Thursday 20th January 2022

Chocolate. 13/51. Life This Week. 26/2020.

Chocolate. 13/51. Life This Week. 26/2020.

Life This Week is at the quarter-way mark of the year. 2020. What a ride. None of us saw what was coming, I guess, in terms of a pandemic called COVID-19. Many around Australia, the United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada and New Zealand along with Other Countries are at various stages of this “new to all of us” virus. The world changed. We have had to change many of our routines and habits and some (even many) have lost their livelihoods as citizens in each country are asked to “stay at home” to reduce the spread. By the time this post goes live, things will have changed again. However, without wanting to centre the post today “on” COVID-19, I did want to send my best wellness wishes to all.

Stay Safe

Stay Home

Look After Each Other

Practise Physical Distancing

Continue Social Contacts in new ways. Blogging is one!


Sending my congratulations and appreciation to teachers last Friday. And getting myself used to photos with “no specs”.


C H O C O L A T E.

I am confessing something now. I am not a fan of Easter Chocolate. I know many, including my own adult children, are. They LOVE their Red Tulip Easter Rabbits and used to enjoy the Humpty Dumpty eggs from Coles as kids and I believe Caramello Easter Eggs are a fave.

Way back in 2014 at Easter we must have had an inkling it was to be our last in Sydney with the family so true to form, my husband (Papa) and I put on an Easter Egg Eggstravaganza in our back yard. A few memories here: They took a little bag outside and then collected plastic eggs (I think) and came back and selected a ‘prize’ from here…

There may be shortages of toilet paper, self-raising flour and other ‘staples’ but at my local Coles there was definitely NO shortage of chocolate: Easter or not.

At the store entrance:

Then I perused the chocolate aisle. I love some  plain Cadbury’s chocolate. I cannot eat any now with additions such as nuts. I used to love Lindt blocks but now find them too rich. I also find them far too expensive…but yes, I do eat “some” chocolate. At the moment I enjoy a few smarties and freckles. I know. Why? Actually it is the texture.

For all those months without top teeth I really missed crunching. So, they are a current fave and I have some at night.

Not many. Just enough.

I don’t know who I am these days but whatever has happened to my previous habits of having much more comforting chocolate than I do now I am glad I have overcome it. Feeling a bit sick afterwards is a good one to restrain my old ways. Happy to have that now as a limiter.

What is your favourite chocolate?

Do you have many?

I believe white chocolate is not chocolate at all. I hear that some people disagree. You?

Oh, and before I say goodbye, it has “only” been 3 weeks since my right eye had its cataract removed (on Wednesday, 3 weeks for the left eye) and how about this…I am now out and about driving with NO spectacles needed (licence changed after I saw my opthalmologist) and I am getting used to the face (more wrinkled than I knew) in the mirror that does not need specs!

Happy One Quarter of the Year 2020 to you…and

Daylight Saving In Australia finishes NEXT Sunday morning: 5 April.

Let the clocks time FALL back by 1 hour…unless you are in Queensland and now we will all be on the same time. Sigh.


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  1. Oh ma lord I adore Red Tulip and have literally been stuffing my face every day with 1-3 eggs!!! I have always had a literal addiction to this brand. I have to eat lots in the lead-up to Easter because it’s gone immediately for a whole year!
    You’ve reminded me that I must venture outside today to replenish my Red Tulip stores!!
    Stay safe Denyse. X

  2. You were lucky to get that surgery done when you did! Who knew/! What a difference a week makes these days!! Not a big chocolate person either – but quite mad for lollies. And chicken twisties…

    • I was the more I consider it. I heard my brother was also going to be having the surgeries too but his, just 3 weeks later have been postponed indefinitely.

      I like lollies too. Currently jellybeans are a fave and I never used to like them.


  3. I love chocolate. Particularly Red Tulip Easter Egg chocolate. Easter is my favourite time of year / holiday because of that!

    • I hope you can sort it so it is a close to year-round for you!

      Pretty sure that is my daughter’s fave as well.


  4. H Denyse, I love chocolate and the darker the better. The Easter Eggs look so colourful and have brightened my Monday morning. I also love your top in your last photo it is so vibrant. Take care and thanks for #lifethisweek.

    • Thanks Sue, I just cannot do quiet or dull colours. Bright gives me a lift for sure.

      Chocolate has changed for me alright.

      Glad you have one you too enjoy.

      Stay well.


  5. Hi Denyse, Glad to hear you’ve got good eye sight back. My city and province have closed all non-essential businesses to slow the virus spread so the main places to get chocolate now are the grocery stores. I haven’t noticed much chocolate on sale where I live atm. Maybe next week or closer to Easter. There is a chocolate bar called Coffee Crisp that’s available in Canada only. I like to have it once in a while. Thank you for hosting #lifethisweek

    • I feel very fortunate indeed.

      Right now I am grappling with this notion of almost never leaving the house. I will accept it as I have to but for someone who enjoyed going out it’s tough.

      Like the sound of your chocolate bar. coffee and chocolate are quite the compatible partners.

      Stay safe and well.


  6. Thank goodness there’s no rush on chocolate. I couldn’t live without it.

  7. I’m not a chocoholic at all. The occasional square of dark chocolate and I’m a happy girl. Hot cross buns with lashings of butter though…now that’s a very different story.

