Tuesday 18th June 2019

We Made It! 52/52.#LifeThisWeek 2018.134.

We Made It! 52/52.#LifeThisWeek 2018.134.

Thank you all.

Yes, we made it. Each Monday to come here and read, join in with a blog post link up and comment.

Some of my blogging friends have had big changes in their lives: I know there have been travel experiences far and wide around this world of ours. I do also know that some of the bloggers have struggled through life transitions of job changes, moving house, starting new courses, having health issues to overcome and losing loved family members. Sadly.

There is no doubt in my mind, this community here, and ones where I also join in here, are living, breathing and caring ones and I am very grateful for the connections. Always. In 2018 a much loved link up ceased…so I for one am hoping these lovely link ups continue into 2019.

Open Slather with Alicia http://onemotherhen.blogspot.com.au on Mondays and Mummy Mondays with Kelly http://allmumsaid.com.au

Midlife Share the Love Linky on Wednesdays with Leanne: http://crestingthehill.com.au Sue:  http://www.sizzlingtowardssixty.com.au

Lovin Life Linky hosted on Thursdays with Leanne http://deepfriedfruit.com.auand friends


Now, for the round-up of blog posts for 2018 on Mondays for Life This Week. I was going to use my teacher-voice and call it an award…but it’s not. I looked at the posts from each month and checked the comment numbers as an indication of higher engagement via the comments…as you know Denyse Whelan Blogs To Connect!

January 2018.

Intention or Word for 2018. 16 links.

Sign Above Where I Blog.

February 2018.

Taking Stock 1. 17 links.

Night before 3rd surgery I walked up to COBLH.

March 2018.

Out My Window I See. 15 links.

HAPPY me, with a smile I almost recognise…in my art room.

April 2018.

School Holiday Memories. 11 links.

The signpost…to where we used to live 1971-1972. House is gone.

May 2018.

My Biggest Fear. 16 links.

Writing this in the sand did not reduce my fear but it did make me think about why I was/am fearful at times.


June 2018.

What I Will Never See Again. 14 links.

Loved my art-ing times with my pre-school aged grandkids


July 2018.

Taking Stock. 23 links.

Spreading the news of Beyond Five & Head & Neck cancer awareness with my local Federal MP.


August 2018.

Famous People I’ve Met. 18 links.

Photo with then NSW Governor Marie Bashir. Taken by former NSW Premier, Barrie O’Farrell.

September 2018.

Have You Ever? 12 links.

Excited not only to be part of #celebratingwomen but to be quoted in the book!


October 2018.

What I Have Learned Lately. 15 links.

What a wonderful experience it was to be able to smile again!


November 2018.

Share Your Snaps. 15 links.

Waves. The Beach!


December 2018.

Taking Stock. 18 links.

My ‘word’ for 2018.

Thank you all for visiting, commenting, reading, viewing, following and linking up in 2018.

#LifeThisWeek starts for 2019 on Monday 7 January:

1/51. Hello Again. 7/1/19

2/51. “Word/Intention/Nothing” 2019.. 14/1/19

In the meantime I will be making up some new prompts.

The GOOD news is Share Your Snaps will continue every 5th week

And, good old Taking Stock, around each 9th week.

See you there!


You can link up something old or new, just come on in. * Please add just ONE post each week! * Feel free to go with the prompt for the week to add your ‘take’ on the prompt. Or not. * Please do stay to comment on my post as I always reply and it’s a bloggy thing to do! * Check out what others are up to by leaving a comment because we all love our comments, right! * Add a link back to this blog in your post somewhere. I don’t have a ‘button’ so a link in text is fine! *Posts deemed by me, the owner of the blog and the link-up, to be unsuitable for my audience will be deleted without notice. * THANK you for linking up today!

Joining Alicia here for Open Slather and Kell here for Mummy Mondays.

Next Year’s Life This Week commences on Monday 7 January with: Hello Again, as the optional prompt.


The Time Has Come. 366/321.

The Time Has Come. 366/321.

I’ve been procrastinating….for about a decade!

The idea for a memoir has been there for a while I will admit.

But it has always seemed less important than say, writing a blog which I have been for 6 years now.

And it also seemed hard to get started because where would I.. ok, I know, at the beginning!

I have made some memory books for my parents’ anniversaries and special birthdays. In fact there are around 8 of them made from 1984 to 2006.

I’ve also kept books of memories for the grandchildren and have handed them over to them for keeping their memories from Grandma.

I have made small starts to ‘my story’ and then stopped because “boring”.

Who would want to read it anyway?

Then after my post here last week this happened:

From a friend and blogger, Rebecca Bowyer,  who is also a writer….

Oh how fascinating! Denyse, please write a memoir about education! It would be so interesting x

Here’s her website and she is also writing a book right now!

And so it is, after a few on-line convos with Bec, that I AM starting this challenge…writing my memoir.

To begin in the hardest act, and fortunately I had made a very small start which I continued and improved so now, I am planning to get on with the story, one story at a time.

Mind you I did tweet, taking a leaf out of Anne Lamott’s Book “Bird by Bird” that I am writing “Word by Word.”

IMG_0317 MY degrees & quals

Note Paper with yellow pencil

Have you ever thought about writing a story about your life or helped write the story of another?

What tips do you have?

What would you like to know more about me and my education story?

Thanks for reading and commenting …last week in particular where it was so encouraging about the story of the HSC and the end of school exams!


education 150

Joining the lovely bloggers here as I always do on Tuesdays….Kylie Purtell is host.