Saturday 17th April 2021

Autumn. #LifeThisWeek 12/52. 2017.45.

Autumn. #LifeThisWeek 12/52. 2017.45.

This prompt was strictly from my calendar. In the northern hemisphere Autumn/Fall commences September 21.

In the southern hemisphere we call the season Autumn from March 1.

The reasons I like Autumn are:

  • cooler evenings
  • cooler days
  • sunshine that does not burn (as much)
  • plants changing – losing leaves or adding new flowers
  • sense of calming down after the extremes of weather in the previous season of summer
  • a gentler season as daylight saving finishes soon
  • time for more indoors leisure

However, Autumn just hasn’t played well to date in many parts of Australia and with record high temperatures, bush fires, drought, flooding, cyclones and more…there sure are no falling leaves (except green ones whipped off trees in the winds) YET.

My autumn photos from late last week:

An hour before this shot, I had been looking at almost completely blue sky!

The garden is doing well….but I fear my sweet peas might drown…I have snail bait everywhere because nothing eats my new plants!

Photo taken from inside the car. Normally tranquil lake affected by high tide, southerly wind and constant rain.

I remain someone who still tries to find autumn leaves where they are gathering and sometime soon I “hope” I will trek again to the more inland spots on the Central Coast to find them. I have wonderful memories of taking 2 grandchildren on walks around our old neighbourhood gathering autumn leaves for craft and having the fun of crunching them under their feet..and even lying in them. Not me, the kids!! A snippet from a favourite song I always taught little kids..with hands like leaves falling down…

Autumn leaves now are falling, red and yellow and brown

Autumn leaves now are falling see them tumbling down

So… Autumn leaves WILL be falling in some places I am sure…

but for now all I can offer is this lovely 1 minute of gentle autumnal leaves falling: Credit:

What is the weather like where you are now?

Is it autumnal or are you moving into spring?


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  1. I love autumn in Canberra. Streets lined with colourful leaves. It’s the best!

    • Canberra is the PERFECT Autumnal spot! Visited many a time when I was younger. Love the trees and the colourful leaves.

  2. I adore Autumn, but we don’t seem to get it here in Sydney too much – I suspect it will even less so in Qld. But when we lived in Canberra? Glorious.

    • Yes, like us, you are going to be in a more temperate climate which will have different seasonal delights. Summer will be full of frangipanis and hibiscus and more where you will be! You’ll need to go back to Canberra for any autumnal ‘fixes’ I guess.

  3. I could just do without the endless rain!

  4. I know that the prompt is Autumn, but Spring is happening here so I thought I’d be a bit opposite! I will say, that I love the leaves and the beautiful sunsets during Autumn 🙂
    Have a lovely day Denyse!

    • Thanks Kat. It’s a not yet rainy day here and the humidity is over 90% so I figure more rain on the way. Nevertheless some sunshine outside is helping those sweet peas shoot up! I saw your Spring post and thought that’s your season so that is a good idea to share!

  5. Denyse, that’s so true about autumn being a calming season owing to its weather. Well, now that we’re mostly through this very wet March.

    SSG xxx

    • Yes indeed. I hope you’ve had some outdoors time as it really zaps us doesn’t it? Let’s hope the weather settles after this week of forecast rain in goes away for some of the weather we enjoy.

  6. I love autumn Denyse but in Brisbane I don’t see the definitely colours of the leaves changing. It certainly was a wild week weatherwise for your last week. We have woken this morning to rain but we do need it. I think I will take my grandson on the hunt for some autumn leaves to scrunch! Thanks for the link up and have a beautiful week.

    • Thanks Sue! I like to think Autumn is the ‘thank you’ season for putting up with Summer. Mind you, the way the humidity is today (90+) we might as well be in your state!! Autumn leaves and scrunching is the best! I also collected some of the less scrunchy colourful leaves and we sticky taped them to paper on a tree outline for our own autumn trees.

  7. I went off topic and linked Friday’s post because my blog turned five and I need to keep the celebration going because CAKE.

    I’m missing the autumn leaves and colours and I’m totally over the rain, and especially the humidity!

    • HAPPY Blogoversary! 5 years. Wow. I know I have been blogging for over 6 years but I stopped and started with different names so I can’t celebrate one date. I guess though the re-junevation of the blog on Jan 1 2015 was one I could celebrate. I hope you still get some autumn leaves. I suspect we need some cooler nights and NO humidity. I can’t wait either for that to drop.

