Friday 28th January 2022

Calm and Balm For My Soul. 27/2019.

Calm and Balm For My Soul. 27/2019.

A gentle post of photos and how I help myself achieve more peace and calm in moments that are not always wonderful.

Some of those moments for me are pre-surgeries, recovering from surgeries at home, distracting myself from being hungry when eating was hard, calming my mind during a procedure or treatment by listening to music or an audio book, reducing my anxious mind’s whirling whilst being driven by my husband….not about him, about me, and not being in control!

I know many people have tried some if not all of these, but here’s my offering!

Getting Outside. Even Into the Backyard!

Making Something Creative.

Having These On Hand & On the iPhone Playlist.

These are some of the major ways in which I help myself achieve a greater level of calm. It is not easy. I am learning all the time. I also use the Calm app program each night. I highly recommend trying Calm and then signing up. I got a lifetime offer last year which has paid for itself over and over. Not only is there meditation but there are master classes in many fields such as cravings. There are adult ‘sleep stories’ which are a delight to listen to and hopefully nod off under the covers. I recommend these but no-one pays me to do so.

This link takes you to Calm and there is a sign-up for free sessions. See how you like it!

There is no sponsorship on my blog. I only want to share what I find works for me. Then if I tell you about it, and you like it too, that is a win!

What are your ideas for calm and balm for your soul?


Joining here with Min and friends for Zen Tips Tuesday. Thanks for the link up!



  1. Those are some great tips Denyse … for those times we are stressed and anxious and need calming. OMG those lemon syrup cakes look so yummy! I still haven’t tried an audio book but I’d really like to because I think I would love it! To lie back and be read too – bliss! I’ll have to investigate it because I really don’t know where to start to get an audio book. Thank you for linking up with #ZTT xo

    • Thanks Min. Audiobooks are quite expensive to buy (and yes I still have bought them). Bookdepository is my go-to as a book and CD seller. Free postage to Australia.

      The other way is to join Audible. It’s a way to get started. First month is free as you try a book. Many, many to try. I now have a monthly subscription. You keep the books for future listening. IF you do not like a book even though you are into it, you can exchange it.

      It is a life-changer for me as I listen a lot in the car.

      Denyse x

  2. As you say Denyse a lovely gentle and calm look at things through your photos. We all need to do what we can to stay calm and get us through those not so nice moments. #ztt

    • Oh yes, and today I need it. Funny thing anxiety is that it just lobs in my mind for a bit. Doing my best to flick it away and using some of my strategies but of course I would like it gone NOW!! Denyse x

  3. Even the words calm and balm soothe my soul, Denyse. We all need these two words to be active in our lives. #ztt