Friday 28th January 2022

Best Birthday Ever. #LifeThisWeek 46/52. 2017.127.

Best Birthday Ever. #LifeThisWeek 46/52. 2017.127.

I chose this prompt in one of the ways I select prompts…via the calendar.

This coming Thursday, 30 November is my 68th birthday. I look at those numbers….and remember how ‘concerned’ I was about turning:




and look what’s ahead…all things staying well. This:


So I shall re-group. Ahem. I am very grateful to have been born and that I continue to have birthdays, memorable or not. Because that is the way of life these days. Some great memories of birthdays is how I am interpreting this prompt. But there was ONE birthday which stands out: When I turned ONE. My dad tells me that the best and worst year of his life was 1950. I was born in late 1949. He was sent by his company (alone) to do work and training in Melbourne while Mum and I (young baby) stayed in our Wollongong home. Mum had great next door neighbours for love and support but it was not the same as having Dad home. He made a vow to be home for my first birthday and to never travel away like that again. And he kept his word. In fact he left that company and joined a new one…and he did travel again but never for as long a time as that first year of my life. I wrote about this here last year. I wish I had more photos to share of birthdays but it turns out, like many of us, I was the photographer at family events…and as contrary as it may seem, I may not have wanted my birthday to be a great celebration with me at the centre…but if I was forgotten then I was upset. But I do recall a few of the more memorable birthdays and here they are:

  • turning 4. A family and friends from the neighbourhood party.
  • my 16th. Mum and Dad organised some of my friends to surprise me at home and that was fun. My present from them was the LP Album of The Sound of Music.
  • my 21st. I have written about THAT extravaganza that went for days here.
  • my 30th was a bit of fun as we had a young child not yet 1 and a daughter who was 8 and teacher friends with a similar age gap between their kids so we had a celebration at Maccas. I know, cool! It was 1979!!
  • my 50th was interesting! I was in my first year as principal at RPS and unbelievably one of my executive team shared exactly the same birthDATE. She and I had a double celebration with a cake each from the staff.
  • in 2015 I went back to see the family for my birthday and caught up with my Dad and brother here.
  • last year I was determined not to focus on how sad I was away from our family (our second year of living on the coast) so I made myself ‘dress well’ and my husband and I celebrated afternoon tea (with cupcakes I made!) when he got home from Lifeline work.

My 66th Birthday.

My 67th Birthday.

My mouth is still very sore from recent surgery (eating is a challenge anyway since the first surgery) that my birthday treat this coming Thursday will be a coffee and cupcake shared with my husband for morning tea.

Do you find birthdays (your own) somewhat less than wonderful yet you celebrate those of others?

No? Just me then.

Yes? Do share!

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  1. I don’t really get the birthday thing – I’m happy to celebrate others but mine often goes under the wire…are you celebrating you are still alive or that you were even born? I don’t really get it….

    • Do not overthink it L!! I can see you might be…LOL. D x

    • Hi Lydia,
      I am not able to sign in via google account any more…it seems to co-incide with the update I did on my iMac, nor are there any other options I can use for your blog……so here is the comment I wanted to leave. D x

      Such a fabulous birthday memory re-visited here! Gosh Sydney does sparkle!! I miss it but I see her more “regularly” now as we cross the Bridge to go to Chris O’Brien Lifehouse.
      Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek 46/52. Next Week: The View From Here. I see it as a visual prompt easing into 2018 “Share Your Snaps” every 5 weeks.

  2. I love your fearless and positive take on birthdays, Denyse! My next big birthday is 50 but 45 will be my ‘mini goal’.

    SSG xxx

  3. I still have not celebrated my last Birthday as I fell seriously ill (as you know). It took me about 7 weeks to open my gifts. I want to go out somewhere now to make up for it.
    Happy Birthday! X

    • Yes health takes the first and only place when serious illness arrives. I cannot even try to imagine how hard this year has been for you and your lovely family. I hope, sometime soon, that you do get to celebrate all that is YOU! Love, D xx

    • Jody, silly google account will not let me sign in to comment on your blog (others here are the same) and it’s been an issue for me since I updated my OS for the iMac.
      Here is my comment:
      I loved seeing this post and you sure do know how to make play such fun with the Brio collections.
      Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek 46/52. Next Week: The View From Here. I see it as a visual prompt easing into 2018 “Share Your Snaps” every 5 weeks.

  4. It’s so hard when you’ve got kids to make your birthday important (especially when money is tight, and there’s a kid birthday near yours) but I always make a big deal of cake and blowing out candles, because who doesn’t love that bit?!

