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My Mondays. #LifeThisWeek 19/52. 2017.65.

My Mondays. #LifeThisWeek 19/52. 2017.65.

Mondays do have a flavour all of their own don’t they? I’m going to tell about some of My Mondays. As a Principal. 1999-2003. As a Grandma. 2008-2014. As a Retiree. 2015 – All three Mondays have memories for me, and of course, the present status as a retiree means that this one is the freshest!

As a Principal. 1999-2003.

Mostly Mondays would actually start on Sunday afternoons and evenings as my planning for the week ahead continued and I heard from staff members who may need to be absent the next day. I would spend Sunday night getting ready for my Monday mornings and from memory, not one was ever the same!

  • Leave home after breakfast and reading at least the front page of the paper and drive the 30 minutes west to school. No mobile phone so no idea of what might lie ahead when I arrived.
  • Often 2nd to arrive in the carpark as one staff member was always there before me!
  • School was unlocked as the cleaners were still there. Phew, no evidence of any vandalism over the weekend meant a less stressful start to the day.
  • Into my office, unpack my bag and computer and check that the morning’s organisation (and the week ahead) was on the whiteboard and planner for staff as they arrived.
  • Say g’day to most people as they arrived via the staffroom and grab myself a cuppa on the off-chance I might drink it hot. Put lunch in fridge and hope to actually have it at lunchtime.
  • Out to the playground as the children and parents start arriving to say hello, and to see that all is as ‘ship shape’ as it can be in an ageing play area and in classrooms.
  • Once the line-up bell goes, I’d step up the microphone and lead the school in the weekly anthem, flag raising and announce any messages, wishing everyone a ‘good morning’ as the classes and teachers left for their rooms.
  • Walking back to the admin block and office, chat with my staff and see what phone calls I will need to return and what mail (snail) there is to manage. Emails were only starting as I finished up as a principal.

As a Grandma. 2008-2014.

Even when I had returned to work part-time (after my principal role had finished) we offered to care for our grandchildren while their parents worked and studied. For more than 6 years this was a part-time role and much loved. We cared for up to 3 grandchildren at one time. When some came to us they were as young as 4 months. It was a learning curve again but much loved. My most recent memories of Mondays are documented here!

  • In the years gone by the children’s parents would bring the kids to us but in 2013-14 the crazy roads of NorthWestern Sydney meant that the parents would battle traffic twice getting to us, then getting to their workplaces, so I made the offer to drive to their house on Mondays to do ‘pick-up.’
  • Leave home after breakfast and reading at least one part of the paper to arrive and pick up two little people I love and help them into car seats and hopefully have a non-tearful departure. Most times it was.
  • Drive slowly home to our place via places with no traffic…we’d sometimes drive out to Riverstone and the back of Rouse Hill (this is pre-BIG developments) and see the horses and the animals in the paddocks.
  • At our place and warmly greeted by their Papa and into the house.
  • I would have placed the various toys and activities out for the day and the children would head for where they were.
  • A morning of play, chat, snacks and engagement with our grandkids mean outside, inside and sometimes to the park.
  • Morning tea of course and time for a cuppa for us.

As a Retiree. 2015 –

It still is quite a shock that my Mondays are ’empty’ of roles and activities based on other people’s needs as well as mine and it actually makes Mondays not as distinct as the beginning of the (formerly) working week. However, there are some routines and that is always helpful I find in retirement.

  • With no reason to be up nearly as early as in my previous life, I might be up around 8.00-8.30.
  • Morning paper brought in by my husband who will have been up for a while and had his breakfast.
  • Every 2nd Monday he goes to his brother’s to do some outside renovation work so I am alone for the day.
  • After my breakfast with the paper…which I can read all the way through as I have time, I turn to social media.
  • The blog needs attention and as it is Monday and my hosted Link Up there is some work to be done.
  • Later in the morning I will meditate as is my daily practice.
  • Morning tea might be quite late – but is often a cuppa with something homemade and I may read some of the magazine supplements from the weekend.
  • Art will be something else to do and perhaps a walk outside in the garden.

So, what do your Mondays look like? Ever had Monday-itis?

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What Works Best For You? 2017.26.

What Works Best For You? 2017.26.

Everyone has some ideas for that work best for them.

In terms of being a school parent and being organised for what school terms bring I wondered what works best for you!

This is the Morning Routine version of what worked for me. Back in the 1980s and 90s.

