Tuesday 26th October 2021

Best Cake I Have Eaten. 47/52. #LifeThisWeek. 2018.120.

Best Cake I Have Eaten. 47/52. #LifeThisWeek. 2018.120.

There is no best cake I have eaten.

This is because there are M A N Y best cakes I have eaten.

Probably none more delicious than this one I ate with a teaspoon as one of my first post-surgery snacks in July 2017. I remember saying to the dietitian “I will be able to eat cake” and she confirmed that, adding that if I put custard and icecream with it would help it go down AND add nourishment.

Lemon cake with icecream & custard

Now I shall list those great cake eating experiences according to occasion and memories!

My mum made the best cakes. They were always ‘from scratch’ as they say and Mum, not a cake or sweet lover herself was always happy to oblige.

This would have been the first cake I ate. My 1st birthday cake from almost 68 years ago.

My First Birthday. 30 Nov.

Mum would make ‘little cakes’ as she called them. She made them in gem irons. Solid metal trays where cake mix was added and then as it cooked, it became a sphere. Mum would ice these too. The most delicious ones were when she made them into lamingtons with mock cream in the centre. Oh how I loved getting these as a treat to take home when I was a young married mum.

When it came to birthdays Mum made our kids cakes from the Australian Women’s Weekly Kids Birthday Cookbook – I particularly recall the ’10’ cake for our daughter made as a tennis racquet. She made a race track one for our son’s 6th birthday cake.

And even into her ageing years Mum would rustle up a Rainbow Cake for Dad. A layer cake: chocolate, vanilla and strawberry with cream in between the layers. My request was for her Orange cake with orange icing and orange zest on top. Yummmmo.

Of course there are no photos of these cakes because..there was nothing like the photo-taking these days.

The most treasured ingredient in all of these cakes was LOVE. Mum loved to do this for us and we loved her for it!

But wait there is more!

I prefer to make cupcakes these days as they are portion-controlled and I do make some for my husband which get frozen and he brings one out a day. I make mine (and those I gift to others) with icing because “yum” and it helps get the cake down.

Before I went to hospital last July I made a batch of lemon syrup cake and these went down very well warmed through as well as with additions as above. I made cakes for my granddaughter’s 21st and what joy that was for me. Her mum (who takes after my mum in her cake cooking prowess) made the main birthday cake. I have also had delicious cakes made for me by my daughter and they include orange cakes and the famous lemon walnut cake (was a recipe of Mum’s originally) that Sammie has here on her blog.

I found that lovely Kyla at Cakes by Kyla made superb cupcakes which I could freeze and eke out for eating. Then I had a WIN. $250 worth of cupcakes and over the last 6 months these have been purchased, frozen and also given away. Yummo.

So, about my best cake eaten…well, I guess if I had the chance, it would be one (or more!) of Mum’s little lamingtons with mock cream inside.

How about you?

What is the best cake you have eaten?

Tell me more in the comments.


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  1. I too am a fan of little cakes!! Isn’t it funny to think that a lot of us in Australia would have all grown up with variations of the same birthday cake or at friend’s parties with an Australian Women’s Weekly Cookbook Cake? Ha!

    • Yes that recipe book is part of everyone’s lives who were born in the early 70s onwards I think. My daughter (1971 baby) has my original one now.

      Denyse x

  2. Like you I’ve eaten many best cakes. Thanks, Denyse, for sharing your beautiful cake story and photos.

    • Thanks Natalie. Interestingly for me CAKE was/is something I could eat with only 8 teeth and as long as it had something like icing on it, it was/is a treat. Because I could not eat normally, I used a teaspoon!

      Denyse x

  3. What lovely memories Denyse, anyone who can make a cake from scratch and have it work out is a star in my book! I’m not into eating cake very often at the moment due to a few issues but I love looking at them. Your patty cakes look cute and I think the smaller portions are a great idea and they can be frozen for later too! I have linked in a post on comfort food I wrote a while ago as part of a WEA course I was doing with some friends, the Literature of Food. It was a fabulous look at all sorts of things food related in a literary way and we all enjoyed our discussions immensely. I used to love trying to make my daughters the birthday cakes from the Women’s Weekly Birthday Cake book, sometimes they actually worked out to an extent and the girls still talk of their favourites and they’re in their 30s!! Thanks for the linkup!

    • Oh how lovely that your girls do talk about their cakes. Soon you may be making a cake for Miss GD! I know my Mum had more time to do the cakes for our kids. I did make a few though. And, get this, my daughter then 20 made Thomas the Tank from the train recipe for her then BF 21st. They married…and after 3 children…are not together but his mum and I go out for morning tea every few months now I live closer to where they moved to!

      Denyse x

  4. I don’t eat cake but love looking at them – and I love baking them for other people to eat. I did, however, have a Vienetta ice cream cake for my birthday this year – a freebie from the Surf Club – and it was the best birthday cake ever.

