Saturday 23rd October 2021

CATastrophe: Flooding Rains. #SundayStills. #13. 38/2021.

CATastrophe: Flooding Rains. #SundayStills. #13. 38/2021.

This week’s post is brought to you by a non-cat owner…and I believe they own you from what I know…and I understand that #13 can be unlucky and black cats can bring fortune so perhaps I can be forgiven for taking the  original prompt about respect the cat day from Terri here and her friend from Always Write now caring for Sunday Stills over the next 2 weeks.

News update: whilst the rains have stopped. Sun is back, sadly the devastation remains. Some towns and suburbs on the fringes of N.S.W. capital city, Sydney remain impassible due to high levels of the local rivers and catchment. This is not new but it is never nice to have running muddy water through your house and have it sweep all your belongings away.

These photos from local media:

1.The Hawkesbury: a flood plain before the Blue Mountains start.

2. The Windsor Bridge: recently re-built to be “flood proof”….on the Hawkesbury River. No, it wasn’t.



source: The Hawkesbury Gazette



Catastrophe is affecting every town, village, city and remote areas on the New South Wales Coastline as I write this post. Unprecedented Autumn rains, combined with already healthy dam levels and water systems made for the awful, sudden and very wet times.

  • Figures for amounts of rain have broken rainfall records held for decades.
  • Watching the nightly news and keeping up with feeds on social media the areas concerned, most familiar to me as a long time resident of this state…having had holidays in some areas, lived in others and taught in schools in many.
  • We are safe, dry and relatively unaffected.
  • We did not venture out of the house because of the damage caused by rain making potholes and familiar roads covered with water.

Signs everywhere.

DO NOT DRIVE THROUGH when road is covered…and of course, there are always those who do, and volunteers are called out to rescue them. Sadly one person in N.S.W. died whilst trying to drive in the dark and did not see the effects of rising waters on the road.

source: The Australian

My photos for Sunday Stills are, where I can, shown with comparison pictures of familiar places.

A day or so before the weather set in…pretty dramatic clouds!

Canton Beach: before the rains


During and after the rains when I ventured out.

Lakes Rescue Base. Before the rains. Note the jetty.


No jetty to be seen! Taken from road above and road was completely flooded below.


Budgewoi: Bridge at Mackenzie Reserve. The grounds here were completely covered during the heavy rains.

My view back to Mackenzie Reserve a few days after the rains.


High on the hill at Wyong, looking east to see Racecourse flooded.


After almost a week, this happened late in the afternoon…..

I hope that some of the levels of rain affected areas can be appreciated through these.

I also send my best to those who read here and know of people affected by the devastation…living in Australia is a place of droughts and flooding rains alright.

Next week I know the prompt for #sundaystills is volunteer and I have that one sorted!




  1. What a clever take on the theme Denyse, perfect for a non-cat owner! I was looking at doing something similar but the day has got away from me now.
    Your photos give us an insight into the big rains you’ve had up your way and hopefully the sun is now shining and the cleaning up for many has started. So sad for those affected.

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Thank you, Deb, I had a re-read today after publication to see that I hadn’t been too jokey about the whole awfulness of what has happened in so many places…but I deemed I had been OK.

      Yes, what a time. Yet to go out now here, just some debris around and closed beaches (because of run off pollution) you wouldn’t know it.

      But so many are still dealing with the unimaginable loss, stench and “what do we do now”.

      Thanks so much.


  2. Wow, Denyse, that was a cat a stophy. The before and after photos show how frightening it was. Thank you for participating. This was a perfect take on the word. 🙂

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Yes it was and I did think maybe I was a bit ‘flippant’ but why not get the message out there that these times have been very challenging. Not for us per se but many have still to return to the homes and those who have, are finding unsalvageable items mostly.

      Thank you kindly for your response and understanding and good on you for helping out a blogging friend, Marsha.


  3. Wow…what amazing photos Denyse. So sorry about all the flooding. Yikes. I always enjoy reading your posts. And learn so much.

    • Thanks so much kirstin. I am glad you find my posts of interest. Much appreciated.
      And yes, the flooding has receded but many people still are not able to return to homes in low lying coastal places.


  4. I hope we don’t get rain like that for a while! I really feel for those severely affected by the floods!

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Yes, I agree Sanch. It was horrid when we lived on the coast for the East Coast Low of April 2015. Sadly, I believe the rains have returned to far north NSW and into Queensland, and how awful it would be for the already suffering folks to go through this again. Denyse.