Sunday 11th April 2021

Back To Routines. #LifeThisWeek 5/52. 2017.17.

Back To Routines. #LifeThisWeek 5/52. 2017.17.


Str- e- tch!

Oh, here we go, back to routines!

Is this how it is for you right now?

I chose this prompt for this week as it is, for most of us, back to whatever routines form our lives.

We have, in many cases, had some time off from the usual routines and now it’s back to real life!

In our case, it’s actually been interesting NOT to have to get back to real life because we are retired from paid work, family responsibilities now our kids have well and truly left home and needing to be anywhere, somewhere by a certain time.

However there are days where we need to attend appointments and in my husband’s case perform his volunteer roles but we can take our day at a more leisurely pace. I know I needed routine in my life as a mother and a professional and it was via lists, preparation of meals and clothes ready to wear and generally having a running diary both in my head and on the fridge calendar.

Now, there are some routines I need to follow: eating meals, going for a walk, doing the blog and so on but it is less-timetabled and more free. It has taken me some time to become used to it all but now…love life with fewer routines!!

This sums up me in quite a few ways! The old me really.

I am someone who enjoys helping others and I also did some on-line research about the value of routines and agree that they are good for consistency and a smoothly operating family life…as best as can happen! I love this site that is Australian based and has many, many more helpful ideas for families.

Why routines are good for parents
Routines take some effort to create. But once established, they have lots of benefits:
* They free up time for you to think about other things while you work.
* Regular and consistent routines can help you feel like you’re doing a good job as a parent.
* When things are hectic, routines can help you feel more organised, which lowers stress.
* A routine will help you complete your daily tasks efficiently.
* As children get better at following a routine by themselves, you can give fewer instructions and nag less.
* Routines free you from having to constantly resolve disputes and make decisions. If Sunday night is pizza night, no-one needs to argue about what’s for dinner. Source: here.

What does “Back To Routine” mean for you?

Have you had a break from routine?

Do you find you can keep to a routine most days?

Can you give yourself permission to vary the routine and have some extra fun?



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  1. Thanks for the linky prompt this week Denyse. Just what I needed for today.

  2. Thanks for sharing the Cathy Thorne cartoon, Denyse. I can definitely relate.

    I’m a lover of routine for a good 11 months of the year…

    SSG xxx

    • That is so true. I love(d) the school holidays for that reason. My life these days is one where I can choose a routine and mostly I do, of sorts, but I am far less tied to ‘time’. Nice at this end of the working life.

  3. I hate routine – actually, I detest it- but it’s stupidly important to me. During the week, it’s all about routine & scheduling. So much so that I can’t remember the last time I woke up when I wanted to – not when someone else was up or woke me or we had somewhere to be. Having said that, my boundaries are so porous that if I dint have a routine, I’d get nothing done at all.

    • I hear you on so many levels of this. I need routine but also rebel against it. However, as a time-table driven worker in education this was good for me and my family. Nevertheless, I am enjoying aspects of being non-timetabled now in this thing called retirement!

  4. Thanks for the prompt for a post Denyse. I find that I am someone who does need routine in my life but also there are times when I need to mix it up so life doesn’t become boring. We can fall into a rut and become disinterested and lose our spark so I find that when I feel that way I have to break out from routine and do something that makes me feel happy and alive. Have a great week and thanks for the link up.

    • Thanks Sue, yes routine which becomes boring and ‘have to’ is something I do not enjoy either. However, I also know that timetables as someone who worked in schools for 40+ years were helpful. I think now, when I have MUCH more time to choose, my nature is both indulgent and rebellious. I need some balance each day and blogging, meditation and art “times” help me achieve this.

  5. We’re still in holiday mode so not quite back to routine yet but after all of this visiting everyone I’ve ever met, I’m ready for another holiday 😉

    • The trouble with being on holidays as you are does mean a timetable of sorts HAS to be made to get what you want done and to fit in with others. It’s not a relaxing-type of holiday for sure! Back to routine soon enough I guess.

  6. Ugh – I hate the school routine – it’s a total joysuck. And while I understand the theory of it meaning you nag less, it makes no difference in this house and I have to spend half an hour of bashing on the door to get the teen up (because they don’t care if they’re late) and then trying to get everyone out of the house…it’s the worst!

    • I hate(d) that too about back to school. Getting others out of the house who are stuck in bed (because: teens!) and all that is very, very wearing. Even though they say they will get up and they don’t parents end up driving them to school because of missed buses. Oh yes, a very familiar tale told here!!!

  7. We are completely out of routine this week funnily enough! My husband is doing his first week away this week so it always throws the household for a loop.

  8. Michelle (inthegoodbooksblog) says:

    I am a person who needs routine most times. Whilst I’ve enjoyed having my husband and children home, and doing some fun things together as a family, I miss having my set days and times to do things.

    • Yes I can understand that. I like to think we all enjoy a bit of our own routines very much and can get quite annoyed (without necessarily realising) when we are out of them!

  9. We’ve already been back to school for a week and I’m so very happy to be back into a routine although this is a new routine as Master E is now in prep. It’s actually been really good for Miss 6 months as she’s fallen well into the routine and (touch wood) seems to sleep better!

    • How good to see you here Eva! I am glad to read that Master E has started school. Gosh it only seems a while back you were preparing for this event. Good to know that Miss 6 months is sleeping better. Ahhhh. Good for you! Denyse x

  10. You got me thinking a lot about this actually – I think I’ve been clinging to routines without reason, so going forwards I need to assess which are actually of value to me anymore.

