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Travel Tips. 37/52. #LifeThisWeek. 2018.90.

Travel Tips. 37/52. #LifeThisWeek. 2018.90.

Yes, come here to find my tips for travel…..maybe not!

I suggest you are more likely go here to these wonderful bloggers below who know more about travel than I do!

So that IS the end of my post! Not quite.

This is the airline I DID fly in when I travelled in 2006.

I trawled back in the memories (and photos to recall my one and only trip to U.S.of A. You see, I had not travelled overseas at all. My parents had (a lot!) and some of that was related to Dad’s work but once he retired, they travelled until they decided “enough was enough” as the world changed and they aged. My husband’s parents were the same. One of our kids went to the US on a tennis camp in 1993 and the other went to New Zealand first as a school trip and then to stay with the family she loved there.

Ill-health of my husband meant it was extremely unlikely we could ever travel anywhere overseas but we gave it a go to fly to Far North Queensland but the seat was so cramped for a big, tall man with back issues that the only way we reckoned we could get back home was via Business Class. Which we did, and paid a premium for it but he was OK on the way home.

This meant, that if I was to ever travel again, it would be solo and to an overseas destination that I heard about most of my life: Hawaii and then to the cities of the West Coast: LA, Las Vegas and San Francisco. I have written about it here.

My tips are:

  1. Enjoy your own company and you never have a fight about what to do
  2. Take a change of clothes and some items you do not want to lose, in your cabin bag
  3. Be as comfy in the clothes on the plane as possible by dressing in loose layers and always keep your socks on.
  4. Choose a window seat if you can because you can lean up against it
  5. Have a small pillow in your carry on and you will be cosy if you try to sleep
  6. Noise cancelling headphones: a must
  7. Have a friendly attitude and treat cabin crew with kindness
  8. Even if it says it is one season where you are going, take a rain jacket
  9. Choose a great airline where you can join their ‘club’ and have access to a lounge, priority boarding and extra luggage
  10. Do not spend money on gifts for anyone but do buy things that will remind you of your travels

But my biggest tip I leave till last: be able to afford this level of travel and arrive very well. Sigh. My dream!

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Do you have any travel tips?

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Memories of Sydney I Knew. 2018.32.

UPDATE: Recently I was contacted by a writer for Chris O’Brien Lifehouse to share my story about my cancer as my professional team had let the organisation know I was blogging my way through this! It was published last week and it helped me to remember that I CAN do this…as the next surgery, on May 16 was something I was dreading. Now I realised, I have to do what I have to do to get well and use this mouth of mine as intended! Here is the link and whilst I was wanting to be more light-hearted this week, it is timely that it has been published. Denyse x

Memories of Sydney I Knew. 2018.32.

Aged 10, I  moved to Sydney’s Balgowlah Heights with my parents and brother when Dad received a work promotion.

Memories of coming to Sydney then, involved “NOT” finding a place to live on the southern side of the city as Mum and Dad had hoped because it would be closer to friends and family in their home towns of Wollongong and Dapto. It was getting pretty close to when we literally had to move from Gwynneville in Wollongong as people had bought our house and Dad was already commuting to Sydney.

Then one day, Dad was told of the somewhat newly developed area called Balgowlah Heights. Near Manly. Over the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Over we went in our Holden and I will never forget seeing the spans and patterns of the Bridge for the first time AND how we could pay the toll (which was per head in the car) to the man with our shillings or sixpences.



By December 1959 we had moved to what would be Mum and Dad’s house until Mum’s death in 2007, and Dad’s alone until he sold in 2011.

Dad & Mum – Around the late 1990s.

Driving up the old street recently. Cannot see ‘our house’ for the trees! I barely recognise the ‘old neighbourhood’ as most dwellings have been renovated.

But not ‘our old house’. Bought by architects in 2011 and with a young family then we know there are renovations coming but not sure when or what! The house (but not the garden) looks the same as when Mum and Dad lived there.

I lived there through my last 2 primary school years where I attended Balgowlah Heights P.S. and then to Manly Girls High School for my SIX years of schooling under the new Wyndham Scheme. Then in 1968 and 1969 I lived at home and commuted by Dad’s car, borrowing Mum’s or going by bus to the city and onto Balmain Teachers’ College.

I lived in Sydney’s northern beaches area from 10 to 20. Golden years for this teen and young woman!

The view from Arabanoo Lookout Balgowlah Heights down to Manly and beyond is Manly Beach.

Dobroyd Point where many of us played as kids, learned to drive around its one-way road, played sport on the newly made Tania Oval…and just look at this view of the harbour and North Head & South Head.

Manly Beach. Iconic. My Dad used to walk here while he still could drive his car. We tended to swim further up at Queenscliff as a family and for me as a teen, it was to the ‘middle’ one between Manly and Queensie, North Steyne where I surfed and met friends…

From the walkway leading to Shelley Beach and Fairy Bower, this is the view looking back to Manly. Magical day!

Do you know Sydney?

What memories do you have of Sydney?

What places in Sydney do you enjoy visiting?


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