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Denyse Whelan. B.Ed M.Ed.

About Denyse Whelan B.Ed. M.Ed.

Denyse Whelan began to blog at the end of 2010.

In 2015 the blog became a place for Denyse to continue to connect with people after leaving Sydney and retiring with her husband on NSW Central Coast. In 2016 Denyse initiated a Monday link up for bloggers called Life This Week. In 2022 there were changes made as Denyse wanted to blog less but remain connected to her community. But like life, things change and from 20 June the link up is completed. Denyse has made many friends here and is very grateful for the connections.

She is continuing to blog, but no longer as a link up host.


The last link up from me, at Denyse Whelan Blogs, is on Monday 20 June.

I hope you see you link up here for the last time!

Denyse Whelan B.Ed. M.Ed. Is A N.SW. K-6 Principal (ret).

Denyse Whelan is a now-retired K-6 Australian school educator who has been a K-6 teacher, deputy principal and school principal, university tutor, and ESL teacher of children and adults.

She has almost 4 decades of experience as both an educator and parent in the Australian schooling system, specifically N.S.W. Public Schools. She has worked in schools including the small 2 teacher schools in remote NSW, Central Schools K-12 in NSW, large Western Sydney K-6 Schools.

Her roles as principal saw her manage and lead two schools in low-socio economic areas of Western Sydney as relieving principal over the decade of the 1990s. Into the 21st century, her substantive school principal role in another area she was selected to lead a large school with mainstream students, a special education support unit, 2 ‘opportunity classes’ (GAT) and an Autism Spectrum Satellite Class.

Denyse believes in life-long learning and that learning takes place formally and informally in our lives every day.

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In May 2017 Denyse was diagnosed with cancer in her upper gums and under one lip. She is going well after 4 surgeries and many treatments to enable her to finally have her smile, and ability to eat well back after 14 months. Her page, here, Denyse and her Cancer has each post linked for visitors to read.


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