek 49/52. 2017.133.

Christmas Plans. #LifeThisWeek 49/52. 2017.133.

This Christmas our plans are very simple as on the day itself we will be ‘just us’.

And, shhhh, we actually don’t mind that much because for decades Christmas was a day of travelling, entertaining, eating and then resting…on Boxing Day! My lovely husband is going to cook a non-traditional Christmas roast of lamb as that is the meal I was able to eat some time ago. I am making a lemon meringue pie. It does not have to be tradition if I cannot eat something. I have missed Christmas cake, mince pies and of course anything crunchy but I reckon I can last till next Christmas for these!

So here’s a little photo collage of what Christmas is for us, two retirees living away from their adult kids and grandkids:

Every Christmas I get a ‘favourite’ tune or song and LOVE it …so much so it can be all I play in December. I love Christmas songs for their memories of teaching them to kids and being in choirs myself. This year I have found Sleigh Ride. One with no singing. Just this wonderful version added for your listening and viewing pleasure.


Then there is this one: only just found for those who like the words and choral voices.

Now, indulge me a little more with my look back at Christmas. I am still a bit of a kid with Christmas and I never actually let on to our kids Santa wasn’t real (he is too!) so I was determined, this year, to get a Santa photo. Here I am last Sunday. I have also included some other examples of Santa pics!

And so this is Christmas. I hope whatever your plans are that things are Merry and Bright.

Thank you all for being part of this community in 2017.

Life This Week is a special place of sharing and caring and it has sustained me through my difficult times.

For that I am most grateful.

We finish on 49 link ups because there is not one on Christmas Day and I was in hospital for 2 of them

We did well though I do believe!

The prompts for next year are on the Home Page and are part of this post too.

All good wishes to you and yours for now and into 2018.


Joining Alicia for Open Slather and Kell for Mummy Mondays for the last time in 2017. Thank you both.


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  1. merry Christmas! I havent had a Santa phot taken since I ad kids, maybe it’s time to change that, thanks for the push.

    • Go girl! It is fun and I am glad I did it again. Merry Christmas Cate and thank your for joining in the link up when you can. It will be back on 1 Jan 2018! Denyse x

  2. For once I’m on prompt this week D! I wish you all the best for Xmas – enjoy the lamb and the lemon meringue pie. I’d love to meet up in real life next year, health permitting for both of us – we might look into that once school returns. Merry Christmas my friend x

    • Yay for joining in when you can and double yay for being on prompt! Thanks for the good wishes for Christmas Day and I send all good wishes to you and yours. Yes, definitely a catch up …I can still have coffee and cake!! Thank you so much for supporting this link up when you can. Denyse xx

  3. What a year you’ve had! And you’ve kept this wonderful link up going through it all. Thank you! Love the Santa photo/s and all your memories. Have a wonderful Christmas xo

    • That is so lovely of you Ness. I love seeing your posts pop up! Have a wonderful Christmas with the family. Thank you so much for supporting this link up when you can. Denyse xx

  4. Merry Christmas to you. Thanks for the link-up this year – it’s been fabulous getting to know you and all the bloggy linkers.

    • Thanks so much Jo! Different and wonderful Christmas ahead for you this year. I have loved hosting this linky and glad you are enjoying it and meeting others. It sure is going ahead in 2018. See you then! Denyse xx

  5. Merry Christmas, Denyse! Will watch the youtube videos this evening. I have the Pentantonix acapella Christmas album on repeat at the moment. Someone has usurped Mariah and Michael Buble on my Christmas playlist.

    49 link ups! Wow. That went fast.

    Much love and see you in 2018.

    SSG xxx

    • Thank you for your Merry Christmas wishes! Yours will be awesome with young lad in the house. Fun times. Christmas music is obsessive for me. I always find something to play on until 26 December! Thank you so much for your consistent support of this link up and the friendship made along the way!! Have a wonderful holiday in LA. See you back here sometime in January. Denyse xx

  6. I reckon it will be great, just the two of you for Christmas! No stress! We normally have Lunch at a hotel but this year it’s at my Dads and I have to cook multiple dishes. AArrgh! Already stressed about it!

    Di from Max The Unicorn

    • So true but in some ways I miss the chaos! I do not miss the stress leading up to it though and I did find that something I never quite overcame. I wish you well this Christmas as it sounds like it is not your ideal!! Thank you so much for supporting this link up whenever you can. It’s been great and I will be back on 1 Jan 2018! Denyse xx

  7. Merry Christmas Denyse and thank you for your link up which has inspired me to write about topics I would never have thought of. Our Christmas plans have started with our blended family get together yesterday and we will spend Christmas day with my daughter and a crowd! After that we head to the Coast and I can’t wait. I wish you every happiness and improved health in 2018, Denyse you deserve it.
    With love

    • Merry Christmas to you and yours too. I did enjoy reading about your Christmas and seeing the pics. Kids just make it don’t they? Thank you for your support, kindness and keeping me feeling well-cared for this year. Blogging friendships are special. The first link up is 1 Jan 2018 and I look forward to more sharing here in 2018. So far the first 10 prompts are done and up on the home page! Denyse xx

  8. I love Sleigh Ride!!! Weirdly I like all the snow ones…Happy xmas!

    • Yay for another Sleigh Ride fan. I listen to or watch it every single day. I also love the Australian Christmas Carols as they remind me of our teaching days in the bush! I was enamoured with movies like White Christmas when I was a kid so US-made Christmases seem to appeal to me still! Happy Vacation and Time with your Family! See you back here in Term 1 2018!! Denyse xx

  9. Merry Christmas. A quiet one for me too 🙂 Tonight the local santa should be doing our street – he comes around in a “sleigh” towed by a ute and covers the entire suburbs over many nights.

