Wednesday 22nd February 2017

Topics Of The Day. Blogging Categories.

In establishing Denyse Whelan Blogs in 2016 to be both a personal and professional writing connection ‘topics’ have become the categories under which Denyse will blog. This brings a fresh and different appeal to wide ranges of readers.

From 1 November 2016, blogging will be spread throughout the week. There will be no ‘post for every day’ but the categories will remain!

Denyse’s Monday Link Up “Life This Week continues here:


life 150

Topic : “Life This Week”

It is based on local and wider topics from the world and I have made a link-up with prompts that has been going since early September 2016.


education 150

Topic: “Education and Schooling”

I write here about these matters  generally in a family-oriented for those with kids at school or those whose kids will be starting school soon.



Topic:  “Health & Mindfulness”

I blog about my journey has been assisted by both mindfulness and getting my mental and physical health back to equilibrium.


stories 150

Topic: “Stories from Life’s  Experiences”

I blog about cooking, practical hints, capturing the past, documenting life and more.


Topic:  “Photography Shared”.

I will be posting a photography-based posts and linking up throughout each week.

photos 150

Topic: “Creativity & Art”.

I already connect with a number of art sites and blogs and I really enjoy what I am learning, so this post will be part of my creative life.

creativity 150

Topic:  “MORE!”  

This will be a chance to catch up, write about more current events and to just be free to decide ‘on the day’.

more 150