Monday 20th January 2020

Ten Things I Like About Me. #ltw5. 366/284.

Ten Things I Like About Me. #ltw5. 366/284.

The optional prompt for this week here for Life This Week is Ten Things You Like About You.

I’ve made it ‘me-centred’ for this post as I expect anyone else will who joins!

In chatting with a blogging friend I know we both thought it somewhat challenging to think about this prompt which led me to consider that it seems we are all geared to the default of negative in our views of self. I’m going through my usual meanderings of anxiety (that is, it comes and goes) so it appeared to be even harder for me to come up with this list.

But here’s how I did. I went back through my own set of memories…my photos…and they helped. It turns out I like qualities in me such as:

kindness, commitment, valuing education, being sociable, creating, practical skills, loving, intelligence, details oriented,  connected.

Here’s my list of 10 with accompanying photo:

ONE: Kindness. I am good at caring for others but I am also getting better at being kinder to me taking myself out of my head space and into nature when I need it so I like that in myself.


TWOCommitment. I am a loving, committed person and whilst relationships have ups and downs, I like that I have remained married to the same person for over 45 years and that he does too.


THREE: Valuing Education. Clearly education is a key to my many professional roles and that even here, at High School, I probably knew that then too but I was extra busy on the socialising side too. Me: Top standing, second in.


FOUR: Sociable. I like driving this car as it helps me to meet up with people. I am slowly taking my time in my new area to make social connections but I will over time.


FIVE: Creating. I  like that in discovering how much I enjoy art and creativity now, I also find sharing my art via postcards is a great way to stay connected with people I may never meet personally.


SIX: Practical Skills. I like the fact that I can cook meals that are both nutritious and enjoyable even though I do not get to cook much except for me these days, I value that I am as entitled to a good meal as anyone…even though I have to cook it!


SEVEN: Loving. I like being a wife, daughter, a parent but especially a grandmother to our grandchildren. I add that as they are growing up and we live a long way from them all now I have had to change how I view my role now as it was more involved when the children were younger and we lived close by.



EIGHT: Intelligence. I like the fact that I cannot stop learning about things but this time it is to have more understanding of myself and challenges I am facing, and these are some of the means I use to guide me.


NINE: Details Oriented. I like that I am primarily a visual person and I can see the smallest details in some of nature and I really, really notice! I also remember a LOT.



TEN: Connecting. I like the fact that some years ago I recognised I needed to have a way to continue to connect with people when I stopped teaching and that I started a blog and that I have readers who chat and connect here each week.


I hope this was of interest to you and that you might tell us some things you like about you if you have not believed about it. Use the comments to share!

I hope today and the rest of the week is a great one for you!


P.S. Next week’s optional prompt on Mon 17/10 “which anniversaries are special?” I have one and it is on that date!  I hope you find one to blog about  too!

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