    • Ah, now we know…no chocolate stash at your house (other than for cooking)

      I need to eat a bit/lot of butter on foods that are dry to help them go down. I do have to take care not to overdo it as my gut plays up.

      Take care.


  8. Most chocolate doesn’t agree with me these days but there’s little rhyme or reason as to what does agree! I don’t miss it much though.

    • Interesting that foods we could eat changes over time.

      I think that is what happens to me too, and in many ways I am grateful.


  9. Chocolate is hard to eat for me now because it melts and dribbles out my mouth BUT I have a few marshmallows which I can cut up into little tiny pieces.

    I do like a chocolate sauce on ice cream but I like it so much that I would not be able to stop eating it:)

    • A little of what you fancy is, in my opinion, good for our spirits.

      Please don’t let the ice cream stocks go down too much Maureen.


  10. My current favourite is Old Gold Rum’N’Raisin. The world as it is has made me lose interest infancy Easter chocolate. I need something reassuring and comforting. Block chocolate ticks these boxes.

    SSG xxx

  11. It must seem quite weird seeing yourself without glasses on! You look great by the way 🙂 I do like chocolate and am probably eating it too much at the moment but I’m also keeping active and think I’m balancing things out quite well. It’s a stress thing with me and I know that! Thanks for today’s prompt and take care of yourself.

    • It sure did feel weird for a while and when I looked in the mirror and could see in detail, I went “woah” but I am getting used to it and it’s cool not to need them for driving. Will get new readers whenever we are out of CV19 lock up.

      Chocolate and some sweets remain a comfort food for me but I cannot eat anything like I may have in the past so that “IS” a good thing.

      Understand eating for calming…right now, I am not feeling it…calm I mean


  12. Denyse I’m surrounded by chocolate Easter eggs at work. It’s hard to imagine that one small community could eat all those eggs. I’m very partial to Red Tulip Rabbits. Good to hear your surgery went so well and you’re out and about so quickly: Shared

    • Oh I imagine. It was overwhelming really when I was at Coles so used them for my photos.

      Seems ludicrous that no-one will actually get to do an Easter like we always have.

      Great having no specs for driving.

      Take care of you too!

  13. That’s great news about your eyes! My poor mum had her first one done just before the Coronavirus really took hold so who knows when she’ll get the other one done! It’s a strange world we’re living in but whatever happens I have a good stash of chocolate. I love it – especially milk chocolate. I don’t think I’ve ever met a milk chocolate I didn’t like although I’d probably have to say a Mars Bar is my favourite. Hope you’re keeping safe and well – at a time like this when we’re physical distancing, I’m so pleased I’ve got my friends in my computer!

    • Oh your poor Mum. That would make life ‘topsy turvy”….for a while. I am very fortunate to have mine done and a great result. My bro was booked in somewhere for this week and nope, aint happening till CVD19 is over.

      I am less interested in chocolate as a block these days. They are my husband’s choice and he has 8 squares a night. 4×2. Very disciplined!

      It is good to be connected on line and we were doing this way before everyone had to stay at home.


  14. I actually haven’t bought much chocolate this year for Easter and not being at work has meant I’m not eating much chocolate at all. I do love my Lindt chocolates though – the regular dark ones/dark mint/dark orange etc. I also love Kit Kat and Reeses chocolates. But I cannot have them at home because they won’t last. Especially not when I’m WFH!

    I hope you’re well in these times. Happy to chat via Zoom at any time x

    • Thanks Sanch, I definitely would want to have something in my stash and do but I am not eating it as much as I did. Good old mouth surgery has its benefits.

      I am having a wobbly time right now and suspect it’s when the final “you will all stay at home” edicts began last night. My GP rang today for us to have telephone appointments and he agreed he was starting to feel unsettled too. Sigh.

      I did enjoy the Zoom chat. My head and neck group from NZ is doing one tomorrow but I am opting out, not feeling like it at the moment.

      Looking forward to my IBS buggering off!!


  15. we were planning to spend Easter with my son, daughter-in-law, and grandson who live 2000 miles away. We finally gave up hope of doing that so we must get our grandson’s Easter basket packed up to send out to him. I am disappointed, of course.

    And, no, I don’t think white chocolate is chocolate at all either.

    • Oh Laurie, like so many of us in this awful time things are now cancelled. I understand it is sad but also it’s necessary. Sigh.

      Glad to have a white choc agreement across the seas!


  16. I love chocolate Denyse – but not dark chocolate and white chocolate very sparingly (too sweet). I love the hollow easter eggs. They take me back to happy childhood memories and I love the taste of them. I haven’t got any Easter Eggs yet but I guess I should get on to it! Sorry for late link up and off topic post. Not keeping up with things as usual lately. xo

    • Great to see you Min, and this is not late! I read your post earlier on FB and will comment too here. This is an awful time and for those of us with anxious minds, it just gets to feel worse.

      Thinking of you and hoping some chocolate might help.

      Take care,


  17. Hmmmm, favourite chocolate, that’s a tricky one. I’d probably say either Reese’s Peanut butter Cups OR plain and simple Top Deck. Haha. I mean beautifully made chocolates are wonderful, but there’s something nostalgic about those for me that always wins.

    • Chocolate and our love for it is as individual as we are! Trust you have some ‘in da house’ while all the lockfown is on.

      Great to see you here too.

      Next week’s prompt on Monday is one I reckon you already have’s about self-care. Pop in if you get the chance.