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Living With Cancer & Uncertainty. 4/51. #LifeThisWeek. 5/2022.

Living With Cancer & Uncertainty. 4/51. #LifeThisWeek. 5/2022.

I go to BIG places to help get me out of my small place: in my head!

  • In the week leading up to World Cancer Day, I wanted to share facts from the website, and here it is….and to also add my update at the end of the post.
  • Each of us will be touched by cancer in some way: directly via a diagnosis, being a partner or in some way related to someone with cancer and maybe knowing of friends and acquaintances who have had cancer.
  • Sadly as we all know, not all of those people survive a cancer diagnosis and I want to say how sorry I am about that. I also know some people reading here have cancer and I want to wish them well.

World Cancer Day 2022.


Head and Neck Cancer.

Head and Neck Cancer colours are maroon & white

Today I want to share this:
1. I am now in my 5th year of recovery from Head and Neck Cancer (HNC as we call it)  and much is not the same for me now BUT I am alive and well
2. I do what I can, within my skills list and experiences, to share about HNC various symptoms which can be seen as often nothing to do with a cancer. My own diagnosis took over a year.
3. Every day people I know of or through others know about, are dying from head and neck cancer. This is the sad news. Always.
4. I can only share my condolences to their families and friends and can continue to do what I do, with a sombre heart.
5. There are friends here who are suffering….from the long-lasting and ill-effects of this brutal Head and Neck Cancer and yet, they live.
6. They, like me, “Live With HNC and its effects”. I for one am grateful for that and that they are here too.
7. I know of people too, who are not doing well at all now, and are unlikely to improve, and in fact, will succumb when the HNC or another type of cancer has destroyed the life within.
8. I reflect on this often and I am so, so sorry. And sad.
9. I am aware that there are friends who have had HNC who do not share their updates and who prefer, if they can, not to be identified “with” their head and neck cancer. I respect that so much.
10. I will continue, as I do today, to honour all who have had the personal challenge of head and neck cancer, and those whose loved ones have died because of it.
And please do not ignore what might be signs of cancer. Covid has impacted people getting seen by doctors and going to hospitals because there is a myth they won’t be seen or it is not safe. Sadly, that has been creating a cohort of cancer patients now being seen much later and effective treatment may be hampered.
About Uncertainty.
  • It’s everywhere we look and see today.
  • Not only about health and cancer but more so about what the Covid Pandemic is doing to us all.
  • We have been in various levels of uncertainty for almost 2 full years now.
  • I know I have started to feel somewhat more anxious playing the wait and see of maybe getting a covid diagnosis. 10 PCRs & 2 RATS in 2 years: No.
  • I thought I would be better equipped to manage my somewhat anxious self as I have needed to garner my strength and capacity to deal with around 3 years of pretty serious and life-changing times.
  • First a cancer diagnosis, then hearing about my surgeries and having them…and then SO much time for more surgeries and recoveries and check ups and treatments….and that finished in some ways because of Covid, so I only had 2 in-person cancer checks in 2021.
  • I have no signs of cancer. I am grateful
  • But then I have some of my way back anxious feelings creeping back…connected to health for other reasons, whether we get to keep renting this house (have you seen how much real estate has risen…in our street alone, over 45% in 12 months) if the rent is too high….and more…and I don’t like it!
What am I doing…and being?
  • I practise Calm meditation morning and night.
  • I get out into nature every day.
  • I have disengaged with twitter for now. I was getting very angry about how our leaders were/are behaving.
  • I talk with B about it
  • I tell myself “this too shall pass” and “I have been like this before and it ends” and I believe me
  • I am listening to helpful books I have downloaded and am enjoying learning some more about ageing….
  • I am seeing my GP again soon, to hear how my recent test results were and “what the heck” has been wrong with me since late Nov. (Dear readers, I think it was me overdoing the doing and then getting a bit sick and then more worn out and I did not recognise it till a few weeks back….)
  • I am reducing my exposure to crowded places like a supermarket and using the NSW Service Check In App
  • I know it will eventually be something I can live with more easily
  • I have found some of my better health & mindfulness  resources from years ago and giving them another listen and read.
  • And colouring my world of course..helps me heal and stay well.
It also helped HUGELY last week to have a treat day of almost all the family visit us. Some we had not seen up here for over a year. Filled our hearts.
  • May you all be as well as you can be in heart, spirt and mind today, and onward.
  • I send my best wishes to you and yours who have been, and are affected  by cancer.

Life This Week. #275. 24.1.2022.

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