Thursday 4th March 2021


Denyse Creative Arts.

In 2013 I discovered a wonderful website called and took part in the annual challenge there called Index Card a Day for the next 5 years for June and July.

In doing that, I was able to re-discover just how much I enjoyed art! Making things. Sometimes with photos and more in scrapbooks, sometimes cards and often, just having fun with paint and brushes.

From 2015 I embraced making art my way as a means to help a difficult life transition: retirement and moving house. I still find the actual act of placing media on paper or card or even rocks is relaxing and mindful.

In 2016 I discovered that I loved making mandalas on paper. This grew to drawing in the sand and sometimes making a mandala from  leaves and flowers.

In 2017 I was diagnosed with cancer (see the story here). In the times before I had my first surgery, even in hospital and then at home, I was able to ‘escape’ somewhat by drawing and designing mandalas of all sizes and then colouring them. Over 250 have been created as originals and coloured and then given to people who like them and want to display them in their homes and classrooms.

In 2018 my art took me in another and related direction and that is the making of bookmarks. Over the years many of my big painted designs were turned in to bookmarks after laminating them. I was initially reluctant to share what I made but when The Big Hug Box saw what I made, I was delighted to use my art and design skills to make bookmarks for inclusion on the Big Hug Boxes for cancer patients. I initiated  a class Mandalas for Mindfulness colouring and design at the local library for October and November and this was well-received. I looked into continuing this but found with all volunteer organisations I would need indemnity insurance and that was far too expensive. So my skills and teaching have languished despite my best efforts.

In 2019 I decided to change direction with my art and as such my bookmark making was completed. It was a pleasure to contribute well over 300 bookmarks to the Big Hug Box and Random Acts of Kindness Boxes. I continued making mandalas in differing sizes and shapes. I have contributed some as colouring sheets, along with butterflies and other original designs to the Aterie program at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse – my cancer hospital where I continue to donate some media as well as ‘crafty bits and pieces. I have returned to Index Card a Day this year and am challenging myself in different ways. I also did a couple of on-line lettering classes last year and this and found them fun.

In 2o2o I have continued my art most days. I love mandalas and making patterns and designs. I am learning more via books by Johanna Basford and continue with my involvement with the annual Index Card A Day hosted at

I am enjoying art for arts’ sake and for me. I have several small and large art pieces on the go inside books. I am enjoying using coloured pencils more too.


I am not a professional artist but I am a retired teacher who loves to create. Here are some of them



A recent post is here.

My Art Kit.

When I go out, I have an ‘art kit’. The basic part is a small book – currently a moleskin story book but they are now unavailable – that has blank pages and some with squares. I may write, I may draw and I may colour as well. It’s an outlet for me and I take it out each time I have a solo coffee expedition which is most days.

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