Monday 23rd May 2022

April Brings Autumn Memories. #Life’sStories. #LinkUp. 27/2022.

Welcome to Life’s Stories. I hope you enjoy my story and link up yours too for me and others to enjoy.

April Brings Autumn Memories. #Life’sStories. #LinkUp. 27/2022.

Some months and seasons make great memories.

Photos and stories shared.

This post looks quite a way back to the years 2012 to 2016.

And then to 2017. A very worrying time for me, personally. Cancer would be diagnosed in mid May 2017.

2018: that meant head and neck cancer recovery and moving to a new place.

Onto 2019, 2020 2021 for more stories…..

And finally, this Autumnal April 2022. 

April and Autumn.

Autumn is usually very pleasant and cool in the evenings with lovely days. This has NOT been the case always…as you will see. In April 2015, we were inundated by an ‘east coast low” weather pattern that left this:

and us with no electricity or phone (mobile could be used at times) for almost 5 days!


It has often been time for the Royal Easter Show in Sydney. A big tradition in my life, and I made it one for our children and grandchildren over the years. Once the venue moved to Homebush after the Sydney Olympics in 2000 it became a pleasure to visit because I could park the car close to a bus stop and we would travel directly to the Show on an all inclusive ticket. These images are from April 2014, the last time I went to the Show.


2012-2014 we were living in our family home in Sydney’s north west and caring for grandkids. Autumn leaf play in 2012 with 2 dear grandkids…

2015-2016 we had moved to the Central Coast of N.S.W. and some of the grandkids visited.

And on 25 April it is A.N.Z.A.C. Day. Remembering the sacrifice of men & women from Australia and New Zealand who helped keep us safe.

2015. Centenary of Australia & New Zealand at Gallipoli.

But I am never sick of searching for Autumn trees, leaves and even having a go at painting them!

April 2017.

The garden where we were living then had great Autumnal displays & I even painted the pansies:


And I loved getting this image from the local bridge area:


I had a very sore mouth as I had already been through the removal of the upper bridge and teeth and yet…nothing was better. In fact it was worse but…I smiled (uneasily) on….

April 2018. Moving House.

We were grateful to find a new, and more modern house where we still live. Moving still sucks…and with me in treatment for more processes of my mouth reconstruction it was a particularly stressful time for me. Highlights here were family birthdays and school holiday visits from grandchildren with their parents.

April 2019.

I went to Newcastle Writers Festival and was well into adjusting to my upper prosthesis. I continued to enjoy art. And we had some pretty flowers growing outside.

April 2020. Covid Is Here.

My first Covid test, we got our flu vaccinations. We had no idea of what was to come in terms of lockdowns and travel restrictions but we stayed put. One granddaughter visited briefly on her way to stay with other grandparents for some time.

April 2021.

Yes we had a reprieve of sorts from lockdowns and covid restrictions. This meant visits to us and we went to a special birthday picnic.

I also rose very early on A.N.Z.A.C. Day 2021 to see the sun rise on 25 April. I spent time reflecting on those brave souls who came onto the beach at Turkey to be…mostly killed. Vale those men.

April 2022.

This is the learning to live with Covid part of life now, and we had 4th vaccinations last week and will have flu vaccinations at the end of this week.

A different usual Easter for us. No family visiting and we stayed home. Whilst we miss seeing the grandkids and parents, life has moved on in many ways and the oldest 3 are adults with their own lives, and the younger 5 grandkids are with other parents or away on hols. We went for a drive and walk at Norah Head Lighthouse on Good Friday. After a lot of rain in past weeks, it was so good outside.

I also drove to Dee Why to see my Dad before Easter. He no longer wants his photo taken. We had a good chat and afterwards I re-visited some places from my life living near Manly.

I had this reflection after my time spent walking around…and I am honouring it with this image: I feel like I am HOME here.


And I couldn’t let Easter approach without sharing some goodies of appreciation with our local family G.P. clinic. We are so grateful for their care.

And sadly, we heard that a NZ friend who had a serious head and neck cancer had died. I visited my favourite place of contemplation to honour him.

A.N.Z.A.C. Day 2022.

Today, 25.4.2022,  is this special day of commemoration and paying tribute to those who died for us to live this life now.

It is the day the post goes live, so I thought it appropriate to end this post…


And this poem, a moving one for me and many. I am reminded always of where my late paternal grandfather helped the wounded in France. Only to return to Australia and in 1935 to succumb to early death after a workplace injury. I wrote the poem out for Dad on this painting of mine and he still has it on display.

I know some of my readers are into Spring right now as we are getting more deeply into Autumn….

What particular memories do you have for the month of April?


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  1. Love the poppy installation – and all your blue sky shots!! The bridge one in particular. Gorgeous work!
    Have a great day today and see you next time!

    • The Poppy installation occurred in 2015 and then at the Skillion 2016 and then…nothing except the permanents five poppy statue in Gosford. Funding etc was a reason it ended but also it was about the centenary of Gallipoli in 2015 and there were soooo many poppy projects around Australia.

      The bridge is so photogenic.

      Thank you for sharing your post and commenting.


  2. Wow you’ve been so busy. I envy the places you go! I am stuck at home with no license and no way to go out, it has been awful.
    The poppies are amazing as are the paintings you have done.
    I am not enjoying the cold here in Melbourne which always kicks in at Easter. Anyway, thanks for hosting. xx

    • Oh Jody, I don’t think I will complain again…about anything.

      I would find that incredibly frustrating too…staying home for recovery was hard but now I “can” get out I do. I will think more generously about the fact that I can and do get about.

      You hate the cold…as does my spouse…I hope you can find some physical warmth around you.

      Thank you for sharing your post and commenting.


