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April Is About.13/51#LifeThisWeek. 32/2019.

April Is About.13/51#LifeThisWeek. 32/2019.

By the end of April it’s 1/3 of the calendar year….gone!

Yet in some ways it can feel like the year has just begun.

Here’s what April is about from my perspective:

Camellias: these were from the house we last rented. Mature and beautiful flowers.

Rugged surf afternoons in school hols.

One grandchild has a birthday in April!


Blue Skies. The last of the Frangipani towering over the camellia at our last house.

This is how we ‘survived’ the East Coast low in April 2015. Almost 5 days with no power.

April Musings. 

My late paternal grandmother was born in April 1896. I wonder what she would make of the world now! My late Uncle (Mum’s brother) was born in April too and had a rather sad life despite being ‘the eldest and son’. It happens. Our daughter chose an April wedding day. It was a beauty weather-wise. Whilst her marriage like many did not last, the three grandkids have always had their parents there for them and now in adulthood are forging lives of their own. I have remained very good friends with my daughter’s former m-i-l and we only got together for a catch up last week!

In Australia it is the beginning, in some areas, of less daylight as we turn the clocks back and boom…6 p.m. and it’s almost dark.

Reminder: early Sunday 7 April is when ‘we put the clocks back one hour.’ It will mean we will be in the same time zone as Queensland again. Yay.

In April I am travelling to Newcastle Writers’ Festival to see two of my favourite authors speak about their books! Sunday 7 April – the Festival is from 5-7 April and held generally in the area closest to the civic centre in Newcastle. Here is the link to the site. I will be leaving home early…to drive and secure a park nearby I hope!

Rick Morton: One Hundred Years of Dirt. 10.00 a.m.

Jane Caro: Accidental Feminist 1.30 p.m.

What does April bring for you?


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  1. Interested to read the Jane Caro book. Have fun at the writers festival. 5 days without power would be a nightmare! Just the food in the freezer stresses me!

    • Jane’s books are good. I am trying to finish this one before Sunday! I have quite a gap of time between Rick’s and Jane’s so hope to see Trent Dalton as we have become good twitter friends since he convinced me to stick with Boy Swallows Universe. I did and am glad.

      The east coast low loss of power was felt up and down the central coast. Losing the food – all those meals – was awful. I remember the first time I could drive anywhere going to local Coles and everything was gone from the freezers and fridge section. The only place to get milk was the servo.

      I hope never to experience is again but of course “now” we have a generator and a portable gas stove.

      Denyse x

  2. It’s a bit scary to think almost a quarter of the year has gone by already! I always get seasonally confused in April because even though it’s autumn down under, it’s spring in England and I think April and spring are just meant to go together – especially because of Easter. April always reminds me of my nana, she passed in April 1994 which means I’ve spent more years without her in my life than with her. Still, I am looking forward to cooler weather, Easter and Anzac baking and our annual trip to Canberra! Hope the month ahead is full of good things! xx

    • I would imagine seasonal confusion is a thing for you, especially as you have just been back to the UK. My daughter’s wedding was in April 1994 and we had very warm weather then. That is a sad memory about your Nan.

      I am on a bit of a memory lane thing re cancer diagnosis coming up to 2 years mid May and it is really helping me to write about it.

      Sound like April has all the right ingredients for you: weather, travel and baking!

      Denyse x

  3. Hi Denyse, April is a busy month for me especially this year. We celebrate our 21st Wedding Anniversary on 19th, which was also my brother’s birthday. Ethan will be 5 and is having a Jurassic Park birthday party so I will be putting my baking hat on as I make the birthday cake. Rachel returns to work after 10 months of parental leave and also celebrates her birthday. We will hopefully have a contract that goes unconditional this week on my MIL’s home and then settles on 12th. That will mean moving house. We have Easter as well and I’m also running #ActiveApril on my blog so life will certainly be busy this month. I haven’t seen any camellias blooming in our garden yet and of course this time of year is beautiful in Brisbane. Clear blue skies, crisp mornings and evenings (finally). Have a beautiful week and enjoy the Writer’s Festival. I’ve never been to one and my cousin goes to the Sydney one every year. I must check it out in Brisbane. xx

    • I did read this earlier and said to myself “and Sue is doing Active April too!) they do say a busy person gets things done.

      That is one big April list! Gosh I am glad about MIL’s house sale. Hope it will better things for you both as it has been a BIG strain.

      So much happening to all in the family and with you at the helm is will happen!

      Denyse x

  4. It’s so lovely to hear you are still good friends with your former kid’s MIL! Sometimes people come into our lives in such surprising ways. Have a great week!

