Wednesday 23rd August 2017

Blogging Categories.


Denyse’s Monday Link Up “Life This Week continues here:


life 150

Topic : “Life This Week”

It is based on local and wider topics from the world and I have made a link-up with prompts that has been going since early September 2016.


education 150

Topic: “Education and Schooling”

I write here about these matters  generally in a family-oriented for those with kids at school or those whose kids will be starting school soon.



Topic:  “Health & Mindfulness”

I blog about my journey has been assisted by both mindfulness and getting my mental and physical health back to equilibrium.


stories 150

Topic: “Stories from Life’s  Experiences”

I blog about cooking, practical hints, capturing the past, documenting life and more.


Topic:  “Photography Shared”.

I will be posting a photography-based posts and linking up throughout each week.

photos 150

Topic: “Creativity & Art”.

I already connect with a number of art sites and blogs and I really enjoy what I am learning, so this post will be part of my creative life.

creativity 150

Topic:  “MORE!”  

This will be a chance to catch up, write about more current events and to just be free to decide ‘on the day’.

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