  3. So many ups and downs over those years Denyse (and with your love of photography you’ve captured it all). Moving house with all your mouth issues going on would have been a challenge and a half! And 5 days without phone and power is unimaginable! At least covid didn’t kill our utility supply (just our loo paper stocks!) Nice to link up again – have a great day x

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Thanks Leanne for your kind and generous words.

      Yes to capturing what “was” and “is” because I also remember it better and with my photos all filed on my computer and phone via the date/month/year then a review is made more simple.

      Those 5 days without power and phone were for me particularly awful as I was very much already stressed by the move to a strange house and away from Sydney. However, we like many tens of thousands survived it. I still get concerned about power loss due to weather but here, we are on a relatively new estate with underground utilities.

      Thanks for linking up…I appreciate it.

      The link up, since I changed to the newer time intervals is not being used by many…despite the keenness for me to continue., I will, but it’s interesting to note!


  4. Your Aprils seem to be far more commemorative than mine, you have so many recorded memories to look back on – for me it is traditionally a quiet month.
    Firstly it’s beginning to get cooler/colder, there’s our wedding anniversary day and then Anzac Day.
    Here’s to many more Aprils!
    Take care

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Happy Belated Wedding Anniversary to you both.

      April is somewhat a mix of good and not so good memories. I know my photos help me remember. I also tend to look back to ‘see how far I’ve come’ in a way.

      We’ve had a mix of wet weather this ANZAC Day so I did not venture out. Interestingly though, many more are attending events following the lifting of restrictions based on Covid.

      Take care,


  5. I love autumn Denyse, the colours, the weather, the days closing in bit by bit. You have shared a great lot of memories here and so many lovely photos of you out and about. I haven’t been to Norah Head for many years so thanks for sharing these shots of your visit. ANZAC Day is always an important one in our lives and today I was with mum watching her brother march in Tumut. He wasn’t sure he could do the ‘march’, so opted for the bus instead but he was out with his mates and remembering his own way.
    Enjoy the rest of April, I can’t believe this year is going by so fast! Thanks for having us join you for Life’s Stories and I have to tell you I’m really enjoying Jane Caro’s book The Mother!!

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Autumn is YOUR season Deb. In the right place for it and your love of orange. The rain has made a mess of some of the roads around here so it makes it hard to go “autumn tree” chasing as I have in past years.

      B had never been to Norah Head…a tourist he is not. But he was glad to see it that day and it was such good weather after the wet times before.

      That sounds so special for ANZAC day today. So your Mum has family in Tumut too. How good that must have been to feel the connections. War and its commemoration bring such a range of emotions for us all.

      In B’s family his Dad’s service was never spoken about, in Dad’s his mother would glorify the day but also be sad too as her Soldier Andy died in 1935. My Dad is ‘still feeling out of it’ because he worked as a clerk at the Steelworks and that was a protected industry. Then of course, we have for our generation Vietnam and the conscription. B missed it, my brother was called up just as Gough Whitlam was elected and the troops were brought home.

      The Mother is good. B has just finished it. I admit I felt compelled to keep going! Now I am cheering Jane on for her Senate hopes in NSW.

      Take care

  6. September is the month I most associate with power outages; we had two consecutive Septembers when my boys were little that our area was hit with hurricanes and we were without power for nearly 2 weeks! April is usually a cold month of waiting for spring to arrive. I associate April with the birth of my oldest (that just turned 18!) and trying to get our house ready for spring.

    • Oh wow, what a time that must have been with no power. We see your hurricanes of course and then we do get the awful floods in some areas affecting people power-wise for weeks…and even then they still may not be able to make the house liveable again.

      Happy Birthday Mr 18. That’s a big landmark for sure.

      We are enjoying some cooler nights now but the rain is not far away.

      I hope Spring brings all it promises.

      Take care,


  7. Interesting to follow your autumn memories, good and bad, through the years. The beginning of autumn is one of my favourite seasons, although spring and summer are special because of the warmer, much anticipated, weather, and nature coming back to life. We’re in spring now and it’s a lovely day today after almost a week of 10-12 degrees and strong winds. April is always a month of doing bits and pieces in the garden, and enjoying the new buds and flowers coming up. It’s a lovely month although the weather usually is disappointing. However, the spring feel is still there and I love it.

    • That was so lovely to read. I sure can sense Spring means a LOT…and it’s a mark of new beginnings and nature knows how to do that best!

      Thanks so much for sharing Susanne. I admit without the extremes of winter, spring is OK but after a hot summer (we had some two seasons ago) autumn is a relief.

      Take care,


  8. Denyse, what a fun look back – this month, year by year! Of course, you being an avid photo taker certainly helps. It still always brings me up short to hear about Autumn in April! LOL. This is my first spring in our new location and it is certainly different. Up north (where we used to live) spring is warm and cold, day in and out, lots of rainy days. Here, it’s been dry and warm. Even hot in the sun. I’m already wearing shorts and tank tops and have a bit of a tan on arms and legs! Summer will be an interesting challenge – learned yesterday that another set of our friends will be gone June- Sept. Ah well, will figure it all out…like you have with no-family on holidays. Life is a series of learning new things. P.S. Happy I remembered it was link day!

    • Thanks so much Patricia, photos are my way to remembering AND they have the date somewhere in my system because by now some years, unless they have significant events in them, just merge into one another.

      I know it must be quite a lesson or two living where you are now without the usual memories and predictors of time passing and weather is so good at that.

      I am sorry that friends are going for Summer..that IS a long time…but I guess that’s the thing about being in a part of the world that has a relatively even kind of weather. I wonder if its to do with tourism… Yes to “I get that” because of family having more to do/be where they are now and the roads in the holidays are very busy.
      AND thanks so much for remembering to link up!!

      Take care,


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