    • Are you a savoury tooth? That’s what my mum was. She made so much that she never ate but for others. At Christmas time when Mum and Dad would entertain, she had home-made rocky road for everyone. I admit though, her cheese straws were addictive and I could not stop at 3…

      Vienetta icecream cake was what my husband used to love for his birthday too. See, I am not a fan of icecream in large doses.

      It takes all kind to make up this world – ha!.

      Loving the gingery icing topping on the little cakes as well as the slice too. Thank you!


  5. I’m not a huge fan of cake eating – but I do enjoy a cupcake now and then. I think Lemon Meringue Pie is my favourite “cake” – sweet + tangy = win/win for me.

    • Yes, I thought about lemon meringue pie but it’s not a fit for this post. It deserves its own. I make the old version from the condensed milk recipe as did mum as does my daughter and the lemony the better.

      Denyse x

  6. I don’t have any specific cake memories! I don’t think I’ve really got a favourite. Not a big cake person. But I don’t like fruit in my cakes! I believe in committing to my junk food 🙂 Plus I don’t really like fruit.

    • I have a daughter. She is 47. She eats, if forced, an apple and maybe watermelon. My parents despaired of her I think when she stayed as a little one. She just was/is like that. Spits out fruit in a cake too. Sigh. She does make an awesome orange cake and has made her dad lemon and poppyseed cakes too.

      Denyse x

  7. Oh, I am such a cake tragic. I LOVE baking. I think I made at least one cake (or pie or other dessert) a week. Not great for my waistline, but my kids/friends love it. Your lemon and orange cakes sound divine. I love citrus in desserts — the combination of the tart with the sweet. Yummm…now I think I will need to go bake something!

    • Oh I am an enabler. I like making and having a variety of cupcakes in the freezer because I can eat a little and not feel I am missing out. Cake has really helped me not feel deprived in this time of not many teeth.

      There is something about the lemon and orange I agree!

      I sometimes think if I bake I will eat and then I bake anyway and use my will-power to freeze most of them.

      I like having a range in the freezer to gift others like the people who care for me.

      Denyse x

  8. Your mum’s cakes sound amazing! I don’t know what it is, but there’s something about a mum’s cooking that makes it special. Those lamingtons sound delicious and I’m intrigued by those gem irons. I’ll try to Google them in a minute to see what they look like.
    I especially love the idea of baking as showing love. And those 21st birthday cupcakes you made for your grand daughter definitely show that. I love to bake, I’m not great at it, but I love it when a recipe turns out as it’s supposed to and I can give away some cakes or biscuits to show how much I appreciate someone.

    • Yes I mentioned these cakes to dad on Saturday and he did not remember the lamingtons for a while and then I mentioned the gem irons…and he said “where are they?” I think they were of such solid metal they actually rusted from non-use so when Dad sold they were thrown. I prefer to use cupcake pans and add the wrappers then I have no washing up to do except the bowls.

      I know I love giving my cakes away too, especially to appreciative recipients. The first Christmas we were away from our grandkids I was a bit sad (ok, a lot sad) and when I heard they might drop in I made little cakes. They devoured them and said “No-one makes cakes like you Grandma”. I am not telling their Mum that.

      I am glad you enjoy baking as I think it’s a creative outlet.

      Denyse x

  9. My Nana used to bake and create the best cakes ever, all made with that treasured magical ingredient of love! Sadly she is no longer here to bake her cakes and share her love so the next best cakes I’ve tasted are the Black Star Pastry cakes. I especially love their Strawberry Watermelon cake and Mango Yuzu cake.

    • How lovely you have memories of you Nana like that. I am hopeful my grandkids will think of me that way.

      I have seen photos of those cakes and I can’t get my head around a cake with watermelon in it.

      I do love mango and coconut as a combo and that is an awesome cake flavour.

      Denyse x

  10. What beautiful memories you have that are tied up with cakes! Little cakes are so joyful to share.

    SSG xxx

    • Thank you. To see my Mum’s handwriting with her recipe for ‘little cakes’ is a nice way to remember the times and the generations too.

      Denyse x

  11. Sorry I missed this prompt. Sobs.

    Cakeaholic here, as you know. Probably in part because my mum is also known for her baking and her cooking in general. And I just have a raging sweet tooth.

    The best cake I’ve had is the one my mum made for my 40th birthday. It was kind of like layers of sponge with chocolate and vanilla custard, fresh cream, strawberries and grated chocolate. It was AMAZING.

    Those lemon syrup cakies sound good. Oh who am I kidding, all cake sounds good.

    • Oh yes Vanessa I am personally SHOCKED you missed this one!!

      I love the sound of the cake your Mum made.

      The lemon syrup cakes are the best. Love lemon and sugar = win!

      Denyse x