Thursday 20th January 2022

Cannot. 4/51 #LifeThisWeek. 10/2021.

Cannot. 4/51 #LifeThisWeek. 10/2021.

I blog to share stories.

I blog share images.

I also blog to connect with my readers and fellow bloggers.

Cannot, what?

Ok. I cannot get over the fact that two women, who I met even before they were born…and on their respective birthDAYs helped us, their grandparents, have a fantastic, relaxed and very loving photo shoot back in November 2020 as we prepared to celebrate our 50 Years of Marriage!

Their story with us.

We cared for these women, they slept over, we had holidays away together, we showered them with birthday and Christmas gifts because…grandkids! They are very different yet they are also creative in their own ways.

The elder, J, has a degree in film production from Australian Film Television and Radio School and was a high achieving drama student in Year 12, being selected to appear in a NSW Dept of Education Talented Drama Ensemble production at the Australian Theatre of Young People.

The younger, S, left high school before Year 12 when high school and her life then were incompatible. Both girls have chronic conditions they live with but which can limit their life choices e.g. full time work etc. However, each is passionate about capturing images. One more via film (J) and one via stills (S).

We Had An Idea.

My husband and I wanted to mark the memory that is our fifty years together with a photo shoot. Let’s say, I had the idea and eventually he could see the merit. We proposed the idea to our daughter, the girls’ mum, even though they are independent. She then chatted with them, and we heard back. Yes, J can drive them up and help S but S is the chief shooter!


Then they wanted us to go near the beach, the water and … we cannot do that, lovelies! It would be uncomfortable in a physical way for my husband and I was just grateful he agreed.

So, then they knew it would be at our place. And they were fine with that.

The Day.

I admit I was nervous because I wanted it to go well but also “I” am usually the one behind the lens. I was also conscious that having photos taken was not a fave thing for my husband.

He surprised me. He said, let’s just catch up with the girls, over a cuppa first, have a few laughs and see how it goes.

It went very well indeed.

Laughter is the essence in breaking down tension  and that happened. Big time. We shared lots of fun. The girls and their Papa. It was awesome.

J was the photographer’s assistant and advised a bit along with my choice of accessories and once S set up, J took loads with my iphone and we knew things had gone well.


Almost Our 50th Wedding Anniversary.

We heard back a few times from S, who lives in Sydney, that she was onto the editing and wanted to get the photos done in time for us to see them for our Golden Wedding Anniversary: 23 January 2021.

As she has some health issues, we did not want to place any kind of pressure on her, but true to form she wanted this to go well.

She uploaded fifteen images she edited and sorted that she thought were representative of us and ….


We cannot get over how well S captured the essence of us.

We are delighted and so proud of our dear granddaughter, Sophie Gosling

Her photography name is Time2Capture.

She has a facebook page, and an

instagram account too under @time2capture

She would love some likes and business…if anyone is interested!

What do you think?

It was no trouble at all for us to use my Word of The Year here:

S M I L E.


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  1. This is such a wonderful story! I am so very proud of Sophie for completing this project.

  2. Just beautiful from start to finish Denyse! Your smiles beam love and happiness although I know there has been ups and downs along the way! Your granddaughters have done a great job for you xx

    • Thanks so much Debbie.

      Got a lot more to smile about these days and to be grateful “I got my smile back.”

      We loved the time with the girls and hope to see Sophie this weekend with her partner as she was unwell for our Saturday celebration.

      Very proud to be the girls’ grandparents!


  3. Well done, J and S! Beautiful photos with everyone’s smiles. Thanks, Denyse, for sharing them with us. #lifethisweek

  4. This is so touching to read Denyse. How lovely of your granddaughters to help create such beautiful memories. Congratulations on your milestone. I’ve enjoyed your celebrations

    • Thanks so much Jennifer. The girls were up for it and most pleased to do this for us. So, win/win!

      They’ve both been to read the post and told me they enjoyed this and the photo shoot very much indeed.

      I am appreciative of the comments made about our celebrations this past week, and yours is especially kind.