    • That’s interesting isn’t it? I think that is a good thing to have noticed. I know as we (more I!) transitioned into this retirement thing I had to make many adjustments to my ideas of how routines I had in Sydney and with family would work out. Quite simply, they didn’t! I thought naively that I would just been doing what I did before but with a 90 minute drive both ways to do so.

  11. I’ve always been a “routine kinda girl” especially when my kids were at home. BUT I’ve just spent 6 weeks on holidays and I’ve loved the freedom of days with no plans. It’s going to be VERY hard going back to work this week – especially getting up early!

    • I hope there IS a way of integrating some of what you loved about ‘no routine’ into the life of adjustment back to the ‘real world’. Anything which helps..might be having a meal outside or going for walk…just to feel some of that freedom! Good luck!

  12. I struggle with routines and creating them for my family. It’s all to with my ASD and executive functioning. I’m kind of like a big kidult. I really need routine, but I need someone else to create it for me. Not happening. DOH.

    • Really interesting to read this Ness because I like routines but there are days where I ‘fight’ them. Maybe I have my own little internal rebel. Sometimes I am told I am stubborn. Mmmm. Would you follow a routine IF someone else set it though? I am good at timetables… LOL. Denyse x

  13. I’m another one who dislikes routine, but find it essential most of the year. That’s why we love school holidays so much – we loved being able to sleep in most days and not having to be anywhere in particular most times. I kept thinking the kids would want to go places and do things but they kept saying they just wanted to stay at home and chill, and looking back most of their year and holidays are pretty packed, so we did that. They said it was one of the best holidays they have had. But last week, it was back to school for us, which meant back to routine. And it was my son’s birthday too – as an Australia Day baby, he got a day off for that. Being back to routine meant I was able to take the time to blog after a long time, and I’m also pitching for work. The kids are happy being back to school, but exhausted already! None of us wanted to get up today, but it has to be done. It’s all part of life really, isn’t it?

    • Yes it is. This life thing we want can also feel quite the drag at times. I hear you on much of this. Maybe the heat was a factor for many of us this school hols. It really was hard to be out and about with a lot of discomfort. You have had a pretty stressful time with your parents’ changes and maybe hanging out at home was the best way to recover and rest in readiness for the year ahead.

  14. I haven’t really had a break given she doesn’t go to school yet so her being home each day is normal for us. The only routine I seem to have at the moment {other than meals and dinner/bath/bed at night} is hydrotherapy every Wednesday and dr/hospital appointments most Fridays. It’ll be so weird once I’ve had the baby and I don’t have weekly dr visits. Mind you all routine will go out the window with a newborn anyway.

    • Yes it will and I cannot even guess for your sake how it will work out but it will! She is getting older and will be wanting (I hope!) to help. I think kids and being at home has a certain structure that everyone needs but as long as you don’t feel too hemmed in by it, you will do well with your new little one. Gosh, not too much longer now!

  15. Yes, I have definitely had a break from routine but even as a ‘retiree’ I like some routines to keep me grounded.

    • Indeed it is the same for us too Jan. My hub had cut back some of his volunteer work and I am glad because we are connecting more. We haven’t really ever had two-some time until the past 2 years even though we have been married for just over 46 years! It’s good!

  16. Haha…I’m like that picture too with regards to routine and excitement! I notice when I go away for holidays, after two weeks I’m back to craving my routine! 😛 As for routine at the moment, I started on the 3rd of Jan and so far, it’s going well. Except for the early nights. Still working on that!

  17. I like routines. You’re right. It helps me feel organised when things get a bit hectic.

  18. I love routines and boundaries but I think kids can learn a lot by being left to their own devices and embracing the art of being bored. An approach I took with my three girls. It’s probably why my girls are so easy going, even now and I enjoy having them home for the holidays, even though I work from home.

    • You were very insightful as a parent! Still are of course. Not many people can ‘deal’ with their own boredom let alone with their kids. Good strategies which obviously worked!

  19. Today marks the start of new routine for us. First day of kindy and my first day working from home at my new full-time job and first day of evening swimming lessons. It’s going to be a big day!

  20. I am enjoying the last day of school holidays chilling out and then I am going to get organised!! I promise!

  21. I have enjoyed getting back to our morning routine this week, even though it’s only been two days! Although, and I suppose it’s a little daylight savings fault, we went to the skatepark after dinner and left at 7:30, so the night time routine is still pretty loose. Glad they’re in bed now!

    • I hope the night time thing can stay a bit loose for a while as its still light and hot..and it will be inside time before you know it. I do hope your newest school girl has loved the start! Saw the photo the paper published. Great memories there!!

  22. Routines are a big part of life and they certainly make kids feel safe in knowing what comes next.
    Holidays for me mean no routine but then you seem to come up with a ‘holiday’ version.
    I dare say routines will become more part of our lives once bub arrives.

    • Bub will make the routines, then break them but it IS good if you can gave something like a routine for having a quiet house for a while and not too many visitors. Oh, you will sort it all out! Enjoy what you can while you can.

  23. My actual routines and to-do list post is still wallowing in my drafts Denyse, so I thought I’d link up today’s which was an offshoot of that!

    I like routines (and to do lists) cos they help me feel in control, but I need to make sure mine are more flexible!

    • It’s funny how a bit of routine and to do lists can be good but if they morph into more, we want to reject them. I find now, at this age and stage, ONE thing a day that I HAVE to do..appointment, shopping or visiting the limit. I am loving the loosens of the retirement life very much.