Wednesday 10th August 2022

‘Being Me’ In The Month That Was May. 35/2022.

‘Being Me’ In The Month That Was May. 35/2022.

Since I decided to join in this link up each month, I am also adding my post for ‘the month that was’…and what a month it turned out to be!

MAY 2022

Word Of the Year Link Up Party.

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Those who follow this blog, and know me from either on-line conversations or in real life, will know that my highest (in terms of importance) value in life is ‘honesty’. And that has seen me make some choices to live better with ME!!

I guess another way of putting it, is to be ‘true to myself’.

I have been blogging for well over 11 years and seen so much change in this time. I have always reflected on what I want my blog and me to represent and along with honesty, comes vulnerability, truth telling and giving thanks.

So BEing ME has meant some reflection and change making…

Saw a recent Instagram hashtag  about ageing and owning up by #speakingyourage (words to that effect) and I have never been someone to hide my age…so this is something I do easily. Here:


And then just this week, to be honest, the work that was having a blog link up suddenly (or maybe stealthily) was not anything I wanted to do any more. I could have been someone who soldiered on, but that’s not me either. So, without anything else to add, here is the message to my blogging community…..

Well, now what has that meant for BEing ME?

A few changes within and they feel good.

I have reduced my in-person involvement with Head and Neck Cancer Australia and feel better for this.

I have decided to blog when I want to…and there have been examples of this recently.

I am allowing myself to feel uncomfortable too as changes like these are made. Instead of the old thinking of must get everyone’s approval I am being my own best friend and remembering what I REALLY want to do and be…and again, it’s part of my value system.


FIVE years on from my cancer diagnosis was always going to be remembered and celebrated! I added a memento in the form of a bracelet with hearts on 17 May 2022 at 9.35 am. And wrote a post here. 


The feelings and experiences here are part of why I am very grateful to be well…following 5 years of recovering from a rare oral cancer…and I make the very most of all the in-person connections we can have with family. We had a lovely catch up here after 4 months.

Our son’s 4. We cared for these kids for years…sadly not Miss in heart top as she was born after we left Sydney.

Then there is this photo which means so much for my healthy recovery and emotional connections. Our four grandkids visited me just after surgery #1 (the big one) in August 2017, so I asked them to do a re-creation with me in May 2022. Love this!!

And that will do for now. I have been to see Dad in Dee Why twice in May and am enjoying the frank chats and helpful conversations we both have to better understand and appreciate each other and our similarities and differences. No more photos from him though. Fair enough! And no, he does not want to live to 100…..I get that.

How was your month of May..not quite finished of course…

And are you  using a word or words in 2022 like I am?




  1. A lovely reflective post Denyse, it’s so lovely to see you with some of your grandchildren and happiness radiates from you all. I get the whole link up party thing and if you’re feeling good about the decision then that means it was the right time to make it. Thanks for all you’ve done over the years, I’ve always enjoyed joining in with you and being a part of your ‘community’. Of course that will continue! Thanks for joining in with us for our WOTY linkup it’s great to see how everyone treats their WOTY.

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Thank you Deb for your incredible support and words which have soothed me and helped me with some of this decision making.

      Yes, it’s been a great community for the link up but, as it has done, things change. I did try to change along with them….but when something no longer ‘works’ for initial purpose then its time to say “bye bye”.

      The grandkids do bring us joy and our son’s four were fun visitors recently as the ground was so wet they had to stay inside so the girls got stuck into the art/craft stash which was the best!! Love sharing that with them.

      Thanks for co-hosting the link up for WOTY. It does make me consider what is changing for me and what I am learning about too.


  2. I’m glad you’re listening to yourself and your own needs. Thanks for doing the linky for all those years – you’re an integral part of the Aussie blogging community. Love love love that reenactment of the pic with your grandkids – haven’t they grown? Thanks for linking up with WOTY.

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Thanks Jo, I finally can give myself permission to be for ME first..only took, like 71 years?? Do.Not.Wait.That.Long.

      Your kind words are so much appreciated about the link up. Knowing when to hold them, and when to fold them as in the song The Gambler is quite good advice.

