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A Pet Story. #LifeThisWeek 8/52. 2017.29.

A Pet Story. #LifeThisWeek 8/52. 2017.29.

I wasn’t (and probably still am not) a ‘pet’ person. I was brought up without pets. Oh. Wait. Mum had a pet bird, a budgerigar for a while. I didn’t like it when it was out of the cage.

Then as a married couple “we” ventured into pet ownership by accident and by choice. The accident was the cat who turned up one day on our isolated property house where we rented and stayed. We named her Cookie. From Sesame Street which we loved and was about 4 years old back then. She turned feral when we brought home our baby daughter and we “asked” her to leave. She did. No, she really did.

The one by choice was a dog, a  golden labrador. We named him Diggity (you know, from the song?) and he was a delight but oh so naughty. Who knew he would dig up the buried garbage, pull washing off the line AND bite into the new baby’s stroller…baby was thankfully inside the house…and ruin the lining. My mum who’d gifted us that was not a happy lady! He was far too unhappy when I was back at school and there was no-one to play with…so he’d follow us all the way via dirt roads and risk his life. We needed to be kind(er) to him. Off to a boisterous family of kids he went.

45 years ago!

We also had a cat for a while when our daughter was a pre-schooler. No photos but it was a cute black and white cat. It was a cat which found us..again…in a small rural place.

In the mid 1980s a cat turned up at the door of our Sydney house. With 2 kids keen to have a ‘pet’ and no idea of her origin, her first feed meant she became named and loved. In fact, Sandy was much loved. Still an outside pet and no trouble with all that either back in those days. Sadly, despite the most loving care, she was found dead under the house thanks to what might have been a slowly developing kidney condition due to food intake.

Favourite spot near the back door.

Do fish count? We had fish from time to time. Again, not good at keeping them alive for the long term because it was always up to me..and I got quite annoyed at how often that fish tank needed cleaning.

So, no more pets, right? Wrong. Moving to a newly built house that was very special for us, we succumbed to the “oh can we have a dog NOW, please?” from older and younger teen. We did have a fenced back yard of reasonable size and we did end up buying a dog no-one seemed to want. Her make was part kelpie and part lab. She had a heart, no idea of being disciplined and a great LOVE for our son. We named her Loopy. I am not sure why, but the name may have influenced aspects of her behaviour.

Favourite vantage spot. “looking and listening” for people/dogs in park nearby.

Eating, drinking, sleeping, waiting for our son to come home.

We spent money on getting her ‘trained’ via Bark Busters so she knew we were the pack leaders. It worked. Mostly. She loved escaping from our yard IF we accidentally left the gate open and then would be very deaf when called. But we did enjoy her and she moved on with us to our last house in Glenwood. That was until 2004. The yard was smaller at Glenwood and we did need her to occupy a smaller area as grandkids came into our lives. She could overwhelm little kids due to her boisterous nature. When our son moved out, she stayed. It was the fairest thing to do for her as she aged and he visited often. But, sadly, she became very unwell mid 2004 and despite the best treatment from a local vet, she did not survive. Loopy was buried by her loving family in the backyard…and there her remains stay.

It was more of a shock to my system when she died than I realised it would be and I wanted to honour her memory as she had been part of our family for over 10 years. I had some photos enlarged and framed and did a painting. I am still touched by how much I was able to create her look and I believe she was helping me do that!

Love you Loopy.

And whilst I say ‘never say never’ we are not intending to be pet-owners again.

So, that’s more than ONE pet story! I hadn’t quite realised how much pets had been part of my life.

What’s your pet story?


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  1. I grew up with pets but we don’t have one – we are in the process of getting one – I just worry it will be more work for me…I feel bad for the kids tho…

    • Lydia, in the end we were the ones who cared for Loopy, took her to the vets, did the poo challenge most days….and while she was mostly lovely, this is why we will not get a pet again. Both of us think it “would be nice” but neither of us is prepared to put the work and money into pet ownership. Good luck with your venture.

  2. Growing up I had no pets at all so when my kids begged for some pets of their own I wasn’t sure what type of pet we should get.

