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View From Here. #LifeThisWeek 23/52. 2017.77.

View From Here. #LifeThisWeek 23/52. 2017.77.

I love to get out and about with my iphone for photo opps that come my way and sometimes I like to add one of the cameras too.

Knowing that I won’t be able to get ‘out and about’ soon following my forthcoming surgery (still no date) I went to my favourite local beach on the last day of Autumn. That beach is Soldier’s Beach located at Norah Head on the N.S.W. Central Coast about 90 minutes drive from Sydney.

Sure it was windy and much colder than my last visit but it did my heart and soul good to be there, in the elements, admiring the:

View From Here:

The steps from the surf club down to the sand…and the beach.

Look to the left (north) ….to the rock platform.

Half-way point down the steps looking east. Did not see any whales but the migration north has already commenced!

The view to my right and to the south. The wind and clouds made exceptional patterns.

This view…a more distant one south, showing the rugged beauty of this beach.

Yes, I did beach writing: Cancer Sucks.

Looking back up to where the carpark is…the west. The dunes get a workout in the extremes of tides at times.

Yep. A selfie..while I still have the top (fake) teeth. Wind coming from the south!!

Have you been out and about in your local area recently?

What’s the view from where you are?


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Wonderful Water Views. 2017.27.

Wonderful Water Views. 2017.27.

I know in Australia we have had too much of HEAT, DROUGHT and FLOODING…and FIRES…and it has been incredibly stressful for so many.


It certainly was for us in some ways as there was a threat of power outages and we NEEDED to run the Air Conditioning as the outside temperatures went to well over 40 degrees celsius (over 105degrees F) That is wayyyy hot. We survived. Phew.

So, just a few days later…it has cooled down to around 30 degrees C in the day and that’s awesome! I went for a drive on Wednesday just to be in nature once more.

In the morning I went along the road which follows The Wyong River.

In the afternoon I visited my favourite walking beach, Lakes Beach.

The weather was warm (yay), gentle breezes abounded and the sea was calm.

One little video was made on the banks of the Wyong River at high tide.

I walked and recorded the next two little videos at Lakes Beach Budgewoi at low tide.


How is the weather where you are right now?


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Sydney’s Opera House. 366/267.

Sydney’s Opera House. 366/267.

I remember the Sydney Opera House being built and I certainly remember the day it was officially opened by Queen Elizabeth II. Why do I remember it? Only because my little daughter and my aunt flew into Sydney from Wagga to have a little holiday with my parents in 1973! That was more memorable, but I digress! Oh, and that very same daughter aged 17 sang solo on the Main Stage of the Concert Hall with her school’s jazz band!

These photos were taken by me, with my Canon 600D, from the Kirribilli (northern) side of Sydney Harbour. It was in July 2014 and I was on a photo-memory making mission of my ‘home town’ as I knew we would be moving away!

I’ve noted memories  about the Sydney Opera House under each of the photos. Enjoy!

This is more information about the history of Sydney Opera House. It has quite a history as part of its construction.



Still takes my breath away when I view the design.


The walkway to the Opera House, seen in the middle of the photo, along Macquarie St. What a beautiful walk it is..except in the rain!


An iconic view of an iconic structure and an iconic Sydney Ferry!


Background is the Sydney Botanical Garden and the City.


Such beauty in this controversial design. See the history to know more about the controversy!


At night, during the Vivid festival in winter the Sydney Opera House is lit with amazing scenes!

Have you visited the Sydney Opera House?

Have you performed there?

What do you think of this famous Australian icon?


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Say YES or NO to Homework. 366/264.

Say YES or NO to Homework. 366/264.

I am not a fan of homework and I’ve written about that before.

My views are that of a retired K-6 principal, teacher and parent. They relate to K-6 education only.

Last week I saw a person asking what could be done about homework so a child stayed interested in school. What the actual? More homework and added home study is, in my opinion, NOT going to keep your child interested in school. In fact, I dare say, the opposite can occur. However, I know that parents want the best for their kids. Always. But is homework a battle to win or not?

Here are MY reasons for saying YES to Homework.

  1. It is an activity which your children like to do and is done with your oversight (not doing it for them)
  2. It is based on school work already learned at school and so it is revision
  3. It can be completed over a few days at home averaging say, 10 minutes for a young child each day around 20-30 minutes for the senior years of K-6 schools
  4. It has  variety within it such as asking questions and providing a response to take back to school to share rather than paper sheets to complete as the ONLY activity
  5. It does not take time away from your family life including sport and recreation activities and hobbies
  6. It is something that does not require more than a small reminder from parents
  7. It gets marked by the teacher and provides some feedback/guidance for the students.


Here are MY reasons for saying NO to Homework.

