Friday 22nd October 2021

About November 2017. 2017.126.

About November 2017. 2017.126.

Some of my activities in November 2017 in words and pics. A snapshot I guess!

It’s about sharing the dignity which is now an Australia-wide program helping women who have been made suddenly homeless or who are already in a refuge. Women of all ages. I collected some items from here and then bought a lot more and added them to a practical carry-on type bag in good condition.

As I wrote last week here, I made a change to become more interested in my personal appearance and to have some photos taken each day to mark what I have worn. I was quite reluctant initially because I thought “too old” and “no-one is interested” but then I said to myself “YOU are doing this for you!” And once I adopted that stance, I have really begun to enjoy it…and, here’s the thing I am buying new clothes. Well, ones on special as much as possible and the variety in my wardrobe now means I have clothes which fit this much smaller body and look good too.

Realising that art continues to play a part in my healing AND it is a great mindful activity I have been filling both an A4 blank book and an A3 blank book with patterns, mandalas and words. Sometimes in paint, other times in markers and also in black pen. I often listen to music and I have decided it’s close enough to Christmas to get out those CDs and join in! I love singing Christmas songs and I so miss doing it with the kids at school and my grandkids in the car. But nothing is going to stop me doing it for me either!

I love my grandchildren. I miss them very much but I also accept their lives are now caught up with University, work, school and pre-school. We used to mind some of our grandchildren every week at our house and it was such a pleasure to have this experience in our lives. Because I am mindful of privacy for them and their parents I do not have any photos on my Facebook or Instagram unless the older grandchildren have agreed. So, recently I wanted to show just how proud I am of them…and let this second photo into a post. In the background is display with a photograph of the 8 grandchildren as wee babies. One is about to turn 21 and the youngest is under 3. Being Grandma is the BEST! And of course, my husband loves being Papa and when the grandchildren come to visit us here it is a joy.

I admit I wanted to share a photo of me taken almost a year ago with my darling husband ….because I have teeth!! OK..I probably also had cancer starting in the gums but I wasn’t to know that for another 5 months. I like this loving photo of us taken by a granddaughter.

Proud Grandparents of 8. Six girls and two boys. This pic is almost a year old. Sigh. I have teeth.

The little house in the background with the pics and I wear my Uberkate circles proudly with the largest having each grandchild’s initials and the year of their birth on the back.

Back to my happy place is back to the beach. In the last week it finally became warm enough for me to contemplate going for my first beach walk of the season. As I knew I was going to Chris O’Brien Lifehouse for my second surgery last Wednesday, I chose the Tuesday afternoon to walk along the sand and take in the sights, the smells and the sounds. Bliss! I also went on Sunday and the water was even warmer. Love my beach walks and I am beginning to use my fitbit again but not obsessing about it or letting it give me reminders to move! That is TOO bossy!

This post is being published on Tuesday 21 November and I will have already been back to Sydney on Monday 20 November to see my surgeon, the Prof, for a post-op check up. I intended to blog about last Wednesday for this post but realised it would be better to wait until I hear more about what is next and how things went. In terms of recovery on the day I went very well and Emily Hawker confirmed I can say I am a ‘good recoverer’ because that is a word! Recoverer! Love it.

Surprise Arrival at Our House the Day After My Surgery!

It was lovely to receive the flowers above last Thursday after my surgery. Sent by a wonderful friend I am yet to meet. I have lots of friends ‘in the computer’ as people say. I am so very fortunate that I do as they make my day many a time in our on-line and blogging conversations!

Last but oh so not least:

There is one very special blogging friend who has the Thursday link up I add to each week and she has been an amazing supporter of my blog too. This is Leanne from Deep Fried Fruit. On Thursday of this week her step-daughter who is far too young to have anything wrong with her…but she does…is having major surgery this week. I send all my healing wishes to her and am thinking of her family, including a little girl, her daughter.


How has your November 2017 been so far?

Anything special happening?

Tell me more in the comments!


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  1. You are never too old in my eyes. I am a volunteer for Share the Dignity and love seeing the changes it makes with women around Australia. Simple things we don’t even think about can make a woman feel like a woman.

    • Oh thank you Natalie. You are very kind. Good on you for being a volunteer for Share The Dignity. It is an awesome organisation. I enjoyed making up a bag and putting some bits and pieces in that are additional to the basics. D xx

  2. You know what I love about this post? It’s that you’re doing things for YOU – your art, your beach walks, loving Christmas and getting some new threads – you deserve all the happy. I love that word ‘recoverer’ but I’d go one stop further, you’re doing so much more than recovering, you’re thriving! Hope you all went well yesterday and thanks for the reminder about Share The Dignity. I’m going to get a bag today 🙂

    • Oh thank you for noticing. It has kind of crept up on me this feeling and doing for ME. I guess when I was really overweight and caring for and about others, I did not feel worthy of this. The accidental but good weight loss has been a bonus really for the past year of hell. So, I am enjoying being ‘girly’ again but with a limited (very) budget I need to shop with care. Thank you Sammie. Yesterday was good but I see him again in 2 weeks as he wants to make sure the skin taken from thigh ‘takes’ and has good blood flow. This time it is back to Lifehouse not to Kogarah so that is helpful. I will post more in next Tuesday’s IBOT. D xx

  3. I don’t think I could get into the whole fitbit thing. It’s too competitve. Weekdays I do take my phone with me as I walk around at work and commute etc and I use that as my step counter. I can’t compete with myself, I’m not wired that way. I just like to know roughly how well I’m going with steps. And it does that well enough.

    Though why it counts going UP stairs and not down… you are using and controlling body weight both ways. It seems weirdly judgey on that!