    We ended up deciding on two baby bunnies, one male and one female. The male was desexed as we didn’t want them multiplying but what we hadn’t counted on was the neighbour’s bunny escaping into our yard just once. Once is all it takes and yes, my son then ended up with a surprise finding of three newborn bunnies one morning. I had one very shaky little voice ring me at work at 7am and say “Mum I think our bunny has had three babies, what do I do?” Unfortunately only one of these survived, so we now have three much loved bunnies.


  3. Aww Loopy. What a lovely story about all of your family pets Denyse. Even the stray ones had a place with you for a while.
    Our pets at home when we were kids were ferrets, dogs name Whiskey, Xander and Lady and a few birds without names. Later on there were cats called Princess and Dotty, who have now both passed away. I found out Dotty died when I went hoe for a visit a few weeks ago.

    • It is a lesson in life and death having pets that is for sure. I am glad we had Loopy (and the others) in our lives but probably we will never own a pet again. How sad for you to come home and find that Dotty had died. Sigh. It’s the way it is.

  4. Lovely Loopy!

  5. We always had dogs – corgis. As a couple, Grant & I have also always had dogs. We currently have Kali- aka Adventure Spaniel. She’s 8 now – & the 1st one that we’ve had from a pup. She knows deep down that she’s not really a dog…

  6. We grew up with pets Denyse – cat, dogs, guinea pigs, cockatoo, pigeons, and my brother bred finches. I have to say though I was never as much a pet person as my sister. When I had children they had dogs for a while and a cat called Helen! I’ve grown to love my daughter’s little dog,Wallis as I’ve know her since she was a pup and she is almost human I swear. My husband would love a little dog, however with travel and living in an apartment it isn’t practical. However, as you say ‘never, say never’. Have a great week and thanks for hosting the link up. Don’t forget to link up at #OvertheMoon Link Party I loved to see your posts there.

    • Sounds like a pet-filled life for you as you grew up. It’s nice that you have a connection with your daughter’s dog. I believe there are quite a few pets who ‘think they are human’. I do remember your link up..will pop over when I can. Thank you!

  7. We have a Cookie! But our Cookie is a gentle girl. She is a bit of an escape artist, though if she gets a chance. Growing up we had dachshunds. One I named Samantha because I loved Bewitched. She was an amazing, intelligent dog. Then we had Penny and Skippa (also dachshunds), then later my parents had a beagle named Maggie. She had pups and I took one I named Betsy. So yes, I’ve always been a dog person.

    Loopy sounds wonderful. Love the name! Diggitty is also a great name. I think it’s going to hit us harder than we think when our Cookie shuffles off to doggie heaven.

    • Oh that’s a lotta doggie-love there! I love the names too. Our two dogs has personalities that is for sure. I do hope that you are ‘prepared’ for the eventual passing of your lovely dog..would you get another one??

  8. I’ve always had pets growing up – mostly cats. I’m definitely a cat person. I love dogs, but cats are so much easier!

    • Interesting! I found cats decide who they like! We are not people who has pets indoors and that for me made a difference between cats/dogs in some ways. Nevertheless we have almost decided not to be ‘pet people’.

  9. I’ve always had a pet for as long as I can remember. Then when our dog died, hubby didn’t want anymore pets. It took me a year to convince him that we should get a pet, and now we have our gorgeous kittens, Nutmeg and Pumpkin. Love them!

  10. I grew up with a Rottweiler and he was the best dog ever. As an adult with four kids and a job, I just don’t have time to take on a pet as well. It just wouldn’t be fair on the animal. Stopping by from #MummyMondays.

  11. we had a few different cats as kids, and a couple of dogs that didn’t last long (one died, the other got sent back) we had our budgie the longest, he ended up dying of old age. I’ve had a dog since I moved to Brisbane (although she passed last May), we now have a cat, 2 dogs and lots of fish!

  12. I finally got to link up! It’s been nearly two years since I wrote this but it’s all still pretty apt!!! The pugs are currently playing with one of their collars (which I need to put back on!) – still very much like toddlers…

  13. We started as dog people and ended up as cat people. I don’t think I have the time or energy to invest in a dog any more. I love the self-sufficiency of cats – and their lack of neediness.

