Wednesday 26th January 2022

About Volunteering. #SundayStills #14. 41/2021.

About Volunteering. #SundayStills #14. 41/2021.

This week’s post is a pretty easy one for me as I only recently wrote about volunteering here. However, I will do my best not to repeat myself and look for some photos to illustrate my #sundaystills.  Terri here is still moving into her new abode and her friend from Always Write  is caring for Sunday Stills again this week.


Volunteers, called Surf Lifesavers look after swimmers’ safety for around half of the year here on N.S.W. Central Coast’s Beaches. There are also paid Life Guards on duty seven days a week: These flags represent the safe area in which to enter the surf.


Those people who volunteered to go to war are remembered in particular on A.N.Z.A.C. Day in Australia. Here is a place, a statue of remembrance, that is found in most towns, villages and cities in Australia. This one in my local town of Wyong.


Related to those who volunteered to go to war, for 1914-1918, a 100 year remembrance of Australia New Zealand Army Corps (known as A.N.Z.A.C. Day) was a field of volunteer made Poppies (the flower of remembrance) which cascaded down a landmark here on the N.S.W. Central Coast, the Skillion at Terrigal.

A local and very important landmark is the Lighthouse at Norah Head. Much of its care is in the hands of volunteers who show visitors around, tend the nearby gardens and report the weather conditions back to the Bureau of Meteorology. This is where our weather forecast comes from: rain, wind speed, temperature and more.

Two grandchildren here a few years back.


Schools always need volunteers...and those of us who worked in them know this very well. My old primary school shown here where my Mum was one of the first volunteers to do a Monday Lunch tuckshop for the students back in the early 1960s.


Back then, when my brother played cricket as young student, Dad was here, on some Saturdays, being the volunteer team manager. At times, he would encourage 12 year old me to come along and score…..


Functions like the recently re-started Newcastle Writers Festival could not take place without volunteers who act as ushers and guides at large functions. I was pleased to attend the first “back after COVID” function where our former Prime Minister, Julia Gillard was interviewed by Rosemarie Milsom from the festival. It was a special occasion as an audience member too.

And of course, I am a volunteer Ambassador for Australia’s only charity to raise awareness of head and neck cancer. I give my time, experience and energy to attending meetings, giving talks, meeting with those who can help more, and by being part of my local head and neck cancer community. If you want to know more, here is the link to Head and Neck Cancer Australia.

Are some of those volunteering activities ones you are familiar with too?

Thanks for reading and viewing…and I hope, commenting!




  1. Denyse, what a lovely post. Is oral cancer the same as head and neck cancer? Wow, thank you for your time. I had the privilege of hearing your former Prime Minister, Julia Gillard at a Town Hall meeting in Fresno, CA a few years back. She was outstanding. One thing I noticed when I was in Australia was how much importance each town gave the veterans. We have nothing that competes with that here. Thanks for your faithfulness to Sunday Stills. It was a pleasure to read your post.

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Thank you so much Marsha. Oral cancer, is a generic term I guess, for cancer within the oral cavity itself. I use the term occasionally but see it is on U.S. based sites and groups more. Head and Neck cancers (of which oral is one) are cancers affecting, inside the mouth, down the throat and up in the nasal cavities. They don’t include the brain.

      There is so much education and awareness needed and it was only in 2014 or 2015 I think, that the first World Head and Neck Cancer Day – 27 July – was announced by a patient – actor Michael Douglas who has had head and neck cancer.

      Julia Gillard was kind enough to meet me via an invitation by my local Federal Govt member for a brief chat and she told me how appreciative she was of both education and educators. That was a special moment back in 2013. I am so pleased you found her presence and words outstanding.

      After World War 1, the one that was supposed to end all wars, it was decreed (maybe not that word) that each town, city and village where people had enlisted to go to war, would have a War Memorial of sorts. This continued and yes, there is one in each place. Now, of course even more wars for remembrance (sadly).

      Loving Sunday Still as as I am getting to meet new people such as yourself and others’ stories.

      Best wishes to you,


  2. I love your approach to these prompts Denyse. You reminded me of when I volunteered at the Bendigo Writers Festival. It really was a wonderful experience.

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      I am glad you enjoy them Jennifer, thank you. Next week’s ’emerging’ is a bit on the gory side…

      So good you volunteered at Bendigo Writers Festival. They are such great places of camraderie aren’t they?


  3. Hi Denyse, I’ve been so busy volunteering I’ve missed the last 2 weeks of #SundayStills! Love your photos and responses.

    • Denyse Whelan says:

      Lolling…as a grandmother and someone working for your community Deb I get that you might have been. How much better it must be feeling for you and your fellow country folk that you can hold events and visit family too.


  4. I love that we live in a country where volunteering is so prevalent. Close to 40% of the population volunteers which is wonderful. So many opportunities to help out in so many ways.