I was a school parent well before the internet and daily access to schools and newsletters and the like. However, I always had a fridge calendar and a space for notes there too. I kept our family calendar updated with school and extra curricular items such as sport and group events listed.

I added meeting days where I would be late home, necessitating other arrangements for school pick up and when there were to be meetings at the kids’ schools such as ‘meet the teacher.’

I would love to have readers share.

My list that worked best for me included:

  • I made sure I was up before the kids…just for my sanity…and I could get in some breakfast too before waking the darlings.
  • kids did not get dressed until they ate their breakfast and there were limited choices: cereal and toast.
  • TV never went on in the mornings. Ever. It was hard enough getting kids to stay on track. At least there were no electronic devices back then.
  • school clothes (including mine, because I was a teacher going off to school too!) ready the night before and laid out, with socks & shoes so there were no delays in finding said items!
  • checking of the weather report the night before (and the morning) so that we were prepared for rain/heat whatever Australia’s changing weather systems had on offer.
  • school bags emptied the night before (or on the weekend, the Friday for preference!) so that filling was easy in the mornings. Actually not fully emptied. I was the person who made her kids always have a folded up raincoat lying in the bottom of the school bag.
  • lunches were made in advance and in my case, kids and mine were made in batches and frozen.Boring same ingredients and sometimes not eaten but they were ready to pop into lunch boxes.
  • a snack self-selection area in the pantry with a guide for how many and from which group to add to lunchbox.
  • frozen water bottles grabbed from the freezer and wrapped in a towel – it helped with insulation and a cooling thing on the very hot days anyway.

  • library bag at the ready if it was library day.
  • school hat either next to the bag OR kept in the car as the kids would be dropped off from the car.
  • homework folders/books ready to be returned on the day as requested by the teacher.
  • notes signed, money added (if needed) and put in a plastic zip bag because for sure, these items get messed up in kids’ bags.
  • everyone in the car, buckled up allowing for the school drop offs and for me to be at school on time!

So, I used to look forward to getting to school….for the break and a coffee after all that above..and then up to my classroom to be ready for teaching everyone else’s kids!

What works for you in the mornings before school?

Do tell me in the comments!


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Back To Routines. #LifeThisWeek 5/52. 2017.17.

Back To Routines. #LifeThisWeek 5/52. 2017.17.


Str- e- tch!

Oh, here we go, back to routines!

Is this how it is for you right now?

I chose this prompt for this week as it is, for most of us, back to whatever routines form our lives.

We have, in many cases, had some time off from the usual routines and now it’s back to real life!

In our case, it’s actually been interesting NOT to have to get back to real life because we are retired from paid work, family responsibilities now our kids have well and truly left home and needing to be anywhere, somewhere by a certain time.

However there are days where we need to attend appointments and in my husband’s case perform his volunteer roles but we can take our day at a more leisurely pace. I know I needed routine in my life as a mother and a professional and it was via lists, preparation of meals and clothes ready to wear and generally having a running diary both in my head and on the fridge calendar.

Now, there are some routines I need to follow: eating meals, going for a walk, doing the blog and so on but it is less-timetabled and more free. It has taken me some time to become used to it all but now…love life with fewer routines!!

This sums up me in quite a few ways! The old me really.

I am someone who enjoys helping others and I also did some on-line research about the value of routines and agree that they are good for consistency and a smoothly operating family life…as best as can happen! I love this site that is Australian based and has many, many more helpful ideas for families.

Why routines are good for parents
Routines take some effort to create. But once established, they have lots of benefits:
* They free up time for you to think about other things while you work.
* Regular and consistent routines can help you feel like you’re doing a good job as a parent.
* When things are hectic, routines can help you feel more organised, which lowers stress.
* A routine will help you complete your daily tasks efficiently.
* As children get better at following a routine by themselves, you can give fewer instructions and nag less.
* Routines free you from having to constantly resolve disputes and make decisions. If Sunday night is pizza night, no-one needs to argue about what’s for dinner. Source: here.

What does “Back To Routine” mean for you?

Have you had a break from routine?

Do you find you can keep to a routine most days?

Can you give yourself permission to vary the routine and have some extra fun?



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2016 Is Slip Sliding Away. 366/336.

2016 Is Slip Sliding Away. 366/336.

On 1st January 2016 I vowed to continue to write daily posts for 2016…which would end the year with 366 posts.