  4. It mightn’t last with me again but I just got it out & put it on to see. I am only looking at the steps I take and going “ok” and I only set it for 5000 in a day and I look at the sleep thing. I found it was “too competitive” when I last used it so I shall see. I have taken the reminder to get up off the settings. Rude!

  5. So many great things, Denyse. I hope your appointment yesterday went well. Thank you for being such an amazing part of our blogging community xx

    • It went well but I am in more pain thanks to what he did as part of last week’s surgery so am “trying” to be a “good patient” and stop whingeing!! Thanks so much for your kind words. Love the IBOT community too. D xx

  6. Thanks for the shout out Denyse. You can definitely sympathise with what we’re going through right now!
    I really like this summary of the month idea. I think that could well be a regular thing. I might try it!

    • You are all not far from my mind as I write for sure. I always like to think that the surgical team and anaesthetic team get a great night’s sleep and are ready to give their all to the surgery I or another family member or in your case, friend’s family member is undergoing. Much love. Dxx
      PS yes, the month summary thing is a good idea!

  7. I love these catch ups on your life. I’m so glad I decided to get back into visiting blogs again. It’s a reminder that this sharing, the loved shared is so important. And, I’m loving your red striped shirt! Super, cute, lady.

  8. Thank you for being so uplifting this week, Denyse. Lots for me to think about including simply doing things for me.

    SSG xxx

    • Thank you SSG..I need to re-read my post as I am in a world of pain from the surgery last week. Ah yes said the surgeon on Monday you could expect that. I did not. Unfortunately. Will write more (and hopefully have less pain) for next Tuesday’s post. D xx

  9. I’ve recently put my fitbit away after wearing one constantly for about 4 years. I’m feeling lighter without it, but due t heavy rain most mornings of late, am getting a tad slack with my steps. Loving your daily style shots…#TeamLovinLife

    • I hear you on the fit bit. I actually just got it out and now it’s off again. It can be bloody rude interrupting my day, I am doing as much as I can to stay well. However, I do not need nagging by something on mob wrist. Yes I switched off the ‘vibrate’. Thanks for linking the daily shots. It helps give my day more purpose. D xx

  10. I love this post Denyse, your positive energy simply oozes out of it (and I love the photos – all of them).

    • Ah thank you Jan. I have been, unfortunately, in more pain within my mouth than I ever expected so need to take some meds (I am not liking that!) and hope it will settle. I guess I have to remember I am “only” post-op 8 days. It will get better. Thanks again for having me at ‘your place’. Pity about the pics and WP!. D xx

  11. You have been very busy Denyse and I’m enjoying your style posts. Keep up the good work! You are a fantastic recoverer. #TeamLovinLife

  12. I am loving your outfit photos. I think I’ve mentioned before I’m still grappling with the body image stuff and find it hard to see myself in pictures without focussing on how fat I look. I can look at other bigger people in photos and think they look good, but I don’t see the clothes with me – just the size. Mostly I can cope if I cut off my head and dissociate it from being me.

    So, I think it’s a good thing if I’m making more of an effort to ‘accept’ the pics I take and share them. I just wish I had a photographer!!!! 🙂

    • I am glad you are making progress with ‘yourself’ as I know how hard that can be. I love seeing what you are wearing too and I can see that bright colours look sensational on you. Maybe you have your Mum take a few pics one of the days you stay over.

      I must say my hub is now more ‘proficient’ as I see the iphone on ‘square’ rather than ‘photo’ and he tells me ‘ready’…so I dont have my mouth open (too much for any viewer!) and once he has done 4-5 I play with them to ready them for publication.

      I hesitated with the B&W outfit yesterday as my arms were bare and I could see the ‘fat’ under my arms…and then I said to myself “this is HOW you look now, do it!” and I did. Sometimes…maybe most of the time we are our own worst enemies with this body image thing. D xx

  13. I love that although you are a very proud Grandmother who misses her grandchildren, that you are doing some things for yourself. Art, beach walks, staying interested in dressing stylishly and generally looking after yourself in the recovery process is such a healthy way to be. Keep on enjoying – and of course love and cherish the Grandkids too when they are around.

    • Thank you Jo. It was like my heart had been broken in half when we first moved …that transition time was very tough on me emotionally as three of the children had been cared for by us from 2008-2014.

      Still…they grow up and other factors are more important such as school and social/sport lives BUT they all know how much we love them and they have had our love since the day each was born. And, fortunately for me I got to meet each one within minutes/hours of their births. Such a special memory. D xx

  14. It’s funny, I’ve resisted getting a fitbit for years, but have just bought a cheapie online to remind me to move a bit more – I sit WAY too much and my waistline is spreading! It’s lovely to see your colourful post Denyse and to see there is still a lot of positivity and joy in your life despite the trials of the last 6 months x

    • Thank you Leanne. I know what you mean about the sitting. I have my titbit on now..but I am sitting at the computer!! I am glad you enjoyed this post! D xx

  15. Love that you are doing your style posts /check ins just for you- wonderful. And gorgeous pic of you and hubby. I am only 45 but already dream of being a grandma and hope to be able to help care for them too. Sending love to you xx

    • Thank you Deb! I really appreciate your kind words. I became a Grandma for the first time at 46. That young woman is turning 21 2 days before Christmas!! And, her Mum (my DD) is 46…now and I am sure she is hoping for no grandkids for a while as she had a ‘surprise’ baby at 41. Yep. BIG surprise. D xx

  16. It’s fabulous to see you healing and wanting to do things just for you Denyse. Love the mandala you’ve coloured in – so pretty 🙂 #TeamLovinLife