Friday 21st January 2022

Beach or Bush. #LifeThisWeek 37/52. 2017.109.

Beach or Bush. #LifeThisWeek 37/52. 2017.109.

People talk of, and actually do in some cases, making ‘sea-changes’ and ‘tree-changes’ in life.

In our case we moved away from the hustle, bustle and mortgage-laden house in Sydney’s north-western suburbs to retire closer to the east coast. We both came from coastal upbringings as kids and teens and then our careers took us to the NSW countryside…the Bush as it is affectionately known. When we moved TO Sydney in 1978 it was to be closer to medical services, buy a house, settle into new roles at schools in the area and to be somewhat closer to family and, as it turned out, to have a second child.

The reasons to STAY there after almost 30 years dissipated so it was time for us. In renting on the NSW Central Coast – it’s a large regional area about 1.5 hours from the heart of Sydney – we have found the northern end where we are now, preferable for us in terms of cost of living and access to what we need. Nevertheless, we really have NO IDEA of where will eventually BUY again as we do not yet have the final funds. So, the idea of doing some investigating, via here for our choice of Beach or Bush was born.

Enjoy the pics and the words and see if you can work out what is my preference by the end!


If you had to make a choice of Beach or Bush what would yours be?


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  1. I choose the bush-beach! A coastal town surrounded by bush 🙂 Is that cheating?

  2. I’d be beach, for sure (but I’m a city mouse…so city first, with beach or bush weekend escapes)

    • I see that would be the way. When you have tired of the city, you visit the bush or beach to escape, which fits you for returning to your habitat of preference! D xx

  3. I think the bush is your home, Denyse, and where you sound most content. I know that’s where I would choose anyway 🙂 x

    • You know I would really enjoy green rolling hills and pretty skies and peace…and then I think of the negatives: reptiles and extremes of weather. Maybe I am a visitor to those places and actually prefer a more urban environment but with close ties to bush and beach!! It is a lot like that where we are renting now. D xx

  4. My preference is the beach. I love the sea breezes and I find it relaxing. It is what I’ve been lucky enough to know my whole life.


    • That is superb Ingrid and I agree that if you can be there and it’s part of your life, that is great. My Dad and brother are just one suburb from each other now, on the northern beaches. Dad needs his ocean breezes too! D xx

  5. It’s beach for me – unless I’m in the bush. Seriously though, the ocean heals me, yet this is the first time in my life I’ve been able to go to the ocean other than on holidays or a few times a year. As for the bush? Every so often I need the quiet – & the trees do that.

    • Isn’t it the best? My first year living close to the beach was spent marvelling that instead of an hour’s drive away it was literally 10 minutes up a hill to get to the surf. I am loving your pics of your new environment so much! Good on you!! D xx

  6. BEACH!!!!!!

    SSG xxx

  7. I love both Denise. A cozy log fire in a cabin in the bush, glorious bush walks and bird calls. In saying that I always come back to the beach. I love the sound of the waves, the sea breeze and the fierceness of the ocean during a storm. Loved all your photos.

    • Thanks Sue! I know that we loved some of our time living in remote NSW but it wore thin when it came to health issues for my husband. In saying that, as we age, we will need to take health matters into consideration for when we eventually buy. Ideally somewhere that is climactically comfortable and 2 hours from Sydney. D xx

  8. Ideally I want busy acreage overlooking the beach, if we’re talking dreams haha. But I think you could guess I’m beach. Though I could use a forest type break for a holiday.

    • Yes, space around you would be lovely. I used to look at places like that in beach areas and think they would be awesome. Alas, like all things real estate completely out of our reach too now!! D xx

  9. Anywhere near any type of nature is my happy place!! Suburbia is just not good for
    My soul!

    • I think that is so important to know about ourselves. I may have stayed in Sydney (in some ways I don’t mind the busyness and access to much as well as family) but my husband longed for a quieter and more easy going life so here we are on northern end of Central Coast for at least the next 11 months as tenants. What will happen after that is not known yet! D xx

  10. My husband and I were just discussing this on Saturday. We reckon we’ve got it just right by living in the rainforest of Tamborine Mt and can drive 40 minutes to the beaches of the Gold Coast. I love the sound of waves AND the sound of birds 🙂

    • I too think that is the ideal situation and hope that you continue to enjoy both the birds and the waves!! Happy Birthday and School Holidays!! D xx

  11. I like a little of each – but not too much of either – I’m not a sandy, salty, dirty, fly buzzed person – give me a pool and a shopping mall and I’m probably happier.

  12. I love both for different reasons – I feel grounded att he beach, but have learnt to love the bush through our camping adventures (although I grew up in the bush, and longed for the beach)

  13. Like you, I am a beach person. I love the bush too but I reckon I could live without it. Beach though, I can’t.

    • Yes, as you say we are beach people. I am enjoying the close proximity to a beach now for sure. I hated the long drives through traffic back in Sydney to even get close to a beach. D xx

  14. The beach gets a big vote from me. It’s my happy place and need to have it close by. I do love a trip into the bush and countryside, but the sea breeze and crashing waves always beckon me back.

    • There is something majestic and beyond our power in nature when the ocean is roaring and you are there watching, feeling and hearing it. I do enjoy those pretty big seas in Winter a lot! Yes, beach wins overall!! D xx

  15. I hope it’s not too long before you can get back on the beach; where I think you would rather be x