  1. It is an activity that your children avoid, pretend there is none set and/or leave it till the last minute despite you knowing that the homework is part of the school’s program
  2. It contains a considerable amount of work to be completed that is not readily understood by your children and/or they have never heard about it before
  3. It is onerous on time that could be better spent….say, outside playing, having a chat, reading a book, engaging in sport, hobbies and family activities
  4. It is worksheet after worksheet and can not be clearly seen to be ‘part of the current school work for your children’…in fact it may even be in U.S. Spelling and be a photocopied worksheet where concepts and language slightly differ (subtle but it can make a difference) to what your children are learning in the Australian curriculum
  5. It is being done to satisfy the school’s rules or regulations..or whatever that may seem to be. NSW Department of Education (public schools) do not state that homework is compulsory. In fact, it is a policy to be set  by each school in conjunction with the parents. I cannot state the position for other systems, states or schools.
  6. It is not marked in a timely fashion, giving rise to the notion that the homework is only being given because it has to be.
  7. It creates a tension and a barrier in the relationship you have with your children and a pressure that is completely unnecessary in the overall scheme of things in learning.


It’s the end of Term 3 in NSW schools and I know that many others are already on school holidays as we get some rest (ha!) and ready to rock up again in Term 4.

Now that there is just one term to go for the school year 2016, what are your stories to share about homework?

Love to hear from you and whether you are a teacher or a parent too!

Thank you.


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Dobroyd Head. 366/218.

Dobroyd Head. 366/218.

It’s said that we often appreciate things later in life because when we are living them they’re taken for granted.

I guess I was like that about living in Balgowlah Heights on Sydney’s northern beaches aged 10 to 20.

When Dad moved to a new role in Sydney and our family needed to find a place to live away from our home town (city!) of Wollongong NSW, it wasn’t ever going to be ‘over the Harbour Bridge’ until it became obvious towards the end of 1959 we had to find somewhere before Christmas!

We (Dad) thought over the Harbour Bridge (towards Manly area) would be ‘too far’ from the family living in Wollongong in his initial house searches but as he (and we) found out, it was a blessing to look in a new area. Once he found the house and we could see ourselves living there, Mum and Dad bought in Balgowlah Heights. It was in a relatively new section and close to the water (no views) of Sydney Harbour. I lived there until I went teaching in 1970 to the NSW country side. We came to back to this house for holidays, celebrations and more for decades. After Mum died in 2007, Dad stayed but finally moved in 2011 as he found the house too big so it was time to move to a unit.

Whenever I visited I’d take a drive to my old ‘hood and especially here, where I realised now how lucky I was to grow up here and explore the bush, rocks and play with mates from my school at Balgowlah Heights. I learned to drive around this one way road too.


The oval at Dobroyd was named Tania Park after the first ever Miss Universe, Tania Verstak, who was from the Manly area. Sydney skyline in background.


From the roadway where I parked, overlooking Sydney Harbour at the entrance from the Pacific Ocean (Tasman Sea) called the Heads. North Head seen on the left, South Head on the right. The first place white explorers entered this place now called Sydney.


Looking to South Head, Eastern Suburbs of Sydney and Middle Harbour on left. Sydney Harbour IS a place of natural beauty! The walkway seen is part of the Spit to Manly walk.

There are many ways in which to explore this area preserved for everyone to enjoy and here is the link.

I took these photos on my last visit there in late 2014 when we still lived in Sydney and before going to see Dad at Dee Why I did a nostalgic  detour to my old and much loved area near Dobroyd Head.

Do you have memories of where you grew up and appreciate them more now?

Have you done the Spit to Manly walk along the track that takes you through Dobroyd Head and Arabanoo Lookout?


Arabanoo (Aboriginal name) lookout from Dobroyd Head looking at Manly. The Pacific Ocean (Tasman Sea) is on the horizon.


Left is North Head. Below the trees there were/are fishermen’s huts near the water’s edge. They were ‘scary’ for me as a kid as we were never sure who was living there!


Looking over to South Head and Watson’s Bay. Dobroyd Head is a popular place to watch the start of the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race each Boxing Day.


Zoomed from Arabanoo to see Manly Wharf where the ferries arrive and depart (Manly Ferry is the most popular ride and memory for many!). Looking toward the famous Manly Beach where the Norfolk Pines are.


Looking at the lovely still waters of East Esplanade Manly, with the Sailing & Skiff Clubs (there was a fire last weekend in one of these) on the right.


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I Love Newspapers. 366/59.

I Love Newspapers. 366/59.

I cannot survive one day without reading a newspaper.


I’ve been a newspaper subscriber for home delivery for almost 40 years.


I grew up in a household where the daily newspaper was home delivered and read.


My dad still reads a daily newspaper but to my ‘shock and horror’ cancelled the one I still get and now has a new ‘favourite’ paper each morning.

I especially like the local papers.


Sometimes if one is not delivered I get a bit mad!



Are you a fan of newspapers?

Do you read one?

Is it true they are going the way of ‘everything on line soon’?

Gosh I hope not!


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Retrospective. The Bay. 308/365.

Retrospective. The Bay. 308/365.

We arrived to live at ‘The Bay’ on NSW Central Coast in mid January 2015.

We have decided to move on later this month,  away from this view.

I have enjoyed being able to capture scenes outside my back (or is it front?) door and wanted to share some from earlier this year until recently.

Denyse xx



Rumbalara 293/365.

Rumbalara 293/365.

We’ve been living on NSW Central Coast for 2015 and I’m visiting new places. Today I followed the sign to Rumbalara. Where?? Ok, can barely pronounce it but when I drove to the top it was so worth it.

The views looking south of East Gosford and the waterways of Brisbane Waters.  The natural Aussie Bush both burned and not.

To find out more check out Rumbalara  here 

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