Tuesday 22nd May 2018

Index Card Update! #ICAD2016. 366/177.

Index Card Update! #ICAD2016. 366/177.

By the 28 June the 2016 Index Card a Day (ICAD) challenge will have run for 4 weeks.

I’ve been posting cards I have created each day on the closed Facebook groups for ICAD.

I use the prompts to challenge my ‘head’ for creative responses and the prepped cards give me further consideration on how to interpret the prompt. Not all of those who play along use the prompts but this is my preferred way. I guess I need some direction!

My favourite materials thus far:

  • lined index cards 3X5 (inch) 4X6 (inch) – actually compulsory because without them, no challenge…
  • gouache and watercolour paint
  • unpin black pens – lettering and outlining – 0.8 mostly
  • neocolour 11 – can be wet for effect
  • water brush – see above
  • stickers – not many used
  • washi tape
  • stamps & ink
  • gelliroll pens
  • found materials – paper, ribbon

My cards for the past few weeks here:


12/61. Television. Australia’s move from B&W to colour in 1974.


16/61. Wallpaper. One card painted behind main card covered in corrugated paper…’finding wallpaper’ after tearing off the wallpaper.


17/61. Landscape. Using materials based on Australian bush landscape.


18/61. Orange. Sketched one cut orange & added the facts about the ‘green’ of oranges!


20/61. The Sixties. Using masking fluid for lettering/patterns and wash in ‘sixties’ hues.


21/61. Design Your Own Prompt. I went for’colour’ and the fact that yellow makes all other colours shine!


22/61. Neon Sign. Play on words and using the background of what was there as ‘batteries’ in the sign.


23/61. Winter. Prepped spot background made me think of puddles of rain and jumping in them.


24/61. Magenta. This card was prepped with colours of magenta and I added more to it and made it a ‘tribute’ to art friend whose name on IG is Magenta Matters!


25/61. Song. This is my favourite to sing with little kids…and my grandkids are in that group!

Do you join in for the Index Card A Day challenge?

It’s not too late to come on board. The Facebook group is closing to new members on 30 June. The challenge means you start when you can! It ends on 31 July but remains open for posting until sometime in August.

As I have written previously, it is all the brainchild of creator and artist, Tammy Garcia. Her website is found here!

Happy creating everyone.


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G’day It’s ICAD 2016 Starting UP! 366/150.

G’day It’s ICAD 2016 Starting UP! 366/150.

On 1 June I am starting the Index Card A Day Creative Challenge called ICAD for short.

You know about it from me here!

This year it’s my 4th year and I couldn’t be happier to get digging deep (thanks Brene Brown for that expression) and using my creative forces for GOOD.

I’ve made a retrospective little vid over on YouTube and added music from the one and only quintessentially Aussie singer/song writer, the late Slim Dusty.

His ‘say G’day’ song is my little Aussie flavour added to the largely US-based group and waving my patriotic flag to say ‘g’day.’

Here it is…it goes for less than a minute and there are around 30 cards out of the 93 created over 3 years.

An annoying ad comes up after the start. On the right of the vid, click the X for it to disappear. Thanks!

I know I have asked before..but are you doing ICAD this year?

I started when I was at a low point in my life and it’s really helped me re-direct some of my energies into creating. It IS like BIG MAGIC as Elizabeth Gilbert wrote.

For more about how to join up with the challenge, pop over to Tammy Garcia’s website first, then follow the links. You’ll be glad you did!


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Joining Leanne from Deep Fried Fruit today and wondering if she and any of her blog followers will ‘give it a go!’.



What’s I.C.A.D.? 2016. 366/142.

What’s I.C.A.D.? 2016. 366/142.



I.C.A.D. is Index Card a Day…from Tammy Garcia’s DaisyYellowArt.com.

This is my 4th year following the prompts, the fun and the challenges of making art on a 3X5 inch or 4X6 inch good old index card.

It starts with some warm-ups as of now, and then the challenge begins 1 June and ends 31 July.

I’ve been a moderator in the group and continue for this year too. I get to see some very talented artists and those who are less than confident when they start ( as I was in 2013) start to really bloom too.

These are some of the materials I use to produce my cards.

These are some cards and my ICAD albums from 2013, 2014 and 2015.


I’ve met quite a few on-line friends since joining this community and that, my friends, is all part of the fun!

Do you do I.C.A.D.?

I hope so!


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Tiny Museum Painting. 366/135.

Tiny Museum Painting. 366/135.

I do not paint actual museums big or small….this Tiny Museum is a class I do with fellow artists via the DaisyYellowArt genius of Tammy Garcia. Her website is here. I promote this site quite often without any sponsorship etc as it has made such a difference in my life. I do it as part of art-friendship across the world!

The Tiny Museum group is where we learn some new ideas about ‘teensy tiny’ details and looking for patterns and just interpreting them in our own ways.

Tammy runs a paid class that continues over time via links to her videos and the private FB page.

I started last year, and with some updated materials this year, I am back into ‘tiny museum painting.’

Why I particularly enjoy this painting challenge is its mindfulness so it is great for my creatvie skills and my emotional health too.

I call that a WIN/WIN.

These are some of my examples. They are all on A3 size pages of heavy duty water colour paper.