    • I know what you mean about the energy needed for a dog. I think that’s why we won’t have a pet again. It’s been over 13 years and I think we are too old to be trained too.

  14. inthegoodbooksblog says:

    We currently have a bunny that we bought for our daughters at the end of 2015. Her (or his, depending which daughter you ask) name is Tyger. We have had another bunny before named Magnet who sadly passed away. My husband doesn’t want any other pets as he had a dog for many years but it got sick and he had to put it down and he never wants to experience that again.

    • Yes I know the agony of having to have a dog ‘put down’ as Loopy actually needed that once the Vet knew there was nothing more to save her as he found she had major tumours despite a weekend of treatment.. She was at home when it occurred and our grown kids raced to be with my hub (I was at work) and then they lovingly buried her amidst tears of course, in our garden.
      Your bunny sounds cute.

  15. Loopy xoxox. We’ve always had pets, dogs or cats. I had a horse for a couple of years too. We also owned cows and calves. One lot of 4 calves were called Huey, Dewey, Louie, and Moo. Moo was so gorgeous…. a beautiful light tan calf with white blobs. Unlike the first 3, I was told Moo went to live on a bigger farm. It was only a few years ago I found ate that we ate Moo, like the rest. (We had some land and kept the cows to butcher). I had an attachment to Moo, so Mum and Dad made up the farm story. Now I have a 19 year old cat called Jessie. She’s got a severe heart murmur, and the vet said every day is a bonus. I used to have a whippet called Skeeter when I was a teenager. I’d ride my bike for kilometers with Skeeter running beside me. Whippets love to run!

    • Oh what a story there…sad about Moo of course but …farming life I guess. Great memories of you and your dog. I do hope each day with Jessie brings rich memories. Thank you for commenting here today!

  16. I’m belatedly joining this week. I had my draft done ages ago and then it seemed kinda boring and pointless yesterday so I just couldn’t post it. (And was away all day on a work trip.) I figured I should post it though or it’ll just sit there in the drafts forever.

    I’m not a pet person now, but we had dogs as a kid. I can’t remember being a huge dog lover, but think it was something my family ‘did’.

    • Thanks for posting and sharing your story. Interesting about as a family you ‘just did’ re pets. I think that might be the case with some too.

  17. We had a range of pets growing up, and were lucky enough to live on an acre block at one time. I think the most we had at any one time were 4 cats, 4 sheep, 6 chooks, 2 ducks, 2 birds and a rabbit. Cats were the main ones though. My husband and I both come from cat families and recently adopted Rio from a shelter. Unfortunately, Rio’s way of saying thanks comes in the form of dead / half dead / very much alive rats, mice, birds and lizards into the laundry. He’s currently banned from indoors. Meanwhile we also have two fish, Kinney and Goa, who are less of a burden!

    • You definitely are a ‘pet family.’ Living on an acre block must have been great too. I like how cats think they need to show you their ‘kill’. NOT. Thanks Beth, lovely to read about your pets!

  18. Keeping fish and cleaning their tank always landed on my shoulders. All that algae growing on the side, transferring the fish etc., Yes fish are definitely a pet.

    • Yes, always MY job too..and it was a case of over-kindness too sadly. I wasn’t too upset to give that job as fish-tank cleaner away.

  19. Oh Loopy. We had a golden lab when I was a kid, called Loco. So similar name, means crazy, in Spanish. Was so sad when he had to be put down (arthritis).
    Our last family dog died a few years a, my son was SO upset, we all were. We buried her in the garden.
    We now have a menargerie of animals, from chooks, goldfish, a dog, budgies(that have just bred!), cockatiels and parrots, plus a daughter who is uncharacteristically doing chores like no tomorrow because she wants a kitten!

    • Awww, that is sad about your son’s pet. Mind you, you certainly ARE making quite the ‘pet palace’ at yours right now. Good luck with your decision re wishes of the kitten.