On Mondays I blogged about “Life This Week”.

Tuesdays “Education”

Wednesdays “Health and Mindfulness”

Thursdays “Stories from Life’s Experiences”

Fridays “Photography”

Saturdays “Creativity & Art”

Sundays “More!”

I blogged every single day, on a new topic each day, until the beginning of November.

I decided that I had fulfilled a personal goal of writing but it no longer had to be every single day. I wrote about that here.

Some link ups I joined over the week also changed. Blogging is changing for some people as they return to work or take on different roles. I get that but I do love a link up to find new blogs and for bloggers to find me.

I loved it when Leanne started her Lovin’ Life linky on a Sunday and I got to meet even more bloggers! Now I am joining in here each Thursday with her crew helping out each week.

Raychael over here is instrumental in supporting bloggers and link ups each week and has a Facebook page for sharing. Thank you, Raych.

In September Kirsty announced that she was retiring her much-loved “I Must Confess” Monday link up. She is specialising now in her role as parent and advocate for children with autism. Her blog is a wealth of knowledge.

It was for me a sad time as I always enjoyed the link ups and the prompts. What to do? I gave it some thought, chatted to others including Kirsty and decided to try my own link up.

Taking my Monday topic of Life This Week, I gave it a shot as the name for a Monday link up and I was humbled and delighted to see a significant number of blogging friends join in! Thank you all so much!

As of next week, I will have been running my Monday link up for 15 weeks. Wow.

I also asked some questions here about how bloggers who linked up liked the option of prompts and so on, and they concluded if it was a good fit for them and they got some ideas then they would use the prompts. Otherwise, they’d still link up. Thanks everyone.

Next week on Monday 19 December the {optional} prompt is “this time next week”. The last{optional} prompt for the year on Monday 26 December is “gratitude”. The link up will continue each week into 2017 even though I know some bloggers take a break. I WILL be here!!

Does it feel like 2016 is slipping away quickly now?

Will you be glad to see it over?

I am not sure sure but I dont think I want to live it again, if you know what I mean!

I hope you come and link up on Mondays.

I love seeing my blogging friends, old and new, there too.


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Fourth Term Means This. 366/292.

Fourth Term Means This. 366/292.

Those of you who have had kids at school for a while will identify with some of the things on this list. Some of you I know are in your first year of having a child at school and the list may help. Or not!

It is offered with no advice other than



  • The weather will be hot or  cold, rainy and all that in between because it’s FOURTH term
  • The child who left home with jumper or jacket or both will have taken them off and even though they are labelled, will not bring them home.
  • You will ask why. The child will say I left it in my room. It will not be there. It will be somewhere.
  • Muttering under your breath, you pop into the classroom, greet tired teacher with ‘have you seen J’s jacket?’
  • You will be told, nicely I hope, ‘it could be in the lost property bin near the office if it’s not here.’ It is in none of these places. It IS FOURTH term you know.
  • YOU think “I am so not buying another jacket so my child will have to learn from this. Other parents advise: ‘just take an unlabelled one from lost property, you can see that the box is overflowing. It is so ‘not like you’ but it’s FOURTH term and you are not buying a new one.
  • Your child wakes up and says “I’m not going to school today, we are only watching DVDs”. Of course….that’s what happens in the last weeks of  FOURTH term!
  • You send you child to school and later that day, when asking how the day was. “It was cool, we got to watch DVDs all day.”
  • Providing lunch and snacks each day for your child is over-rated, yeah?
  • So, because  it’s FOURTH term…so it’s a case of “who’d like a canteen order today?” and hope that you can scrounge enough cash for more than one day a week because…so over it.

What’s your Fourth Term advice for parents?

What are some examples you could add to this list?

By the way, how IS Fourth Term going?



education 150

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My Morning By A Principal. 366/285.

My Morning By A Principal. 366/285.

I was a school principal in NSW public schools for part of the 1990s and early 2000s. The role of principal has changed as far as added technologies, 24/7 communications, pressures from more entities along with direct and indirect accountability.  Essentially though, the day-to-day has not changed significantly. This account  is based on a typical morning of mine from my role then. I add, it was fun to write it and be a leader in NSW schools was a privilege not given to many, but I admit to being glad to have retirement status now. I hope you enjoy the read. Denyse.


7.30 a.m. Drive to School.

