Sunday 16th January 2022

Appreciation In August. #4. 2018.80.

Appreciation in August. #4. 2018.80.

This post is short on words…but long on gratitude and appreciation.

This collage represents much of my cancer story: from diagnosis in mid May 2017 through to adjusting to the notion I had cancer …then surgeries…four in all…and recoveries…and 21 visits (and more to come) to the prosthodontist at Westmead as of Tuesday 21 August 2018..


But it’s been a BIG news week for me and I wanted to share (via two little vids) how I was on the day before my new upper teeth were added to my gums/jaw (remember, they came from my right leg) and then the day after….

It is for me as much as anyone as we cannot always notice our own progress which is why I made these.


And then….my set of upper teeth (prosthesis) was attached (screwed in) to the abutments in my jaw (thank you fibula) on Tuesday 21 August 2018. For 412 days I had no upper teeth!  Here I am talking….cannot stop me…24 hours later!


Thank you to all who have commented, read my posts and supported me in so many ways that I cannot count.

I appreciate each and every one of you.

You are my cheerleaders!


Thank YOU Each & Every One of YOU.

Joining with Leanne for Lovin’ Life Linky and Leanne knows all about the value of cheerleaders!



  1. I’ve been loving your smile pics – and your first meal choice. Here’s to big smiles all round.

    • Thank you Jo. That is so kind. Today my IBS has let me know the stress/concerns I had before this week are catching up. It’s how I have learned my IBS works. Sheesh.

      Nevertheless I am getting on with my day!

      Denyse x

  2. Yayyy – so so happy you’ve finally reached this point now Denyse. Lovely to see and hear you. I hope the sore mouth settles soon and you can enjoy and get used to your new teeth. xo 🙂 #TeamLovinLife

    • Thank you Min, I thought there was no better way for me to measure my progress AND to communicate it than the 2 vids. Mouth is much less sore now as it was the moving of the lips and inside around in newly healed areas that made it that way.

      Eating choices are amazing but I am going more slowly as my mouth (and gut!) adjust.

      Denyse x

  3. So excited for you, Denyse as you get used to life with your new teeth.

    SSG xxx

  4. I haven’t been online as much lately but following along and love that you’re more confident in your smile again (though it really didn’t ever leave! 😉 ) AND I love even more that you’re able to eat more of a variety of food again. That’s so exciting and interesting how much more you appreciate it! xx

    • Thanks Deb, you have been one of my most generous and kind cheerleaders along the way, especially when I :”couldn’t see my smile”. I am glad it is back but now I do see, as time went on, I was able to show my smile.

      The eating thing is really interesting. Because my mouth is quite sore inside – lots of pushing and pulling happens during the treatments and checks and the new teeth are getting settled in – I am not eating anything as I might have imagined. In some ways this is a GOOD thing as I was concerned that the weight loss would not stay. I have too many lovely clothes for that to happen.

      Looking forward to following your trip!

      Denyse x

  5. Denyse, you’re doing so well, and as a speechie I’m so impressed with how little impact the new teeth are having on your speech!! It will take time to adjust to having something in your top jaw again, but isn’t it so amazing what’s possible!! Take care and I hope that the IBS settles down soon and you can truly enjoy the eating options that having top teeth will bring xx

    • Thanks Sue, I really need to hear that from a professional. I thought I was pretty lispy and I never was before cancer. But now, I am damned glad I can speak considering what others go through.

      My prosthodontist did tell me re eating that my body/mouth has to get used to the new teeth. I still get a surprise they are there. Until a lower partial denture is added down the track a lot of chewing isn’t possible.

      I do think the body’s ability to adapt and re-group is awesome. My IBS comes and goes…and I wish it went!! BUT, I need to keep getting on with what I want to do as much as I can as I have waited a long time for this.

      Loved reading your perspective.

      Denyse x

  6. Denyse you have teeth!! So happy for you and lovely to hear your voice (before and after). It’s certainly been a journey and a half for you – so glad you’ve come out the other end with your smile intact and your positive spirit flourishing xx

    • I know and in the same week you met Granddaughter #2. Been a momentous time all-round. Thanks for your kind words. Still a pretty long way to go but having the smile back is priceless! Denyse x PS thank you for being such a wonderful cheerleader!

  7. Hi Denyse

    Have just joined the facebook page and just had my voice box removed so really a new kid on the block but have found all the comments and ideas a big help. I still dont have my speaking yet which is a real bummer but they are going to try botox injections so I am just waiting to hear when that’s going to happen.
    Thankyou for sharing what you have been through and how good you look !!!!

    • Oh how good to have you join in here with your story Dianne. Thank you. I have only been a member for a few weeks and am Australian so write from that perspective of where my cancer care is and also that my cancer diagnosis was “only” 15 months ago. I so hope that all goes well for you and speaking. There are so many unknowns when parts of our bodies are taken. My third surgery was a “fail” because my body wanted to grow back fast into the space the doctors had left for my teeth!! So, 4th surgery and a much longer period of “keeping the stent” in place. I like to think what I write about it not only helpful for me to remember how it is/was but also for people such as yourself and professionals. I am glad to have you comment and will be on the lookout for your progress on the group’s page. Denyse x