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Winter, Whales & Waves. 2017.86.

Winter, Whales & Waves. 2017.86.

It’s no secret how much I love living near the ocean. Winter, in particular, has an attraction for those of us living on the east coast of Australia. It is the time of the migrating whales who are headed north from the cold Southern Ocean to mate and bring offspring into the world in the warmer waters. So, winter is whale watching time. It is somewhat challenging to see the whales without binoculars from where I stood for these pictures but rest assured I saw the large spouting fountain from a whale in the distance looking east. From October onwards, the whales will return heading back home to the south.

My photos are from a Friday afternoon in June. I am savouring these scenes as I will soon be away from seeing them live thanks to my hospitalisation for cancer and then the recovery period at home where I will have one leg in plaster/walking boot.

Here’s my winter collection for now:

Wonderful cloud formation at Soldiers Beach!


Whale spotted out ‘there’

Have you ever seen a whale?

Where was this?

Do you surf in Winter?

Thanks for enjoying the scenes!


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View From Here. #LifeThisWeek 23/52. 2017.77.

View From Here. #LifeThisWeek 23/52. 2017.77.

I love to get out and about with my iphone for photo opps that come my way and sometimes I like to add one of the cameras too.

Knowing that I won’t be able to get ‘out and about’ soon following my forthcoming surgery (still no date) I went to my favourite local beach on the last day of Autumn. That beach is Soldier’s Beach located at Norah Head on the N.S.W. Central Coast about 90 minutes drive from Sydney.

Sure it was windy and much colder than my last visit but it did my heart and soul good to be there, in the elements, admiring the:

View From Here:

The steps from the surf club down to the sand…and the beach.

Look to the left (north) ….to the rock platform.

Half-way point down the steps looking east. Did not see any whales but the migration north has already commenced!

The view to my right and to the south. The wind and clouds made exceptional patterns.

This view…a more distant one south, showing the rugged beauty of this beach.

Yes, I did beach writing: Cancer Sucks.

Looking back up to where the carpark is…the west. The dunes get a workout in the extremes of tides at times.

Yep. A selfie..while I still have the top (fake) teeth. Wind coming from the south!!

Have you been out and about in your local area recently?

What’s the view from where you are?


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Surfboards At Soldiers Beach. 366/169.

Surfboards At Soldiers Beach. 366/169.

Some Winter sunshine from this past surfing season…and for those who like to look at surfboards and the surfers!

I did some art-based research this day and actually had a chat to these guys (except one, who walked past me!) about their boards, the length (of the board, people!) and the origin. These guys were really generous with their time and in showing off their boards but mostly they were keen to check out the waves and get back there again!

Soldiers Beach is located at Norah Head NSW on the Central Coast and these shots were all taken at the top carpark. This carpark is always popular with surfers, day trippers, visitors and locals. Right now, in June, it is a place for checking out the whales heading north.

It has a great cafe and plenty of green grass for kids to run around on and chase seagulls.

Have you been to Soldiers Beach?

It’s neighbour is the Norah Head Lighthouse! Magical place which I have written about before in other places.



Some boards are small – about 6′ he told me.



Surfboard seats at Soldiers Beach



Checking out the waves and the other guys who are already surfing.



Making sure the board is ready before walking down the path to the rock platform.



Older surfer dude who wouldn’t make eye contact…but look at the size of that board…apparently they can be up to 12′



Very obliging surfer dude with sunscreen protection on (hat!)



Off goes obliging surfer dude to jump from the rocks to the waves.



This board was really attractive and its owner told me its a one-off from his home country of Brazil. Under 6′.



This was the most beautiful May Monday at Soldiers Beach. It doesn’t matter what day of the week it is, if the surf is up. there will be surfers there. And seagulls.


photos 150

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Let’s Go Surfing NOW! 366/141.

Let’s Go Surfing NOW! 366/141.

“Let’s go surfing now, everybody’s learning how..come on a surfari with me!”

The Beach Boys. My teen years revisited!

It’s no secret I love the beach and I love surfing. Whilst my surfing has been limited to body and body board surfing, not the ‘long boards’ of yesteryear and the versions we see today, I admire the guys and gals who surf.

Luckily I get to watch surfers quite often now we have moved nearer to the beach.

Recently I saw this group of male and female surfers who now added ‘stand up boards’ to the waves’ experiences.

Taken by me at Soldiers Beach, Norah Head NSW Australia.







Do you like to surf?

What beaches are your favourites?


photos 150

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Surfin’ Santa. 361/365.

Surfin’ Santa. 361/365.

We found out that Santa was making an appearance on Christmas Morning ….at the local surf beach.

As we had a quiet day ahead, off we drove on the fifteen minute journey to Soldiers Beach where we “missed Santa’s arrival” but we saw this!

It was obviously a fun way for families and friends to gather before the beach, having lunch and catching up.

I am sure grateful for those who care for the surfers and those who use our beaches in Australia.

Notice how many lifesavers (volunteers) and lifeguards (paid by council) are on Soldiers beach and wearing Santa hats!

I tried to find a Surfing’ Santa in the water catching a wave.

Can you see one?

Denyse xx