Do not think about school. Much. I tell myself. I listen to news & to traffic reports. Then comes the phone call from Executive Staff who cannot find a casual teacher for Class 5K. Think ‘oh no’ not 5K teacher away again. Oh. Tell Executive Staff member to keep on calling central casual booking office till they find someone.

8.00 a.m. Arrive at School.

Park car in space for ‘Principal’ after waiting for the service truck to pull out of there after delivering ice creams to the canteen. Get Out Of Car. Come on, you can do it! Mobile rings. “I found a teacher for 5K but it will be 10 a.m till he can get here”. See you in a minute.

8.10 a.m. Walk up Stairs to Main Building Where Office is.

Notice that bins have not been emptied. Again. Make note in admin book for cleaning supervisor to see. I place lunch in fridge and hope to see it again at lunchtime (that would be a record!!). Greet the early birds in the staffroom with warm smile as they chat about day ahead and ask “have you put your footy tips in for this week?” I will!

8.15 a.m. Unlock Office Door. The room looks exactly as it did at end of day yesterday at 6.00 p.m.

Start computer, after putting my bag down (finally!), and wait for the emails (that did not get checked at home this morning) to flood in. They do. Office Admin Staff pop in with snail mail and warm greetings. It is nice to start the day that way! Oh no. There’s more to the greeting. “A parent” from the “class we all know well” needs to see you stat.

8.20 a.m. Parent Meeting. Matters Discussed: attitude of teacher to ‘his child’ and ‘homework’.

Listen and make notes as well as reassure the parent that I will be following up with issues discussed with the teacher and will be back to him by the end of the day. Parent leaves reluctantly as he does like a good whinge chat but the bell for playground duty has sounded.


8.30 a.m. Playground Duty. Morning. Once A Week.

Ideally the principal would LOVE to be out and about meeting and greeting families as the children arrive at school but school-business of all kinds can take precedence inside. One morning on playground duty is one way of sharing the teachers’ duties more fairly and getting to experience ‘first-hand’ what is happening on that day, with the kids and the school. So this is why I did playground duty!

9.00 a.m. Morning Outside Assembly. Led by The Principal.

In this school of over 400 students it is the one time each child and teacher is together in the one space to start the day. Families do hang around a little to hear announcements which are kept brief but are encouraged to leave so the school day starts with less distraction and more concentration on the day ahead. As the children leave in lines, with the class teacher, I observe them and note that one of the support staff has taken 5K until the relief teacher gets here. Then….just as I am about to leave the area I am found. By my office manager. That’s her job!!

9.05 a.m – 11.00 a.m. First Of My Day’s Business Via The Messages, Phone Calls, People Waiting to See Me and MORE!

  • respond to requests from my office manager for signature on documents and checking first that all is there as needed
  • speak to waiting people who are there for reasons such as monitoring the back to base security alarms, wanting to tell me about a new product for student reporting, a sales rep from a school photography company and many more who often ‘turn up’. I choose to meet outside my office with some of these people as it can be more time efficient and I also may refuse to see someone unless there is a valid reason. Schools can be seen as ‘cash cows’ by some less reputable firms and I have full responsibility for financial management
  • new families waiting to meet me and to enrol their children. With or without an appointment, these people take priority and once my office manager has verified their eligibility via residence, age of child and more, then I invite them in and off we go on the process. This can take from 15 minutes to an hour.
  • phone calls and emails from families, my superiors, other schools, the staff and so on are managed as they come in (or can be left until later) and are done in between face to face meetings.
  • moving around the school to visit classrooms is a priority but cannot always occur when more urgent business comes up. However, there is a plan to see at least one class per day and to interact with the children as much as possible.
  • when out and about around the school I observe the physical resources of the school making note of any potential repairs required or areas which may need closer maintenance and discuss this with the two days a week grounds person. Of course, if he is not in, I note it in the communication book and we chat once he is back. Anything urgent, I place safety barriers/tape around the area and ensure the staff and children know about it and report it to the company responsible for maintenance of our school.
  • I may have time to visit the ‘loo when I am out of the office and this is important!!
  • I may receive a visit from class reps who want to show me their ‘lovely work’ and this is always a reason to stop, and invite the children in.
  • As I am the only non-teaching executive in the school, I try hard not to interrupt the teaching day of my fellow executive staff and wait for them to be on face to face release for our meetings. Each Monday we get together over lunch for an executive meeting cover all the issues relevant to the school and wider education community.
  • I may be called, via the internal phone system to a classroom where a child is having some behavioural issues and it may escalate. The policies I introduced via our school management will help here, but in the end it may be ‘just me’ and perhaps a member of the support staff to help calm a situation. Each situation must be dealt with fairly and with no or minimal risk to the students and ourselves. I have had to, in the past, ensure a rescue of students from areas out of bounds including up on a roof and escaping outside the grounds. Fortunately each of these was resolved safely but they did require a LOT of follow up and in some cases, a new program, class or even school for the student. That is an extreme outcome.


