Thursday 27th April 2017

Winter Garden. 366/211.

Winter Garden. 366/211.

It’s easy to love a spring, summer and autumn garden.

Winter gets the prize for last.

However, this winter, spent in a new area and house means I am learning more about winter in the garden here.

I took some shots this week:-

IMG_2886 (1)

The backyard (garden). Frangipani has shed almost all its leaves. Makes a huge difference to what else I can see in the garden. I added the little hanging baskets with pansies.


It’s a house we are renting so to personalise parts of it, flowers in pots on the verandah help cheer me up and give me some garden chores like watering most days.

IMG_2896 (1)

The original owners lived here from new for around 24 years. They planted a LOT of greenery for shade and privacy from the street.

IMG_2903 (1)

The owners put these no giant palms in and to be honest, they are a nuisance with how much they shed their fronds and we spend a lot of time trying to keep the place free of them! Lucky we have a regular vegetation pick up.


It is a pretty look at the entry to the house but a wee bit too shady for most of the winter’s day. This was around 3pm.

IMG_2910 (1)

I don’t know its name (and that is part of the fun of a garden we did not start) but it sure is pretty!

What does your garden look like in Winter?

Maybe you are viewing this from a ‘summer’ country…how is your garden growing?


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Beach After Storms. 366/176.

Beach After Storms. 366/176.

We are almost at the end of our first month of Winter here in Australia.

June has been pretty cruel in terms of natural events and some places on the coast and inland were hit by the double whammy of high tides and heavy rain. The next few days we are in for very cold weather and snow at places above 700m sea level.

I had not been to my ‘walking beach’ for some weeks and this week I visited – because I needed a walk, and to see how it fared.

The sand had receded and a lot of small pebbles and black seaweed were on the beach.

What I did not see on the beach at all that day were seagulls.

In fact, there was ONE bird only, and it hopped and flew around near me as I walked along.

Here are my shots of that afternoon at Lakes Beach between Norah Head and  Budgewoi.





How is the weather where you are?

Do you see birds in nature where you are? 150

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Hawkesbury River In The Wind. 366/162.

Hawkesbury River In The Wind. 366/162.

After my visit to see Dad in Sydney yesterday I stopped for a walk and a look at the Hawkesbury River on the way back up the M1.

The river comes down from the areas in the NSW mountains, and wends its way to various beautiful and remote waterways including Berowra and Colo.

Today, the water was brown – thanks to the huge rains of the past week and the run off – and very choppy!

The wind that had come through as a change today was also a cause for a very different look to this picturesque part of where the city is left for the coastal areas.

Many people who have driven over this bridge (background) are either on their way to the ‘big smoke’ of Sydney via the M1 or towards the north of NSW and Queensland.

Of course, thousands of people commute from the Central Coast and areas further north to Sydney for work and study each day too!


Looking west and boat launch area

Looking west and boat launch area


Movement on the water was very strong.


The Hawkesbury River Bridge. Looking south.


Yes, the wind from the west was this strong!

Have you been across this bridge?

Have you been under it in a boat?


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Am I A Winter Person? 366/158.

Am I A Winter Person? 366/158.

Yesterday I would have said generally, yes.

Until this…the great (and latest) East Coast Low. This was earlier on Sunday 5 June. We live between Wyong and Norah Head. Top of photo.


I am writing this and scheduling the post ‘just in case we lose power’ so…here is a link to what has been happening in the local area called The Central Coast of NSW. The east coast low went from Queensland, down through northern NSW, here then onto Sydney and inner parts of the metropolitan area, south coast and further. It remains a menacing and awful event. Let’s hope by the time this is published tomorrow it’s gone!

I have horrid memories of the last #eastcoastlow and that wasn’t even in Winter! Remember this?


So, I guess I am more of a winter person as I am more physically comfortable being cool. I love a temperate time of year, like most people, and so I dislike the extremes of summer. I could live in a colder clime – I think – but my hub endured too many Armidale winters to want to do that again.

We will stick to the more temperate climes in our older age and keep comfy with a jacket or jumper and the heater set at about 23 degrees when it gets too cold even here.

I like the comfort foods of winter, but I have to cook them still. I also like the warm cosy nights in bed but then again, the nights are pretty long aren’t they? I enjoy being at home on a winter’s day with sunshine pouring in through the windows but keeping wind and rain at bay.

