Tuesday 22nd May 2018

Meditations for Back to School. 2017.22.

Meditations for Back to School. 2017.22.

I wonder what you thought when you saw this title?

In fact it IS about meditation and it IS for kids…yes!

From my experience of the past two years, meditation is helpful. I use it for helping me stay in the moment more and for being mindful. I’ve written about it here.

More and more though, it is found that a few minutes of meditation, slowing down to focus on the ‘here and now’ and the breath is an excellent strategy for us all. It is not about clearing the mind nor about going to sleep.

Smiling Mind is an Australian-based company producing apps and meditations on-line. The app is free. I have used this app a few times. I like the Australian accent too. Here’s the link to Smiling Mind to find out more.

What caught my eye recently from the ABC in Australia is this:

Meditations for Back to School.*

There are meditations for kids and teachers. I tried the kid one and that’s why I am sharing it here. I would suggest having a go with your children.

I would also try it with a class if I was still teaching!



Here from ABC and Smiling Mind. From their website:

Our vision is to see mindfulness meditation on the Australian National Curriculum by 2020.

This hopeful statement from the Dalai Lama provides food for thought.

*Not a sponsored post..I just like to share what I think is helpful for families and education.

Have you tried meditation?

Do your children meditate?

Tell me more!







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Being Silent. 366/31.

Being Silent. 366/31.

This is one tough thing for me.

I cannot ‘let it be’.

I know I need to immerse myself more in the ‘mindfulness’ of ‘silence’.

This reminds me:




From the pack of cards I helped get made..last year..when Buddify (my meditation app I used through 2014-15) was seeking crowdsourced funds via Kickstarter for mindfulness cards. Find them here. 

Do you find being in silence a challenge?

If you are like me you might!

However, I know that some silence where I stop talking is both good for me …and dare I say it, others!

That’s today’s topic of the day!

How’s your Sunday?


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