Friday 22nd October 2021

Can’t Live Without. #LifeThisWeek. 28/52. 2017.92.

Can’t Live Without. #LifeThisWeek. 28/52. 2017.92.

Welcome back everyone to Life This Week!

I have missed you all. Thank you to those lovely bloggers who checked on how I was going when I was in hospital and since I have been home.

I can’t live without blogging and bloggers it seems too!

I’ve listed the revised prompts and their weeks here. They are also on the Home Page.

This post will be ‘short and photo-filled’ as a side-effect of the strong anti-biotics that my gut dislikes (and I do too!) is giving me less time to write….if you know what I mean…so without further ado here is just a few of what I can’t live without.

This man! Met on 17 Oct 1970 and can’t live without his love, care, commonsense and the yin to my yang. Love at first sight it is true (for us) the opposites attract.


B put my wedding ring on this finger on 23 Jan 1971 and recently re-sized down after weight loss, I was sad when after surgery and my hand swelled it became stuck. Some cream on my other hand helped shift it and when B came for next visit it went home in his wallet for safe keeping.


Nature and its colours, shapes and beauty. I see it everywhere and can’t live without in my life.


Art of some kind is always part of my creative life. I am a highly visual person and enjoy creating my own mandalas now. They are meditative for me. I took art materials to hospital and by the time I was out of ICU in my room I was ready to create. Not this one! This was done at home.


Photography. I have a phone or camera with me wherever I go. I cannot live without being able to capture something which may never appear again. I particularly enjoy living close to nature like this because it gives me so much joy to find scenes like these to remember. In fact, I showed some of the nurses these photos and they could not believe the beauty that abounds where we live now.


I know I cannot live without my iPhone for sure! This is me the day we set off for Sydney for pre-admission to hospital and I guess I knew it would be my ‘last toothy smile’ for a while. The other thing in that photo I cannot live without is my glasses! Readers and multis. Cannot see any details without them.


The beach. Wherever it is. I cannot live without seeing spaces of water and sand. I am missing them now as I am a bit house-bound but on our way home from Sydney I loved coming across the Hawkesbury River towards our ‘now home’ the Central Coast.


I also cannot live without capturing a sunrise or a sunset if I get the chance. I did each morning from my hospital room. It was so uplifting to be part of nature this way. And my ‘old home town’ of Sydney is here.. I do not miss her as much as I thought I did.


I cannot live without my car….well I do for now because my husband drives me where we need to go. Last week I ‘had’ to stand next to her (red car I love you!) after my visit to the GP. He, by the way, is friendly and amazing so I share cannot live without him. He has helped me so much in the short time he has been our GP. I will add him to the list!


Blue Sky. As we all know we cannot live without what is above us as it sustains us. I cannot live without the air, the clouds which bring rain and the blue sky which gives joy.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this literal ‘snapshot’ of what I cannot live without.


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  1. Snap!! We are blue sky twins. xo

  2. Glad you’re back. Hope the antibiotics settle. We are very similar – I’m quite addicted to photography too at the moment.

    • Thanks Lydia, slightly better today and the good news is the wound is looking ace! Yep. I always have something with me to take pics! D xx

  3. I can’t live without my hubby either! He recently went overseas for a week on a work trip and I mised him a lot. 🙂

  4. Mine is definitely music. I cannot live without some sort of soundtrack 🙂 good to see you bck!

    • Now I do love music too but I guess it was ‘lower’ in my list. I played music on my ipad a lot when I was in hospital! D xx

  5. Beautiful grateful post x Love that water scene.

  6. Wonderful, good to hear you are felling very positive about life after your little hospital stint. I can’t live without open spaces!

  7. What a lovely list! I can’t live without my hubby either, well, I could but I wouldn’t have half as much fun. I would have to add blue skies, cake and sunshine on my face to the list! Welcome back!

    • Thank you for the warm welcome-back. I know there probably is a lot more for me too but I had to do what I had the pics and the energy/time for yesterday! D xx

  8. I pondered over this quite a lot. For me I guess there are my mum and my friends – including the bloggy community. And then there are ‘words’. Because I love reading and writing.

    • Oh I think yours is lovely. I love how you included words! I included art and photos because I am a visual person. D xx

  9. So happy to have you back Denyse and what a trooper you are! I loved your list and I couldn’t live without my husband, family and friends. Have a great week, don’t overdo it and take care xx

    • Thanks Sue, it IS good to be back but I am going much more slowly and will take my time this week to visit everyone’s blog. D xx

  10. I hope the effects of the antibiotics settle down soon! Unfortunately at the moment I don’t seem to be able to live without chocolate!

    If anyone knows the cure to a sweet tooth I’d love to hear it!


    • They are slowly easing today Ingrid…but I want them gone so I can get to Sydney on Thursday for my check-up with the surgeon.
      I too love chocolate and even though I cannot eat properly quite quite some time yet, I have found a teensy bit of milk choc melts on my tongue! I even cleared it with the dietitian! D xx

  11. So glad to see you and hope you are feeling well.
    I too, took one of those cancer pre-surgery images – mine of my breasts. I am so thrilled with the outcome as I can barely see the difference post surgery! I am so glad I documented every stage of the cancer journey on my mobile. It’s something I can revisit as I recover.
    Keep well Denyse!