      Better for me to keep blogging when and if I want but to no longer feel the link up is not going well. And I will now save $2.99 US a month!!

      That reenactment was fun. And yes, all 5 years older!! Two in HS now.

      Great to have your co-linky party to keep us remembering what/why of our intentions as the beginning of 2022. Thank you.


  3. Yes for changes that make you feel good! That’s how you know they are the right changes. 🙂

  4. I’m am glad to hear that you are taking care of yourself, Denyse, and making changes that are right for you where you are today. I love the photos of you with your family and your beautiful smile. Here’s to being true to yourself!

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Thank you so much Christie. Self care is one we can often let go because we care for others but I reckon it’s better to remember to be self caring earlier than I did at 72!!

      Loved our recent catch up with our son and grandchildren. Always puts an even greater smile on my dial!!


  5. Hi Denyse, I’m so happy to have you join in for #2022WOTYlinkparty. You are certainly living your WOTY ‘Being Me’ and part of that is not being afraid to make changes in life when we need to. It is unfortunate that you are not continuing your link party, but perhaps there are more exciting things on the way. Life has a way of working out even though at the time we aren’t sure if it will. Enjoy June – can’t believe we are almost halfway through the year! Take care xx

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Thank you Sue, and I think this time round, by end May, I really am getting the hang of this ‘being me’ business and liking it very much.

      The blog link up will be at its end by 20 June but gosh what a great lot of connections with bloggers from far and wide I have had…and since become friends with many.

      I am incredibly grateful.

      I too am in almost disbelief June arrives this week!


  6. Thanks Denyse for hosting Life This Week and Life Stories all those years. I know hosting is a lot of work. Blogging when you feel like blogging is the way to keep it enjoyable. Your family photos are lovely and it’s a great idea to re-enact 2017 in 2022. Have a wonderful June! #2022wotylinkparty

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Thanks so much Natalie.

      Your kind words of support and understanding about being a blogger with a link up always help me see that ways in which it enriches us but that it is a lot of work…and now, I am stopping..well, on 20 June!!

      I too loved the photo reenactment and the kids got into the spirit of it too.


  7. Hi Denyse – I’ll miss your Monday link parties and the great bloggers that were part of it, but everything comes to an end and it’s better to go out on a high note than to dwindle away and lose the joy of it. I’m getting better at letting things go that aren’t working for me and also not dwelling on what could have been or what I wish something was.

    Loved all the family photos and the grandkids especially. You’re also fortunate to have these final chats with your dad to get some closure and understanding of him and your relationship with him. I never had that with my dad and I think if was a loss for both of us.

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Thanks so much for your kind and caring words about the link up and connecting via our blogs, Leanne.

      So many friendships made and then some! I have already drafted my final post for the link up on 20 June and it’s been an amazing privilege to share my space with so many.

      Yes to the chats with Dad. About a year ago I guess, I knew I had skills in which to delve to have non-reactive chats with Dad. I do think it’s deepened the relationship to an adult to adult level and when/if Dad slips back into “telling me what to do” mode, I take a breath, listen to his thoughts and then reply with a less defensive tone.

      I will be blogging of course as time marches on but with less regularity?? I don’t know. I guess I am grateful for the once a month link ups and Natalie’s Weekend Coffee Share.
      I am a subscriber to your blog so I see what’s happening for you each Monday. And will endeavour to visit to read and comment.

      Take care


  8. Hi Denyse I haven’t been blogging since I broke my arm, but I just thought I would pop in and read about your month. Even though I will miss your link up, I can understand why you have made the decision to discontinue and it sounds like it is well and truly the right decision for you. Well done on recognising your needs and acting on them.A big thanks for all that you’ve done and all the hard work you’ve put in to create this positive and supportive blogging community.

    • Thank you so much for popping Jennifer, as I also realise this has been a very hard thing to deal with (again) …do hope you are on the mend..and can see the ‘end’ in sight.

      It took a few goes for me to realise it was time to stop, I know. It was hard. The Monday link up has been part of my blogging life for almost 6 years.

      There are still two more #linkup weeks to go: next Mon 6 June and Mon 20 June. Maybe you might link up an old post for them. Up to you, of course.

      Take care…