    • I know, it IS a good thing. Our kids got together as teens (now in their late 40s) so we have a lot of history. They moved to the Central Coast way before we did and once I became well enough to travel and meet up for coffee again, we have.

      It is really good too having someone around my age who knows me well as when we left Sydney and schools, we did not have a social base; more important for me than the hub!

      My older grandkids wanted to know do we talk about them, and we say, “no too busy talking about ourselves!”

      Hope you are doing well.

      Denyse x

  5. We have lots of camping trips planned in April and I can’t wait. Enjoy the festival, sounds ver interesting.

    • It seems to the right month for camping! The writers’ festival is a day one and I liked the Sydney ones so looking forward to this one as well.

      Denyse x

  6. I love that we don’t have daylight savings in WA Denyse – they keep trying to foist it onto us and we keep pushing it back out. We have more than enough sunshine without having to get up an hour earlier to have even more! Enjoy your conference, I’m not sure what April holds for me – at this stage it will be about deciding whether I want to try applying for jobs again (not very appealing at this stage of my life), or it might be about relaxing (that sounds more appealing!)

    • So agree, WA does not need it. Queensland on the other hand is very divided and the closer to the NSW border even moreso as sometimes kids go to school and parents work in one state and live in another.

      I reckon turning up for yet another job: application, interview then getting it is something you may just not do for now. It has taken a LOT out of you and you need more time and contemplation of what you really want to do I think.

      Good luck with whatever way you go. I know when I wanted to stop paid work and did so. It was the right time.

      Denyse x

  7. Well I thought it would bring a fresh start from all the bad luck I’ve been having, but it’s barely lunch time on April 1 and already 3 things have gone wrong lol, sucks to be me.

  8. The trip to the Newcastle Writer’s Festival will be fun Denyse. Newcastle is a lovely city. I’ve got family and friends that live there. My brother’s birthday is in April and also a friend’s birthday. Then there is Easter with the family of course. I also always enjoy the cooler weather after the long, hot and humid summers we have! xo

    • Oh yes, I am loving the cooler weather but it is now grey and gloomy so I hope that shifts soon. I have a cardi on!

      Newcastle is changing all the time and getting more expensive to live in but the changes are very much geared to having ‘all the right things’ like coffee places, live music and so on.

      I intend to get there quite early on Sunday to get a park! They also have a new light rail system too.

      Denyse x

  9. April sounds great for you Denyse. I’d love to hear Jane Caro speak. We lived in Newcastle for just over 10 years and it was a great city, although it’s probably changed heaps since then! It’s certainly turned cooler here over the weekend 🙂

    • Every time I visit Newcastle – which I have probably five times in 3 years – there is more happening. I would like it to be my regional city if we needed to buy somewhere not on the coast. I have quite a few blogging friends there too. It’s now about 45 mins drive from here. I like that it has major shopping centres as I miss the big ones of Sydney.

      Jane is lovely. I met her once when I was on weekend sunrise as a schooling expert…but she and I have connected via twitter and public education. She knows I am coming, as does Rick who I have not seen since 2011 so fingers crossed I get to chat.

      Yep it’s cooler and gloomy here and tomorrow I am driving to Dee Why to see Dad. It’s the other drivers in the rain on the M1 who bother me!

      Denyse x

  10. Thanks for a thought provoking look at April, Denyse! I’ve got holidays this month so I will put that time to good use thinking over what you’ve written about. I’ll be in Boston for Easter and ANZAC Day so being away from Australia to observe these occasions will be interesting.

    SSG xxx

    • Thank you lovely. Gosh that will be interesting. I know how much you love your travel so wishing you wonderful times.

      Denyse x

  11. Sounds like a good April to look forward to Denyse. Hopefully we can catch up sometime this month. I decided not to go to the NWF this year but would love to hear your experience.

    • Looking forward to our eventual catch up too. I will have more to share after next Sunday and the Writer’s Festival.So hope to see Trent Dalton too. I can’t attend either of his sessions as they are the same time as my others. I know you got to meet him last year in Adelaide I think.

      Denyse x

  12. Enjoy the Writers’ Festival, Denyse. I like your photo of the camellia flower, so pretty. I look forward to enjoying all signs of spring in April where I live.

  13. I love daylight saving! I think mostly it’s because it creates space for me to catch the sunsets. Dinner is usually done and dusted giving me time to look up and out at the horizon, symbolically laying the day to rest, lost in the moment of the mood of the sky. Standard time usually finds me stuck in the kitchen dishing up dinner and cleaning up my mess which results in the creation of my own dark moody sky because, as we know, I bloody hate cooking! 😉