Sunday 30th April 2017

About Art Materials. 366/44.

About Art Materials. 366/44.

When I first started my art(full) journey in mid 2013 I had no idea about how important it might be to know more about quality art materials.

I had always liked drawing, scrapbooking and making craft/art with the grandchildren after I stopped teaching.

However, until I began my foray into the world of knowing more..thanks to this lady and her website and wonderful Index Card a Day challenge..I used cheap paints, brushes and paper.

Why? One reason was expense but on a deeper level I think it was more about whether I was ‘deserving’ of such things.

Tammy Garcia and her very supportive group, in which I now count some people asĀ friends, taught me about the value of firstly myself as a creative person (in fact an ‘artist’) and how using quality materials can make such a difference.

For the past 3 years creating art has been a major part of my life and so helpful to my health. The bank balance not so much! Since the fall of the Aussie dollar against the US dollar art materials have been off my list of purchases from overseas.

This week though it was time for some review of needs. I had a little spend up of sorts locally and updated my watercolours which are in half-pan size and some very heavy water colour paper. I also purchased some new tubes of gouache paint.

I was like a kid at Christmas having fun sorting out the watercolours and here’s the photo story of how I did it.

Do you find it a challenge to ‘spend money’ on yourself for a creative pursuit?

I do now that I no longer work.

Tell me your story about creativity and what you enjoy!


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Settling In. 355/365.

Settling In. 355/365.

Three hundred and fifty three posts ago…..I wrote this.

Then about 50 days into the journey of US

….from Sydney and working life and family life…to the Central Coast, with no more work (by choice) and leaving those we love….I wrote this post

Regular readers, who do not all comment (I know, that’s cool too) will recall that I have found the moving and more very stressful on some days and it’s affected my general well-being for days at a time. It’s not been helped by some IBS at times which has complicated my goals to be independent and drive to Sydney and other places more….

Yes, I wrote about this from time to time too…here.

But today, 355 days into this year of blogging every day, and just about 3 weeks away from the anniversary of the physical move to the coast, I am starting to feel I am settling in.

How do I know?

It’s a feeling of greater physical connection to what we always thought we would like about the coast…the waterways, the temperate climate (not always) and the slower pace of life.

I am also becoming more at ease with the no-working, no easy family connection thing too. I have had to ‘adjust’ to what is my new (very!) normal.

So, I am settling in.

Have you made major life changes?

What were they?

How did you go?

Take care, everyone!

Denyse xx



Whooping Cough. 84/365.

Whooping Cough. 84/365.

I’ve had whooping cough at least 3 times. First time around 2000, then a couple of times since. Yes I have.

Indeed it does last 100 days and its nasty cough tired me out and left me quite hoarse.

But I was immunised as a child and later I think.

It is said that whooping cough immunity does diminish over time.

I was not a young child nor a baby.

As we know the effects of these people can be fatal.

I’m all in favour of vaccination which is why I am receiving a whooping cough vaccine boost this week in preparation for a new grandchild’s arrival.

Despite having had whooping cough, it is highly recommended that if I want to meet my newest grandchild I have the protection of the vaccine.

Availability of this vaccine is scarce right now…in Sydney and elsewhere, which is why when I found that a pharmacy had some in stock about 30 minutes from here I went there to pay $41.00! My local doctor will inject this so I can meet my newest grandchild knowing I have some protection.

It’s important.

Did you have whooping cough?

Have you been vaccinated?

Denyse xx


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