Saturday 24th June 2017

Here’s The Weather Report. 366/238.

Here’s The Weather Report. 366/238.

I have already admitted to being a weather nerd and I guess with the advent of apps to help me know what the weather ahead will be like, then that makes me even more so. I have always been this way, especially when we lived in the west of Sydney and I would be off to work in schools and wondering ‘what will I wear!’

I know that most if not all of the weather predictions, updates and forecasts in Australia come from here.

Living here on the Central Coast we have had our fair share of weather extremes which I wrote about too. I think I was prepared for what was ahead during the East Coast Low that came to stay…and over stay in April 2015 but no expert meteorologist could have foreseen how long it stayed as it was ‘most unusual’ as they say.

The weather data from the Central Coast NSW goes back to the Bureau of Meteorology from here:


In the ground of the Lighthouse are the weather station and the wind gauge. Inside the white building is the rain gauge.


Lighthouse at Norah Head, set on the edge of the coast, has an official Bureau of Meteorology weather station in the grounds.

Weather is what surrounds us and affects us each day/night and I think that’s why I am so interested. I am a big fan of being prepared, comfortable and sheltered!

As I write this post, it is almost the end of August and officially nearing the end of Winter in Australia. However, weather does not do the calendar really well and that explains that we have had both record warm days and nights this Winter as well.

My best guides for the weather are the local forecaster on the news in the area where we live now, my app on my phone called Weather Zone Plus and my husband. He seems to have more knowledge than any and I think he might be a weather expert but uses none of the tools I choose. He checks his barometer and his years of being both a country and city dweller (observer of the skies and what is around him) help.

The weather on this app has come from the Norah Head weather station.

The weather on this app has come from the Norah Head weather station.

How do you find out about the weather where you are?


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Am I A Winter Person? 366/158.

Am I A Winter Person? 366/158.

Yesterday I would have said generally, yes.

Until this…the great (and latest) East Coast Low. This was earlier on Sunday 5 June. We live between Wyong and Norah Head. Top of photo.


I am writing this and scheduling the post ‘just in case we lose power’ so…here is a link to what has been happening in the local area called The Central Coast of NSW. The east coast low went from Queensland, down through northern NSW, here then onto Sydney and inner parts of the metropolitan area, south coast and further. It remains a menacing and awful event. Let’s hope by the time this is published tomorrow it’s gone!

I have horrid memories of the last #eastcoastlow and that wasn’t even in Winter! Remember this?


So, I guess I am more of a winter person as I am more physically comfortable being cool. I love a temperate time of year, like most people, and so I dislike the extremes of summer. I could live in a colder clime – I think – but my hub endured too many Armidale winters to want to do that again.

We will stick to the more temperate climes in our older age and keep comfy with a jacket or jumper and the heater set at about 23 degrees when it gets too cold even here.

I like the comfort foods of winter, but I have to cook them still. I also like the warm cosy nights in bed but then again, the nights are pretty long aren’t they? I enjoy being at home on a winter’s day with sunshine pouring in through the windows but keeping wind and rain at bay.

What about you?

Are you a winter person?


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UPDATE: We did not lose power. Phew. So many people I know living in areas majorly affected by this east coast low system and I feel for them. Many have had house damage, cannot get to work or school and some schools and businesses are closed. Take care, everyone. Hope all is well wherever you are. 



Look It’s Summer! 366/36.

Look It’s Summer! 366/36.

You can expect to see beach and water shots from me, that is a given. I love exploring the spaces around here and these are some from the past few weeks.

In a few short weeks, the Australian summer is officially over. We have our seasons by the calendar.

Summer: December, January, February.

What season is it where you are?


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Weather. 345/365.

Weather. 345/365.

The weather affects us in so many ways.

Many are good, others are uncomfortable and for some dangerous to health.

Living in Australia for my 66+ years I have experienced the highs and lows of temperatures and conditions.

We have lived in outback desert-like conditions and I have holidayed in the far north tropics and in the Australian alps in  winter.

What is common to Australia in summer is how we watch for arrival of the cool change.

In NSW I know we refer to it as a ‘southerly’ or a ‘southerly buster’.

It brings sheer relief to everyone and their place after day(s) and night(s) of heat which has often been fanned to the coast from our hot inner heartland.

The southerly winds seem to generate in the southern cold ocean and may be from Antartica.

Nevertheless it is always wonderful to know ‘that the southerly is on its way’.

I’ve taken to asking about it on Instagram and Twitter now we are further up the coast it takes a while longer!

Yes, I also have weather apps on my phone.

Do you?

Denyse xx

P.S. What’s the weather like where you are today?

P.P.S. It’s pleasant here and all windows are open for the breeze, no air con needed!!



Love This Tree! 323/365.

Love This Tree! 323/365.

In Spring in Australia we see the yellow of the wattles fade away which started their bloom in Winter.

But we know more colour is on the way!

By October (mid Spring) we see the purple of the Jacaranda and that is magical especially when it leaves it magical carpet below.

I LOVE this tree too. I call it the Illawarra Flame Tree. Look at this RED!!!

I was out recently and had to walk down a footpath to capture this.

It is often seen near the purple Jacaranda and I love that look too.

But this is a picture of it alone.

I LOVE this tree’s colour!

Spring has definitely fact less than 2 weeks now till our SUMMER!

What trees do you find drawn to for their colour?

Denyse xx