I’ve used black markers and black paint for borders. Mostly I use gouache paint, which is the brighter and more opaque version of water colour.

IMG_1167 IMG_3990 IMG_7778



Happy Creative Weekend everyone,


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Muse30 Art Challenge. 366/121.

Muse30 Art Challenge. 366/121.

Tammy Garcia from Daisy Yellow Art is a creative person…in fact an art ‘enabler’ as she calls herself to me..LOL. Tammy has encouraged my art as it’s grown since 2013 and I’m taking part in another of her wonderful challenges called #muse30. In this Tammy sets one word as the prompt from which to create and share.

Here are 4 of mine.


PRINT. I chose to look at print the word as well as print the activity.



SPACE. I ‘saw’ a space station and made it as an ‘art’ station having fun with a space-type background.



TUXEDO. I came up the idea of the Tuxedo hanging in the ‘robe at Tuxedo Junction (song title!).



MINT. In this one, I gathered mint from the garden and make prints and more with mint!


I love the way I get to ‘think’ as I ‘create’ with this challenge!

Do you like to create with words? Maybe it’s art. Maybe it’s both!

Have a great weekend.


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Creative Life Update. 366/72.

Creative Life Update. 366/72.

Happy Weekend!

My creative life is amazing.

Some other parts of my life are definitely less than amazing so ART in its many forms helps me deal with those better.

I like listening to some of the CDs I now have in my collection from Tara Brach, Pema Chodron, Elizabeth Gilbert and Brene Brown while I am creating. It all adds to the ‘magic’ of what I do.

Recently I wrote here about some of those people and today is an update about the art-side of my life.

Here’s what I added to Colour Me Positive recently. I wrote about Colour Me Positive and its weekly prompts earlier this year.


As I also wrote about, creating original painted postcards has been great fun. I have quite a few now ready to post. I had some kind feedback from earlier recipients. It is just a nice thing to do!

My creative side has really grown since learning more about art and materials too. I give Tammy Garcia credit for much of that, along with Tracey Fletcher King.

Last year I wrote posts about what I was learning here as Art Helps Me Heal  and here too when I am part of the Index Card A Day fun.

The links I have provided are for you…the curious to find out more I hope creatives!

What is your creative life looking like this weekend?

I have some painting to do, via Tracey’s new class.

I will complete a page prompt for Colour Me Positive.

I will be finishing a prompt for #muse3o too.


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Tiny Museum Artful Fun. 265/365.

Tiny Museum Artful Fun. 265/365.

I’ve found art to be one of the best ways to be mindful, engaged, creative and to be playful.

Here’s some of my art that’s been completed from a little group,  called Tiny Museum on Daisyyellowart.com initiated and developed by Tammy Garcia. Some have been from earlier courses I completed there too.

I also love to learn.

Do you?

Denyse xx


Blending Gouache Paint inside defined spaces



Creating my patterns inside ‘tiny spaces’ using one paint brush & gouache paint



Developing my brush skills with paint.



Free spaces drawn, then added gouache paint using one size brush.


Painted Frame First. Then added my 'tiny museum' pictures in gouache paint with added unpin pen

Painted Frame First. Then added my ‘tiny museum’ pictures in gouache paint with added unpin pen.


Work-In-Progress. Tiny Museum. New shapes and limited colours. Gouache Paint.

Work-In-Progress. Tiny Museum. New shapes and limited colours. Gouache Paint.

Joining Trish for Aussie Wordless Wednesday. And Jen for Photo Friday and at image-ing on Wednesdays. Thanks for the linky love, everyone!
My Little Drummer Boys


I.C.A.D. 2015. It’s DONE?! 212/365.

I.C.A.D. 2015. It’s DONE?! 212/365.


What happened?

Suddenly it’s the end of July and today I posted my 61st card to the Facebook page for Tammy Garcia’s Genius Idea…Index Card A Day Challenge.

I’ve written about this challenge before here. That was before the challenge started and I also added a post about materials. I like to help! So I am also thanking Tammy Garcia for offering me the role of moderator. It was a blast!

Why do I like ICAD?

  • It’s the connections with people who post their cards and they are from all over the world,
  • the chance to take a look at the many many cards of others and learn something new,
  • the way in which I am mentally challenged (geddit?) to come up with a response to the prompts,
  • the fact that since beginning ICAD in 2013 I have ‘met’ sooo many artists who inspire me,
  • it ‘makes’ me do art differently for 61 days – 1 June – 31 July

Here’s some of my fun creations and how I keep my Index Cards as a collection.

Happy to meet so many of you via this challenge and already I look forward to 2016!!


2015 Cards are Pasted Into This Book.


Sunrise. Based on a photo I took at Manly last year.


Queen Of Hearts. Hard to Do!


‘games’ themes pages


Salt & Pepper (l) Route 66 (r)


Grapefruit & Cherry (l) Carrot & Lemon (r)

Did you take part in #ICAD2015?

Even if you didn’t post, you are still part of the group..the Facebook group grew to 2270!

I, ahem, am an ICAD GURU for completing 61 cards over 61 days! Go me…


Woah! (again)

Happy Arting everyone.

Denyse xx