Saturday 26th May 2018

Selfie Time.#LifeThisWeek 32/52. 2017.99.

Selfie Time.#LifeThisWeek 32/52. 2017.99.

When I was younger I resisted being in most photographs and I used the excuse “I am the photographer”.

And I realised that by doing this I was avoiding my appearance flaws (in my head and in reality) of my size.

I read something which made me change my mind…not matter what I looked like and that was….

how will your family remember you as their mum, mother-in-law, grandmother if you are not in any of the photos?

It then clicked with me that I needed to be willing to be part of the picture!

I am glad I did because there are records of me playing, having fun and being with the kids.

But what is it about ‘selfies?’

Since the advent of the mobile phone and reversing camera inside, it is easy to take a photo of yourself and I admit I have become more interested in taking selfies as a way to measure new experiences, where we live now and…most recently, my cancer diagnosis and surgery.

So: here are but a few of my selfies.

I sometimes can talk my husband and my dad into being in a selfie and my grandson (down further) is selfie- savvy and is very tall!

Most of the  following selfies were all taken once I knew I had cancer in my gums and the ones in the latter stages are following surgery.

Do you take selfies?

Do your record your life in photographs?

Happy Monday.



Added: On Sunday 20 August I drove myself to the Beach as I wanted to see the effects of the high tides and the windy was an independent activity I handled really well. In fact I came home and said to B “that was the most normal I have felt” since before surgery. To let you see the effects of the wind..I present 2 selfies!!


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One Perfect Moment. 103/365.

One Perfect Moment. 103/365.

These are the moments which we get ourselves lost in …in a good way.

They are the ones where we look back and


S M I L E 🙂

.feel all sorts of those GOOD FEELINGS!

I am joining with friend and blogger, Kylie Purtell, today, a Monday for


It was yesterday when our teen grandkids, S and B were having school holiday break at our place on the coast. These two enjoy photography as much as I do and I delight in seeing them use my cameras with respect and having fun too. So, we were on a very wind swept beach and it was cold but we liked the idea of being there and B even gave ‘beach writing a go. After we’d run/walked/found ourselves a bit wet from the raging surf, we decided it was time to go home. It was getting near the end of their stay and time to clean up back at our place and for me to take them across the coast to their other grandparents’ for a stay.

I think I said “selfie” and B pointed out “G-ma, you don’t do them right…always cutting off your’s how” and away he clicked! 

This PERFECT MOMENT sums up how much joy I had  connecting with these young people, aged almost 16 and 14, and how proud I am of them. Love them to bits… 


Are you having memories of any perfect moments? Thanks for this linky Kylie.

Denyse xx