What about you?

Are you a winter person?


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Joining Kirsty, whose idea this was…and wondering what she will have to say over here at My Home Truths.

UPDATE: We did not lose power. Phew. So many people I know living in areas majorly affected by this east coast low system and I feel for them. Many have had house damage, cannot get to work or school and some schools and businesses are closed. Take care, everyone. Hope all is well wherever you are. 



Ten True Facts For Term 2. 366/117.

Ten True* Facts For Term 2. 366/117.

True* meaning not a lie and why I added it to Facts is that it rolls off the tongue better. Even though “true” and “facts” are meant to mean the same yes?

So, are you up for these?

  1. Term 2 is about to start for some states and schools and has just started for others and you are asking yourself already ‘did we really have a holiday?’
  2. The fact that you forgot that you had a holiday means that Term 2 is the ‘let’s get back into this school mode FAST as there is MUCH to do.
  3. One thing of course that’s coming is NAPLAN. Yep, that word which is bandied about and which I promise a post for you next week. It affects (is that the best word?) kids in ALL Australian schools in grades 3,5,7,9.
  4. And another fact, schools will be telling you somewhere very soon that it is WINTER uniform time! In most schools I know the minute you change your child’s uniform from summer to winter, it gets HOT again. Sigh.
  5. School Lunches. Say. No. More.
  6. Where did the play outside time go for after school? I’m blaming the coming of Winter and that shortest day of the year which occurs around 21-22 June. Term 2!
  7. Mother’s Day Stall. Not very far away. In fact next week! If you are the mother, you usually put the money in an envelope and send it off with your child dearly hoping that it is not lost and that the wonderful present you receive is not one you donated.
  8. Flu. Cold. Viruses. Reasons for sick days. You? How is your employer if you have to have days off? School cannot mind your sick child. Believe me, some parents do try. Do the flu injection. Stat. Thanks!
  9. Work..Homework…School Interviews… all happens in Term 2. It’s a furious time of full-on endeavour at the teacher/school end and eventually at your end, the parents, as you make appointments and get ready to hear about your child’s progress. I hope the only surprises are GOOD!
  10. Counting down to days till the next break. There is one long weekend in June and that’s about it unless your state has some others.

It’s a long term this one. In fact it is the busiest in some ways. However, if you can see it to the end then the school year is half-way over!

Unknown-3 copy

What would you add to my list of facts about Term 2?


Thank you to the people who wrote suggestions for future post topics last week. I have them listed and will be adding them on the blog over time!

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The Weather IS Crazy! 366/24.

The Weather IS Crazy! 366/24.

The weather is probably doing what it is supposed to be doing but I wonder!

There are parts of the world in severe winter-mode – despite a mild season till now – and there are parts of Australia where the heat is so intense that fires are breaking out and burning houses and property.

My little part of the world has seen more than its fair share of summer humidity and storms.

I try to capture what I can when I can.

Here’s some of ‘my evidence’ of the weather being ‘crazy!’

So, what’s the weather like where you are right now?


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Sunday’s Sea Scenes from Saturday. 228/365.

Sunday’s Sea Scenes from Saturday. 228/365.

Yesterday I wrote about what my Saturday would be about. Here’s some of Saturday on Sunday.

It is my love of both the beach, the sea and capturing the nature that abound that takes me back at least once a week….to do this:


Macmasters Beach NSW.



Watching the waves….



Breaking waves!



Crash! Here comes the wave.


I sat. walked and watched and absorbed the wonderful ‘atmosphere’ and the noise that is the beach and the sea during Australian winter.

There were 2 people in having a surf…I managed to capture just one reasonable shot!



20 Weeks To Christmas Day. 219/365.

20 Weeks To Christmas Day. 219/365.

Just in case you didn’t know!

I am not a list maker…any more.

We are probably not even having a traditional Christmas Day in 2015 either now we have moved on.

Family is in different places (and spaces now) and we have had an amazing number of Christmas Days together.

I always start thinking about the countdown till the end of the year ..probably thanks to decades as a teacher…and that always  includes Christmas and I always do this once my DD has had her birthday! I think I’m an always person out of habit!!

So, what does this mean to you….

20 weeks to Christmas Day?

Denyse xx


Joining Grace for Flog Your Blog Friday. Happy countdown to Christmas Day G!

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