Friday 28th January 2022

Christmas Gifts To Eat. 2017.132.

Christmas Gifts To Eat. 2017.132.

In my life, Christmas HAS been about sharing of food gifts with family and friends. It was always something I did to thank people who had been part of our lives in the previous 12 months.

These may have been teachers, medical professionals. office staff, family, friends and neighbours.

I always liked the idea of a home-made special gift for others to eat and even though it was preparing, cooking and wrapping at a BUSY time of my school year, it was worth it.

The most popular of these was what I called “Orange Biscuits” but some called them “Melting Moments”. I found the recipe is an old English Woman’s Own magazine and made an adjustment to the recipe (I do that!) and made it in bulk. I would wait till the biscuits were cooled and then put two together with orange-flavoured butter icing. Once they had ‘dried’ out so the icing was stable, I would wrap EACH one is a piece of festive cellophane and then add however many would fit into glass jars. I used to keep an eye out for these over the year.

Given it was very labour-intensive, I made my last batch in the kitchen at Glenwood in 2014 and those who got them also got the recipe! I really miss eating Orange Biscuits even though in this recipe they are called Walnut Cookies. I used to add a blanched almond sliver to each of the biscuits before cooking.

Here it is: nb: the secret to the crispiness of the biscuit (I do not say cookie) is using Fairy or Tulip Margarine. Not butter. Trust me.

Christmas 2017…and what will I give people this year? Actually not doing many gifts at all as we have moved on from that. I still think a home-made treat is good and people who have followed my cancer story know I can eat cake. Not biscuits.

I have been “Queen of the Cupcakes” in the past couple of years, always having some in the freezer for us and visitors. Our granddaughter is 21 the week before Christmas and I am taking a few dozen birthday cupcakes to her 21st Picnic.

That was when I had an idea for this year’s thank yous to a few people using a Christmas theme:

cupcakes with little Christmas trees as a decoration.

So, that is my Christmas giving made. Just need to remember to take them to the people they are made for!

What do you do at Christmas for thank you gifts?

Do you make anything that is YOUR signature gift as mine became?

Share with us below in the comments.


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  1. I wish I lived near by and I would come and share a cuppa and a christmas cake with you. They are wonderful.

  2. I like to make my own gift baskets for people. Not always a literal basket…but themed pack of something.

    • I loved doing that too. Mostly for my parents and my hub’s. Sadly only my Dad is around now and we stopped Christmas gifts for adults a few years back. Denyse x

  3. Let the fun begin! I will give the cupcakes a go tonight as we get ready for the local candle by candlelight!!

    • Oh yay! They were ridiculously easy! Sourcing the mint leaves was a bit of a challenge but good old Reject shop has them. Loved your photos on IBOT. Wow!! Denyse x

  4. Oh I love your little Christmas tree cakes! I make all my own gifts – I think my fudge is my signature treat, hotly followed by my Sticky Date Cookies. I give to my GP and specialist (6 years on!) and try to get up to the hospital to drop off something for the nurses on the stroke ward. That team will always have a special place in my heart! And I’m so happy that you can still eat cake – one of life’s greatest little pleasures!

    • That is so lovely Sammie, and I am sure those you give to are very pleased to have such quality cooking coming your way.
      Yes it is good I can eat cake and I must say I am becoming more inventive to break the monotony. Even cake gets boring. True. My dietitian said to try to add value like a dairy product to things like cake and so I do from time to time.
      I am sure you would also love those “orange biscuits” but sadly I have retired from making them. My daughter has made them occasionally but her go-to for gifts is her shortbread. And, sadly I am not a fan. Her cooking, yes, shortbread not so much.
      Denyse xx

  5. Hand made Christmas treats are the best! Made with loved and shared with love!


  6. I love handmade Christmas treats however I’ve been so busy this year, it is the first time I haven’t made any. There is something special about receiving homemade treats because of the love that has gone into making them. Merry Christmas Denyse and hope that 2018 will be a much healthier year for you!

    • I think too, that over time traditions do change. I was always making biscuits, making up little packs and still working and I “know” it was stressful at the time. I have eased that stress on me majorly by doing what I am able to now rather than what I “thought” others might expect.