    Happy birthday for Thursday

    • That’s IT! For me it was about the cake as well. When Mum was around I would ask her to make me a cake. Sometimes my daughter has too. It is nice to just have that! Thank you for your birthday wishes. D xx

  5. I’ve been very fortunate Denyse that my family has always made my birthday special. I’ve had some memorable ones and thanks to you have remembered them while writing my post for your link up today. I loved reading about all of your birthdays and Happy birthday for Thursday! xx

    • That is so lovely to know Sue and I will be popping on over to read all about your birthdays too. Thank you for your lovely comment and good wishes for my birthday. D xx

  6. Loved hearing about your stand-out Birthdays over the years and I hope you have a great Birthday on Thursday Denyse! xx

  7. Firstly, happy birthday! I love birthdays and feel really cheated when they haven’t turned out as well as I would have liked. I was so resentful of spending my 2016 birthday in bed with salmonella – well, actually, not in bed, rather on the toilet!- thanks to my boss; and will probably continue to remind my husband that I spent this year’s birthday on a jetstar flight back to Sydney to pack up the house while he and our daughter swanned about on the coast.Of course it wasn’t quite like that & it wasn’t their fault – it was just a function of the time.

  8. Thank you for my birthday wishes! You sure did get cheated on your birthdays…for a few anyway..all the more reason to celebrate x 3 next time!! D xx

  9. Happy birthday for a couple of days time – we’re both November babies! I’m not sure how I feel about my birthday “parties” I think I’m a bit like you where I haven’t wanted to have a fuss made – it probably means I missed out on a lot of things. I found that out recently when our daughter said she didn’t think Mothers Day was anything important – she had no idea that it held a lot of meaning for me and had blown it off for the last decade without a thought. Maybe if I’d made more of a fuss I’d have had more to celebrate over the years????

    • Oh my goodness I would be quite offended at that about Mother’s Day.
      However, the younger (ie not ours!) generation does not get as caught up in the ‘hype’ or ‘must’. I have to add though, that I did Mother’s Day more out of obligation to my parents than with true love and appreciation for many years.
      Nevertheless, your birthday IS a reason to celebrate I see and Happy Birthday greetings are appreciated by me. I think there is a LOT of baggage we all carry around ‘events’ and ‘obligation’.
      Warm wishes, Denyse x

    • Hi Leanne, my comment about your post is here not on your blog because google will not let me comment despite having my account online. It think it could be connected with a change my iMac made when it added a new OS.
      So, here is my comment:
      Congratulations on the achievement of 3 years of blogging. I know I started with intentions of becoming known as an education and schooling blogger and it happened in a minor way. After 3 years I was a bit down and did not blog nearly as frequently and then amped it all up again in my 4th year and varied publishing days etc to where I am now.
      I am very grateful to have ‘met’ people such as you via blogging and long may our blogs live!
      Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek 46/52. Next Week: The View From Here. I see it as a visual prompt easing into 2018 “Share Your Snaps” every 5 weeks.

  10. Happy birthday for Thursday Denyse, I hope your jaw has healed enough for you to enjoy your birthday cake and celebrate your 68th year. After having many birthday’s not going the way that I had hoped, I no longer expect anything except a cake and lovely personalised birthday cards.

    • Interesting to read of your changed expectations. I am sure somewhere along the line I did that as well. Thank you for your kind words and warm birthday wishes. Yes, I can eat cake in very small pieces!! And drink coffee. Yay. D xx

  11. I love to celebrate my kids birthdays, but my own I don’t really want a big celebration just family together is always my wish!

    • I hear you about having the family around you for your birthday. My 65th was like that..3 years ago…and that hasn’t happened again as we have been away from Sydney for that long!! D x

  12. I have to confess that I love celebrating birthdays. but someone I know isn’t the same, and I think it’s because we view it differently. I see it as a celebration of everything achieved in the previous year and “they” tend to look back and feel like they should have accomplished more.
    I’m staring down the barrell of turning 34 in a few weeks’ time and even though I wish I could celebrate properly by going out to dinner with friends, I’ll be homebound. But it’s still going to be great because I’ll hear from people that I may not stay in touch with as much as I should. And that’s always great.
    Happy Birthday Denyse 🙂

    • That is such a good way of looking at birthdays…like a year in review. I like that idea! I actually feel better about this past year and my 68th birthday as I have achieved a lot…and learned a lot about myself. Funny isnt it? I am thinking that someone had better make a BIG deal of your birthday…!! D xx

  13. I still wish for grandeur on my birthday, but now days they just go past with the normality of every other day. I guess that’s what happens. I can only hope. I do try to make a big deal of birthdays for those that are close to me 🙂 Happy birthday for tomorrow! xx

    • I like that! I hope you get a bit more grandeur from your coming birthdays…put the message out!! Thanks so much for your kind wishes for my birthday. D xx