    • I think you like this quiet Christmas a lot. The streets here (as in Sydney’s west when we lived there) have the local Rural Fire Services Truck and Volunteers come up and ring bells and sound sirens and Santa is there somewhere throwing lollies to the kids. I missed them this year because it is also a time to add a donation for their services. Thank you for being such a great support of this link-up. The first one for 2018 is 1 Jan if you get bored enough on holidays to want to post!! Denyse xx

  10. Denyse, I wish you and yours, a merry merry Christmas & a happy new year. For a long while now it’s only been the three of us on Christmas day and we love it that way. Christmas morning is spent at the beach watching a one man play, that was written in 50’s about a NZ family and their Christmas that revolved around the beach. With the big move and downsize only completed last week. We are still feeling a little jaded, so are looking forward to a few quiet day’s and enjoying some much needed downtime.

    • Time to re-group and relax is on the agenda for you and yours. Thank you for your kind wishes and I send the same to you. Moving is horrendous and I feel for you. I do hope you especially get to enjoy some time to do what you fancy. That is one interesting event on Christmas Day. Thank you for your support of this link up and your kindness along the way. Looking forward to more in 2018 and the first link up kicks off on 1 Jan 2018. Denyse xx

  11. We’re having Christmas just the two of us and that’s just the way we like it! We also buck Christmas food traditions – this year we’re having a pork roast and cheesecake for dessert! I love your Santa pics – BEST! I hope all your Christmas wishes come true and that 2018 is full of good health, good fortune and good times xx

    • Yay to ‘two of us’ Christmas meals and where we eat what we love. I adore pork roasted and it was always part of the BIG Christmas meal mum would cook but until I can also eat the crackling, I won’t indulge.

      I loved getting the Santa photo too. It is part of my celebration of me and getting well again.

      Thank you for your care, support and wisdom over this past year. WHAT a year!

      I hope you come and link up on Mondays when you can…and remember, weeks 5 and 10 are Share Your Snaps weeks!

      Denyse x

  12. I’d say you have a wonderful year of #lifethisweek! You have been such a trooper this year, full cred to you.
    Lemon meringue pie sounds divine! Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year x

    • Thank you dear friend! You are an amazing support to me and I so appreciate that.

      Enjoy the festive season as you love it most.

      Looking forward to being back in blog/linky action on 1.1.18.

      Denyse xx

  13. Wishing you the happiest of Christmases Denyse – you deserve to celebrate all that you’ve been through this year. I know you will be missing your family, but Christmas is definitely what you make it and it’s lovely to see you morphing traditions to suit your recovery. We’ll be morphing ours to suit the fact that our daughter isn’t coming this year – sad but also expected and we have our delightful granddaughter – that makes up for a lot!

    • And the very best of the Festive Season to you and yours.

      Thank you for your kind wishes and support in 2017.

      I look forward to catching up here again when you are ready to link up.

      First week is 1.1.18.

      Enjoy the special times having a young child in the house brings at Christmas.

      Denyse xx

  14. I went on my maiden voyage to the “mall” on Sunday and I was soooo tempted to line up with all the well-dressed kids for a Santa photo. I love that you got one this year. When I was about 19 years old, my 16 year old brother and I got a santa photo and gave it to our parents for Christmas. I thought it was hilarious. He thought I was an idiot 😉

    Sometimes I think a nice quiet, simple Christmas would be amazing. Enjoy your lamb and lemon meringue pie. I’m missing mince pies as well, although for a different reason. Merry Christmas Denyse!

    • How fun is it to get a Santa photo when you are older? Well you and I think so! I am seeing some great pics in my facebook feed where Santas lie on the ground while the kids are in the seat, some where the kids are ‘dabbing’ and more. I LOVE it.

      Guess what? I can eat mince pies!! With some cream I can squish them up and warm them first.
      This means I no longer feel as deprived as I was. Every little taste of something Christmassy helps.

      Looking forward to our day as there will be no travel, other than to see Surfing Santa & all the kids over at Soldiers Beach in the morning. Denyse xx

      • That’s awesome news! Please have some mince pies for me! I have some mince soaking in the fridge at our apartment, but I’m not sure how it’s turned out. I *may* have added way too much brandy.

        P.S. You’re so much cooler than me. I have no clue what ‘dabbing’ is. Going to check out Google now!

        • Grandchildren my dear K, grandchildren taught me and their Papa how to dab. The mince will be F I N E. More time to mature!! Yep, one mince pie and cream a day is very very Christmassy! And for dinner tonight I am having tacos without shells. All the ingredients in a bowl and it’s nice and tasty!