      Thank you Sue for your kind words…and wondertul support this year along with asking me to share posts for your blog.

      One more week and I am still posting and linking up. I hope Leanne still has next week open, then it’s a break till 1.1.18 for link ups.

      Denyse xx

  7. Mine is probably chilli jam. I make it every year to give to friends and family. Merry Christmas to you & yours – wishing you the joy of the season and all the rest of the good stuff.

    • Nice to have a ‘signature’ gift isn’t it? Mine was the orange biscuits until I realised it was too much for me and I was able to use the excuse of moving to stop. I would still love to eat them…but alas I cannot.

      I hope you have a splendid Christmas in the sun and beauty that is now your HOME.

      Looking forward to catching up bloggy wise again soon and on IG every day!

      Denyse xx

  8. Our extended family tradition is to make Gevulde Speculaas. If you’ve never eaten it it’s the best thing I’ve ever eaten in my life. My father-in-law made it every year and the tradition, since he passed three years ago, still lives on in this grandchildren and the remaining adults which can be trusted with the secret family recipe. Thankfully I am not one of them, very complex but I do help with biscuits we share with friends. Wishing you a blessed Christmas Denyse xx

    • That sound both amazing and complicated. And I don’t even know what it is! It does sound like you have what works best for your in the giving department.

      Thank you for your kind wishes for Christmas and I send the same to you!

      Denyse xx

  9. My mum’s good at the home-made food gifts for Christmas thing. This year she made a heap of lemon butter for people she gives token gifts to. I notice she’s put a cute little material lid over them and labels so it’d be quite a nice pressie.

    A friend gave me gluten-free shortbread last year that she’d gone to a lot of trouble to make and I was very appreciative. #teamlovinlife


    • It is sweet that your Mum packages them like that. You have reminded me that my mum used to make brandied cherries for gifts too. Mum was ace at Christmas gift cooking and cooking the best Christmas lunch. Sigh.

      That was lovely of your friend. It was made with care and love for you.

      Denyse xx

  10. Excellent baking ideas, Denyse. So effective visually too! I’m only baking fruit mince pies this year, first time I’m making the fruit mince. Pastry will be store bought though. That reminds me, better go and give the mince a stir.

    Be right back!

    SSG xxx

  11. I love melting moments and I would be happy to be a recipient of a whole jar of them! Your cupcakes look very festive. I used to cook Christmas cakes for family members and always the Christmas pudding for Christmas lunch. Christmas food is so delicious! #TeamLovinLife

    • Thank you Kathy. One day I may have the motivation for make them again and maybe it will be something to celebrate when I can eat all the foods again! Christmas cakes are a big undertaking. My bro-in-law made one for us (my hub only as I cant eat nuts) and it is a rich treat. So true about Christmas food! Denyse x

  12. I remember seeing a similar sounding biscuit on master chef a few years ago and everyone raving they were the best thing ever. I must try them. I think home made gifts are wonderful, as are the look of your cakes,

    • Thank you Emma, that is most kind. Biscuits such as these have both texture and taste and I cans till remember the first time I made them, back in the early 1990s! Denyse x

  13. I do love a homemade Christmas gift, especially yummy delights to eat! 🙂 #TeamLovinLife

  14. I NEED cupcakes in my life now after seeing this. NEED.

    • If you were somewhat closer I would be giving you some!! I have become a cupcake maker on a regular basis as I can eat them…with a teaspoon! My grandkids love them and yesterday I took around 5 dozen to my granddaughter’s 21st to supplement the beautiful cake my daughter made. Cupcakes are the ultimate treat because they are relatively small and tasty too! D xx

  15. They look a bit yum with a cup of tea!! This year the boys and I have Grinch Pills – red and green m&ms – which the kids loved. And the teachers got a bottle of wine each with a gorgeous sticker that says something like “we normally give apples to teachers but at the end of the year they deserve wine” and for the Kindy & Preprimary teachers I made homemade Baileys. Big bottles for the teachers and mini cute bottles for the assistants – they loved it! And the label was adorable, it said “thanks for helping James grow” no more little school for my kids now! Primary all the way now!! Lookout!! Have a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones Denyse xx