    • Thanks Jody and it so good to read about your ways of making the ‘memories’ too. I really had not given it any thought (strange for me!) but it was my hub(strange for him!) who started when I was in ICU and it helped with letting a few family members know how I was. Now, between me doing selfies in hospital and my fave nurse taking pics then it is documenting the story of oral cancer. I am doing a photo each day of my face as I found it hard not to be able to smile. Yet today there is an essence returnign! Thank you for your well-wishes and sharing! D xx

  12. So glad you have come through the surgery so well Denyse. Also that you’re home now to recover in comfort. I’ve always found photography to be such great therapy! We’re all so happy to have you back blogging again! I even blogged today especially so I could link up with you. Keep getting better! xoxo

    • Oh yes, HOME. It might be a rental but we have made it home as much as we can and it’s lovely. We have to leave early next year which is a nuisance to say the least but I will worry about that another time. I am delighted you blogged today to link up! I hope your recovery from surgery continues on the up and up too. D xx

  13. Love your positivity Denyse and it’s lovely to have you back and to join the link up – great photos and great to see you enjoying life and all its little blessings xx

    • Thank you Leanne, I do have my ‘down’ times and a little cry here and there when I recall just how massive this has been but generally I am very proud of the way I was able to manage so much of what was foreign to me and challenging. Sometimes we do not know how much we are capaable of until challenged! D xx

  14. Michelle (inthegoodbooksblog) says:

    It’s lovely to see you back, and as I mentioned to you over on Instagram, I really admire your positive attitude!! Keep it up as you continue to recover.
    I too can’t live without my hubby, and my three beautiful daughters. Photos are a great one to mention too!

    • Thank you Michelle for your kind wishes and thoughts. Of course I could have said family too…but we are all at great distances from each other now and they are making their lives together. That is what ‘letting go’ as a parent of adults means for us. D xx

  15. Excellent list Denyse! I hope the antibiotics are finished soon so you don’t have to deal with the side effects for much longer.
    I was away camping in Yosemite National Park this weekend, so I didn’t follow the prompt, but I have to add that I can’t live without spending time out in nature. We saw so many spectacular mountains, rivers, meadows, flowers, and animals. I didn’t want to leave.

    • I was so crook yesterday arvo that between me and B we stopped the anti-b’s as I was about 1-2 doses from the end. This morning’s wound dressings showed everything to be fine. B is going to chat to our GP tomorrow about what we did and how ill they made me. Immodium wouldnt stop it, and I need to be well enough to go to Sydney for my check up with the surgeon on Thursday.
      I LOVE your ‘cant live without’ here. You sure are liking lots about where you are! D xx

      • Ouch, if Immodium didn’t stop it, it must have been pretty awful. Fingers crossed that they don’t put you on that again.

        • Nope, immodium doesn’t because of the way that anti-b had to fix the bad infection but at same time takes away the good in the gut. I am still a bit unwell today but have eaten and have ammonium too and no problems. Thank goodness. D x

  16. Hooray, hooray, it seems that maybe we could live without you but we are very happy to have you back! Keep on keeping on Denyse, here’s to life after the antibiotics but at least they seem to be doing the job on your leg.
    Thanks as always for the linkup.

    • Yes, Jan none of us is indispensable are we! However, blogging is an important part of my social life and purpose so it was good for me to do what I could to re-start the linky. Anti-biotics are a curse and a cure. Fortunately the leg wound is looking ace but I hope to never ever have to take that strong one again. D xx

  17. Oh, those antibiotics can do nasty things to you if they don’t agree with you. I’m so glad you’re back, and hope you start to feel much better soon. It’s good your wounds still seem to be okay. What a terrific mandala you made, so bright and lovely. And… what a wonderful bloke. (:

    • Thank you Linda, I am fortunate to have such a loving husband who has been incredibly kind and patient with me…I am not a ‘good’ patient in my own home!! D x

  18. It’s so good to see you are back, make sure you take it slow. Give your body a chance to heal! Hoping you feel better soon. Lots of love. xx

  19. Yay! You’re back. I love your list. Wish I was more of an outdoorsy nature person, but I’m not really. Hope these things continue to give you comfort as you recover x

  20. You are looking so well considering all you have been through.
    I do miss the beach.

    • Thanks Trish. I think of you often. I set myself up to not do well when my expectations of myself are too high so I am working on that. Letting myself take the time to heal…and it is a long haul is an challenge to me. I am glad I can show you pics of the beach at least! D xx

  21. Fabulous photos of the sunsets and waterscape. Good to see you back. Saw it mentioned on Insta you were coming back soon. You are so strong and incredibly resilient with an op on your mouth. Take care and I look forward to your blogging again. Cheers and Hugs Maria xox

    • Thank you so much Maria! I hope you are doing well too. I guess I never could determine how I might have reacted after surgery…but am glad for my inner strength and a will to get on with whatever it takes. Mind you, I am very glad I do not have to do down the chemo/radiotherapy route. I will have more (much less minor) surgeries before I can have teeth implanted. Denyse x

  22. I’m with you on so many of these…blue skies, sunrises, sunsets and most certainly, the beach! I also can’t live without books.

    • It’s a wonderful world for sure. I too cannot live without reading: newpapers, on-line and books. Books, for me at the moment, are rather hard for me to concentrate on but I am lucky to have quite a few waiting for me.