Friday 20th April 2018

100% Better Now Than I Was! 250/365.

100% Better Now Than I Was! 250/365.

This time almost 2 weeks ago, I was in a low mood and visited the GP again. She’s been incredibly supportive of me and my health which has been impacted by life transition changes and together we have seen it’s likely I will get well over time.

On this occasion though, my doctor asked me to try a medication touted as being ‘good for depression and anxiety’.

Small dose. Take this dose until a week’s gone, then increase it. 

Ok, I agreed.

However, I was incredibly concerned because I was conflicted. I ‘knew’ I could get better some how anyway bit maybe this was the start of another way.

I took it. ONE dose. ONCE only. 

From around midday Saturday 29 August until sometime during Wednesday 2 September it was clear that it affected me.

Badly. Worse than how I was feeling at the doctor’s.

From the “tell your doctor if you notice any of these and they worry you” list:- enclosed with the medicine

dry mouth **

bad taste *

nausea – almost to vomiting ****

diarrhoea *****

loss of appetite ***

drowsiness **

feeling tired and having no energy**

dizziness *

anxiety *****

*= scale of horrible!

Thank goodness for commonsense (mine) and patience (husband) and time….as I NEVER ever want to go through that again, nor wish it upon anyone else.

My doctor was incredibly apologetic and I am now, thankfully, using my own inner resources, eating well, walking, art activities, meditation  and seeing a psychologist.

This is not an anti ‘anti-depressant’ post. I have had a medication quite some time ago (certainly not the one I trialled here) and was on that successfully and side effect free until there was no longer a need for it and with my old GP I was able to taper off it with no effects. I believe that people need to have and take whatever is required for them to function and live a life that is as full as it can be. This should always be with in discussion with your medical service providor – GP/or specialist.

Have you ever experienced something where the so-called cure was worse than the condition?

Denyse xx


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Becoming a Mother. 218/365.

Becoming a Mother. 218/365.

Today is 6 August and it’s our daughter’s birthday.

She made us parents!

How is it that we can become parents without any training or experience?

It is a ‘role for life’.

What I know about becoming a mother is this:

  • I always wanted to have children
  • Our daughter was born when I was 21
  • She wasn’t planned (LOL) but she sure was wanted
  • I had no real idea about ‘being a mother’ but we winged it!
  • It’s hard and it’s great and it’s all different things to different people I guess
  • We had our son around 7.5 years after our daughter (long & complicated story, not for now!)
  • Our kids accept our parenting as they know nothing better…..

until, perhaps, they both became parents!

Happy 44th Birthday dear KT.

Love you very much and we are very proud parents today (as always)

Mum (and Dad of course!) xxxx


KT is mum to these great kids. 3 years ago..time flies!

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Happy Birthday Horses. 213/365.

Happy Birthday Horses. 213/365.

It’s August 1st.

That’s the Horses’ Birthday.

I think it’s the date given to horse because of the race horse industry. Happy to hear more if you know why.

I also have no idea if this is an Australian thing only. Now I know!

Quote: from today’s Sydney Morning Herald: August 1st is the official birthday for all thoroughbred horses in the southern hemisphere; their distant relatives in the northern hemisphere celebrate on January 1.

So, to celebrate Horses’ Birthday, here’s a few snaps from my album.

We’ve had some interesting grandkids’ stories about horses.

One who is nearly 6 loved horses so much when she was a bit younger she got to ride on a real horse at a riding school as a special treat. She also loved it one morning when we were on a drive called “let’s got for a drive around back of Riverstone for your baby sister to go to sleep” and we found these real beauties on a field. Probably there is a train station commuter set of units going up there soon. 🙁

One who is now almost 8 totally adored the old horse on his other grandparents’ farm and would spend times at our house when he was little ‘calling’ for the horse and having him eat pretend carrots from his hand. 🙂

One, who is now 18, was a Saddle Club devotee and I got ‘sucked in’ to buying the DVDs, horses for role play and more.

This GD….Jess let’s call her, because that IS her name, was also the instigator of “Papa, can you build us a rocking horse?” conversations. So, eventually in 2007, with her sister and brother we ventured to the Rocking Horse man’s workshop where we selected the accessories and Papa got to work. It took some time, and once ready, the three named her:

Flicka Beauty.

She has been part of our home for a while…but when we moved we left her behind for space reasons. Now she is back. And adults can ride her too!

Do you like ‘real’ horses? Can you ride?

Do you like rocking horses?

Denyse xx







IMG_7016 (1)

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I’m on The Blog Roll. 176/365.

I’m on The Blog Roll. 176/365.

Quite a few weeks ago, Lisa from The Zen Files invited bloggers to submit their responses to her questions for The Blog Roll.

I did.

I also ‘forgot’ to go and have a look once it was posted.

Sorry, Lisa, but glad I did this week!

This is what my post looks like there and along with me are many other bloggers!

What a great idea to keep us connected Lisa.

Many thanks!

