Tuesday 26th October 2021

Bright Mandala… A Bright Idea. 48.1/2021.

Bright MandalaA Bright Idea. 48.1/2021.

In April I have posted a couple of times for this challenge of squares using the word: Bright. Here is my first post and here is the second.

Now I am back!

Becky encouraged me to do this too, after I saw the challenge elsewhere  and it didn’t have to be every day…so here I am.


Being Square is Fun!

Join in this lovely challenge and post a photographic square daily for one month every quarter. The theme changes every quarter and is announced on this blog a few weeks, occasionally days, in advance of the challenge month. The challenge months are January, April, July and October.

What IS the Bright Idea?

Last week I was upset by a person. It was quite a shock to my system as often is when we least expect it. However, in recovering from this unpleasant encounter, I was able to draw upon my knowledge and practice of ‘Loving Kindness’ which I have used many times for myself and others since learning about it from Sharon Salzberg initially and over time with others, including my Daily Calm practice.

Why Do This?

I did not want to hold onto the sadness I felt. I also wanted to send loving kindness to this person, and anyone else, whose life may be affected in sad ways which can engender anger in responses to others.

So, I did what I now do to help me heal…and to send out loving kindness to the world ….and with hope this person would also feel some settling of the emotions.

I Draw and Make Mandalas.

I Love Them To Be Bright.

I Often Incorporate the Rainbow Colours.

I Deliberately Chose Hearts – healing LOVE and Black/White in contrast to remind us we need not be “in black and white” thinking or doing mode.

Here is the final BRIGHT Square:

The words I chose:

May All People Be:

At ease with what cannot be changed

Content within themselves

Living with a loving heart

Safe from harm

Happy within

Well As Can Be.


Credit: Denyse: My words (can be shared with permission) and To Sharon Salzberg for Teaching Me (and Many!)

L O V I N G       K I N D N E S S

Do you practise loving kindness?

The first person to offer it to, is ourselves!

Try it.

Happy 21 April all.




  1. I am so sorry you had that experience, but what an incredibly positive way you have responded. So inspiring – both your art and your words. Thank you so much for sharing as part of Bright square.

    • Thank you so much Becky! My art and mindfulness practices have helped me overcome so much in my life over the past 7 years and this proved to be a positive way to deal with a negative situation.

      Love your series. I am joining in where I can.


  2. I really like your mandala’s. I have not use coloring mandalas to think about calming myself down from a stress situation. That is something I will need to try. I have a coloring book of mandalas, but I love how you did both of these… the year one and the one with words. I might need to try my hand at creating my own, and then coloring in. You’re are inspiring me!

    • Oh thank you so much Patricia! Your words are very kind and I began mandala making at a time when I needed – in my transition to retirement – a different focus and the whole mandala world & its history was so engaging and interesting. I guess loving to learn and try creating new things was a great match for me.

      I am delighted to know this might give you a chance to try as I did way back in 2016.

      Warmest wishes