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Grateful Is The Word For Me For Many Reasons. 38/2022.

Grateful Is The Word For Me For Many Reasons. 38/2022.

I chose ‘gratitude’ as my word/intention of the year in 2020 and actually posted a photo about gratitude for 365 days that year. I am not someone who does not follow through. Mostly. I also had the word engraved on a bracelet and I wear it still…and on the back of it is “for life”.

So I am grateful FOR life...and for the remainder of my life.


What Is Gratitude to Me Now?

Even more important!

It’s easy to think of something to be grateful for when things are going well.

It IS more of a challenge to find gratitude/appreciation/thanks on days when life is…rubbish and we cannot see anything to BE grateful for…and here’s where I now know to:


and consider…..that I can change my attitude somewhat even in the darkest of time to find gratitude…yes, it’s a dig deep expedition sometimes but it helps shift my inner feelings.


Just a few photos here where I can share gratitude for the content and life experience!

Daily Practice and Routine.

Since my cancer diagnosis, and recovery, I have reaped the rewards of making a daily routine to help me manage my emotional health, recovery and relationships.

So, since late 2018….this has been aided by:

My morning routine, before I get out of bed, is to do my Calm meditation, reflect on the messages for that day by writing a response to the question, then completing a ‘sleep’ routine check, and finally (but never least) this:

What Am I Grateful For Today?

Calm also adds some other prompts too, in case they ‘feel more appropriate’… a few examples here:

  1. What made you laugh or smile today?
  2. Who made a positive impact in your life recently?
  3. What are some favourite moments from today…

Now of course, not all of these are morning-applicable so I also have the Self Compassion App which I use each evening.

Why This Works for Me….

I am someone who can pretty easily fall off the wagon of being grateful…. I am by nature a glass half empty person…So, I know I can, via the two apps, remind myself of how I was grateful on a particular day or how I found gratitude. Here are 3 examples from my record of gratitude in the Calm app.

I am incredibly grateful for blogging!

Blogging helped me find many more people to connect with than I may have ever in real life.

I began blogging in late 2010 to held me navigate (then) retirement and help me find new people to connect with. I did, over time, from the Australian Blogging Community back in March 2011 when the first ever weekend conference was held. I also got to attend a few more conferences for bloggers in 2012 and 2013 and then, as my emotional health changed and I needed to step back from education roles and my blogging almost stopped…until 2015.

In moving from Sydney to a new place further north in 2015 I was very determined to ‘do something every day on the blog’ and I posted every day. Gradually I reconnected with blogs and link ups. There was a link up almost every day of the week, and then in 2016, when Kirsty stopped her Monday link up, I put my hand up and made this happen!

And, now, for me blogging is continuing but I am winding up the link up which has had a couple of name changes this year but is known affectionately as Life This Week for just under 6 years.

A long time. And as happens, fewer bloggers are linking up these days as I chose to go monthly, then fortnightly, so in the interests of self care I made the choice to stop after 20 June 2022.

I wrote here about it and there will be a finale post about it on 20 June 2022. This will be the final link up from Denyse Whelan Blogs. Do pop in and link up a post if you can!

But wait...there is one more thing I am grateful for!

That there is a link up called Weekend Coffee Share in a country far from Australia but also part of the same Commonwealth of Nations that I belong to, in Canada. And it’s run by the very efficient, kind and helpful blogger called Natalie. Natalie’s link up invites people from around the world to share their posts, visit others’ and make comments. I am very grateful for her support over the years, and for the story she shared as a Woman of Courage in my blog series.


I am not stopping blogging going forward!

Not at all. However there may be different days of the week on which I publish. I have a blog lovin’ button on the top right hand corner of the home page if you would like to subscribe to my updates.

I am grateful to this person who gets me…in fact we laugh And he is kind enough to put up with my requests (at very short notice!) for a photo for #dresswithpurpose. B is my husband of over 51 years, and best friend through thick and thin since October 1970.

I am indeed grateful to be well, after my oral cancer diagnosis 5 years ago. This photo is from Friday 10 June as I was getting ready to go to do some shopping and have a cup of coffee. So grateful I can do this!

Do you practise gratitude?

Oh…in our version of English spelling, we have practise for the verb and practice for the noun.

Take care,



Joining in with Natalie for Weekend Coffee Share over the weekend. And grateful to be doing so!

Thank you Natalie.