Denyse xx

This is a ‘blast from my blogging past’ design made by Katrina Chambers and this was one of my blogs’ names. I also had the name copyrighted in Australia. Who remembers?

Image 1


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Retirement Is. 169/365.

Retirement Is. 169/365.

Retirement is…many things to many people. Unless you are experiencing what it is like to ‘be retired’ these days it can be hard not to view retirement as a stereotype.

In our my case, retirement is less about the ‘having to continue to go to work’ and more about ‘the choice of being able to take my time and enjoy simple pleasures.’

On Tuesday when it was so wet, cold and miserable here on the coast of NSW I was fortunate to be:

  1. warm
  2. cosy
  3. dry

and as I reflected this….eating my fresh, hot meat (real meat people!) pie with sauce from the local cafe and reading the Sydney Morning Herald (my paper of choice each day)…I thought:

THIS IS WHAT RETIREMENT IS…. which led me to send the paper of choice a little email about it for their Column 8. Today, Thursday 18 June, there it is…as I was reading along with my leisurely breakfast!

What is retirement to YOU?

Denyse xx

THIS POST – is really about what it is like for the teachers…who long for the day of an interrupted lunch break and no playground duty or wet weather duty. We LONG for days like I was able to enjoy on Tuesday. Love to you all. May you all get a meat pie with sauce to enjoy on your day off…







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Learning To Paint. 163/365.

Learning To Paint. 163/365.

I’ve mentioned how art has helped me in so many way before, here is one instance.

Now, over the past two weeks I have been learning to paint!

On-line via a program called Delicious Paint by artist and art teacher Tracey Fletcher King.

Tracey became a Facebook friend via ‘meeting her’ on Index Card a Day and other Daisy Yellow sites then last year when she said she was selling some of her artworks I jumped in and got one of her ‘pineapples’. Check out Tracey’s vibrant pages here.

The framed print has been in place in our current digs and I have looked at it, loved it and sometime ago, thought ‘gee I wish I could paint like that.’

Then, via here, up came this class.

I joined up, paid my money and have access to hours of helpful instruction given via Tracey in her art studio in Queensland.

Here’s what I have learned to do so far. If you follow me on Instagram and Pinterest I know you may have already seen these.

Do you like to paint?

Denyse xx

These collages are in date order: from around 2 June until 11 June 2015.






This corn on the cob was completed yesterday. Loved creating it using the skills I learned.


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Things I Know About. 1. #TIKA. 155/365.

Things I Know About. 1.#TIKA. 155/365.


As I wrote here, each Thursday for the next 10 weeks I will be writing about:

Things I Know About.

Topics…ideas…whatever comes to mind…that I know about!

Join in the conversation, add your link here. I’m throwing it open to bloggers from today and this link will be live for around 5 days.

Ten Things I Know About….Index Card a Day Challenge. I.C.A.D.

  1. It commenced 5 years ago and is the brainchild of its creator, Tammy Garcia. I found out about it in 2013. Find out more here.
  2. To participate in the Index Card a Day challenge you do not need to be anything other than a person who wants to have fun creating ‘something’ on an index card.
  3. An index card is not large nor teensy tiny and they are cheap! The suggested size for those who do the challenge is (old measures alert) 3″x5″ but 4″x6″ is also acceptable.
  4. Right now there are more than 1600 people participating in this year’s challenge!
  5. It goes from 1 June to end July. 61 days in a row. Cards get posted on-line for sharing with FB group members and on flickr.
  6. There are suggestions for each day to make for your card but there are not rules around this…other than an index card needs to be the central part of the day’s art.
  7. It’s been a way for me to connect with people from all around the world many of whom I will never meet but I already count them as friends.
  8. All you need to start is some cards, a pen or two, maybe some coloured pencils and markers…but be warned, it can snowball into many new art items being purchased because “you will see other people’s work and you will want mooooore”. Or is that just me?
  9. The Index Card a Day Challenge is free to participate, is the most inclusive and helpful on-line environment I know and I am so glad to be part of it.
  10. I know that participating in ICAD has changed my life for the better as it is a creative way to express myself in a non-judgmental way.

What do you know about the “Index Card A Day” challenge?


Denyse xx

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Things I Know About. #TIKA149/365.

Things I Know About. #TIKA 149/365.

Things I Know About.

This will be a series of posts.

I will post them each THURSDAY. Starting 4 June —– should I work it all out properly!

The series might contain certain numbers of items I believe I “know about”.

For instance, next week will be:

10 Things I Know About…I.C.A.D. 2015 celebrating the commencement of the challenge over here

The following week will be:

9 Things I Know About…Reports. It is the time of year for teachers to be completing written reports on their students from the first Semester and preparing to let parents know more in written form about their children’s progress.

Do you have some ideas of Things You Know About….that might be of interest to your readers?

Each week I would enjoy having some bloggers link here and I’m happy to see how this goes for the next 11 weeks.


Denyse xx

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PPS Hope some weekend rewinders may decide to come on board!