  8. Those photos really say something don’t they? It’s not exactly autumn leaves and rainbows in most parts of Australia right now. We’re in Brisbane, where autumn currently means hot – wet – hot – wet – hot! That video is beautiful, but feels like another world!

    • Thanks so much Lara. You are right, the video is from another world…one most of Australia never experiences! I have been keeping an eye out for everyone’s weather around Oz and yes, Brisbane is doing exactly what you’d rather it didn’t. ENOUGH!!

  9. inthegoodbooksblog says:

    I’m based in Melbourne and the weather has been quite warm still, but I am looking forward to some cooler days for sure. Autumn is my favourite season.

  10. We were just camping and I had a great time throwing the leaves into the air with the kids! I love this time of year.

  11. I love autumn too because of the milder weather and the fact that two of my kids were born in autumn. We’re officially entering birthday season around here now!!!

  12. I like Autumn weather! It’s a lovely reprieve the the HOT summer weather!


  13. Autumn is definitely the most beautiful time of the year, usually very stable here in Victoria although not so this year. It feels like we are finally getting summer in March which is a bit out of whack.

    • The heat and all the rain (in some place) has totally mucked up the weather patterns in so many areas of Australia!! Crazy.

  14. We’re the same in WA Denyse – boiling hot one day and then we’ve got the heater on at night. It’s been very up and down. It’s been a bit cooler the last few days – mild – my kind of Autumn!

    • Mild sounds so good! We’ve had the highest humidity I can recall (up over 90%) and we are running the air con even though it is not really hot. Australia hey!! Gotta love it.

  15. I was so glad to see the sun finally shine yesterday! Got so sick of the rain and not being able to hang my clothes out properly. Ugh. I do love autumn though — the leaves — oh my! I hope to be able to capture some soon 🙂

    • Yes it’s been a trial even with a clothes dryer. Everything is so damp from the humidity. Roll on cool changes and weather although from what I see, still more rain/humidity is around. Boo to that.

  16. Autumn is hands-down my favourite time of the year Denyse. We moved back to Tamworth from Brisbane during Autumn 14 years ago and I’ll never forget how lovely is was to experience the changes in the seasons after many years in Qld where the change was never as…what’s the word….pronounced? Obvious? I think a hunt for Autumn leaves might need to be on my agenda too in the coming weeks. You’ve inspired me!

    • Thanks Shauna! I see that it would be a real contrast between the two places and it seems like this is definitely HOME for you all. When I did the autumn leaves walk with the grandkids they had a little bucket each for their collections. We used the coloured ones to make our own autumn trees…such an Infants teacher thing to do..of course!!

  17. Still warm here in ADL but can’t last much longer, I shouldn’t think. My daughter sings a cute little song:

    Did you see the wind today
    Blow the autumn leaves away
    From the trees they tumble down
    Some are red and some are brown
    Did you see the wind today
    Blow the autumn leaves away

    • Oh thank you Beth!! I totally remember that song too. Loved singing it in my head again. Tell your daughter BIG “thank you”. And yes, let’s get the seasons sorted Australia!!

  18. Oh I love crunching autumn leaves under my feet! So much fun!

    • Aren’t they the best? There were deciduous trees opposite our house in Sydney and whilst the trees weren’t pretty coloured leaves, they sure were crunchy!!

  19. What lovely relaxing autumn music. Nice garden with all the greenery. It would be very relaxing to look to.

    • It was lovely wasn’t it? Had enough of the rain but the garden is loving it. Unfortunately for me, a large lizard (unsure if it is a blue tongue) has set up home under the garden and I may not venture out there for some time…I am lizard and goanna phobic. Not snakes though strangely.

  20. Autumn is my favourite season, and has been since I can remember. The colours, I just LOVE them. And, I love the feeling of getting ready to hibernate and nest down for the winter. It’s time to look within and get ready to enjoy more reading by the fire (well, I have a heater!). Ballarat is a very leafy city with lots of tree lined streets, so we get to watch the colours change all around us. The last couple of days we’ve had storms, wind, hard rain and grey. I’m waiting for some more ‘normal’ clear autumn days. Hopefully we get them before the winter settles in.

    • You live in the perfect place for Autumn it seems. I hope the weather finally does the right thing and let you appreciate it!!

  21. It is only just starting to really warm up in the south! Although we had a downpour of epic proportions yesterday and it’s windy and colder today. I am not ready to let go of the warmer weather. I do love the colours of Autumn 🙂

    • I bet you still hanker for some more beach time after your last weeks! What was that goal about time for you again?? Life got in the way. Autumn leaves will be fun whenever the trees decide it’s time.