  5. Such a beautiful way to start my Monday, thank you Denyse and congratulations to you two lovebirds! #lifethisweek

    • Oh Sue, that made me smile too!!

      Love birds, hey! The girls sure made us smile and ‘pose’….lol!

      Thank you,


  6. Such a fantastic present and all the more special by the photographer being related.

  7. I had to laugh at your description of how the picture shoot came about – it was your idea and your hubby eventually came around. That is how things usually work in our household too! What a wonderful way to get your granddaughters involved in your special day! Beautiful photos! You have some talented photographers in your family!

    • Snap to decision techniques!!

      Thanks Laurie, we know it’s true, and let’s just keep that our little secret. Ha!

      It was so good having the granddaughters who came up with the ideas and the settings at home for this kind of photographic record and the time went quickly!!

      Thanks so much.


  8. I saw you share these pictures during the week and loved them. They’re really natural and I guess it’s because there’s that closeness and familiarity between you all that made you feel comfortable. But also having a cuppa beforehand would have made you all relax even more.

    I’m glad all of your celebrations went well. xx

    • Thanks Deb.

      I know I was ‘dreading’ it but also because of B not liking time taken when photos are being taken and it was his change of tune and the chats and laughs that got us all going.

      We don’t see the girls much so sitting to catch up over a cuppa and something to eat helped them revive after the almost 2 hours drive here.

      Thanks for your kind words about the images. Yes, it has all gone well.


  9. Happy Anniversary and I love the photos Denyse – especially the one with the wedding photo – such a lovely example of long and true love that is lasting a lifetime. How wonderful that your granddaughters could share in the experience and give you both such an amazing gift. So much love and so many memories – well done to you all. x

    • Thanks very much Leanne.

      Yes, it was J’s idea to grab that photo from our Wedding Day and capture the differences!

      We felt very relaxed with the girls doing the photos once we had chatted and fuelled up too. They drove almost 2 hours up here, then had to unpack the gear and set up.

      We don’t see much of them now so part of the fun was that as well.

      We have had an amazing celebration.


  10. Happy Anniversary Denyse! 50 years – what an achievement. How lovely for your granddaughters to spend time with you to capture the special occasion too. Such special images to have! xo

    • Thank you Min.

      We are believing it now but it still seems like 50 years of marriage is what your parents might celebrate…now we are in that category it is a bit surreal.

      Our granddaughters are very talented creatively and loved the idea of doing this for us. We were so pleased they did.


  11. Oh Denyse, the photos are beautiful! Your granddaughters are very talented. What a lovely way to commemorate your special anniversary. Congratulations on this huge achievement

    • Thanks so much Christina for your kind wishes.

      We are very grateful to have achieved this milestone and to have loving family to support us as they have.

      The girls did a great job as a team!


  12. I love your photos and how amazing that they were taken by your granddaughter. My favourite is the one with the wedding photo. What a great idea!

    • Thank you Veronica.

      Yes, these granddaughters of ours did a great job.

      That photo of us has been a fixture in any house we have lived in so the girls grew up seeing it.

      Great idea to have it included with our 50th shots!


  13. Aw, those are such lovely photos and made all the more special with the talents of your granddaughters mixed in.

    • Thanks Joanne, they are special women and we are so glad they are part of our life. Their presence in getting these shots made it the best fun!


  14. Wonderful pictures, Happy Anniversary to you both. What a blessing. I hope you had a good celebration, knowing that restrictions make a difference on travel and gathering numbers. Blessings to you both. Michele Shared on my Facebook Page.

    • Thanks so much Michele,

      It was a great family celebration over two says because of visitor limits but as we do not see our grandchildren and their parents much (distance, school and work) it was a good way to connect more easily.

      Of course, this week, things have gone well with COVID and the restricted numbers have been lifted!!

      Always the way.


  15. That’s so lovely of your granddaughters and an amazing way to commemorate 50 years! I’m so glad you managed the family celebration even if it was over two days. Lots of love to you!

    • Thank you Sanch, it was a great experience being photographed by these women. Hard to believe though at times, they are! It turned out for the good in some ways to have the two family lunches as we got to interact with greater ease and fewer conversations happening all at once!!