Note Paper with yellow pencil

11.00 a.m. – 11.30 a.m. Morning Break For Students and Staff.

We chose to add 10 minutes to this break and take 10 minutes from the longer lunch break once schools were able to make internal timetable changes themselves. This one gives us 10 minutes eating, then 20 minutes at play and gives all teachers at least a 10 minute break for self-care. I have learned to grab my cuppa a few minutes before the bell, sit with my office staff to recover  chat about the morning and prepare for the rest of the day/week. I like this time to talk with teachers or just listen! Sometimes its their only time to connect with more of the staff and with me. A lot gets covered and there are noticeboards with info as well as pigeonholes for them to check the latest…and of course, emails. 


11.30 a.m. – Midday. Children Assemble Outside Their Rooms and Return to Class.

I spend some time outside while this is happening as it is another way of connecting with the students and I am scanning the areas to ensure that it is safe, all the children are back where they should be and that teachers have arrived to take their classes. On time. It is always my hope anyway!! 

Rather than go straight back to the office, this is time for another walk around these large grounds where I can ascertain that the repairs which were supposed to have been completed to the fence after the last storm have been done. I see that there are classes which stayed outside to complete their fitness after recess and it’s good to know the all-weather sport court is used! It cost a fortune!

Next time I will post about My Afternoon By A Principal.

So, how did you find reading this?

Are you surprised by anything in this?

Does it seem like a role you might enjoy?

Let me know in the comments!


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How Do You Sleep? 366/230.

How Do You Sleep? 366/230.

I know this could be interpreted a few ways! But here’s my sleep story below.

We know sleep is restorative and good for us, but I also know how much we humans find it hard at times. I try not to nap or nod off through the day and it does make for a better night’s sleep.

I read lots about sleep in the recent Body and Soul Special here, so thought it was a good topic to share.

Excerpts I found of interest:

Older people

“As we age, our sleep tends to get lighter and we’ll inevitably experience more awakenings across the night,’’ professor Leon Lack of Flinders University says.
“Insomnia can develop as a person will start worrying about the wakenings. The worry can contribute to fatigue and daytime tiredness.’’
What to do: Go to bed later. Avoid daytime naps, as they can prevent you falling asleep at the right time in the evenings.

Getting to sleep in 60 seconds

A deep-breathing trick can make insomniacs drop off to sleep in less than one minute, according to a health expert. The method involves holding the breath in stages then exhaling with a loud whooshing noise. This “4-7-8” method has been pioneered by US sleep expert Dr Andrew Weil, who claims the technique works by calming the mind and relaxing the body.


"my bed" styled for when we sold the house.

“my bed” styled for when we sold the house.

About me..and sleep, these days (and nights!)

I sleep in a non-shared king sized bed and it gives me a LOT of room to move around.

It’s in a bedroom and I have a TV/Foxtel there too along with a bedside table for my books (oh so many books!) and charger for Ipad and iPhone.

Yes, I do have the iPhone on and next to me (with a low light function and turned over) and the Ipad is there for reading, games and reading blogs at night.

I tend to go to bed around 8.30-9 as my husband goes to sleep in his room about that time, so I wind down with a bath or shower, then pop into bed and watch some telly, read or play games on my iPad. I always read a small chapter of a book before I turn off the light.

The room is comfy in temperature (but I do not have it heated) and in summer I usually have a fan on in the room.

I always have crisp sheets and never flannelette ones and a light blanket in summer for when the temperature cools down and a heavier one in winter as well as the cover/doona to pull up if needed.

I have a MILLION a lot of pillows and they have to be ‘just so’. Since breaking my leg years ago, I have had a pillow under the top sheet to support my legs (helps my back too), and I have pillows at each side of my arms as I find those comforting, and a layer of pillows at my head with one small pillow as my ‘security’ pillow, which helps when I am ready to nod off as I turn to the left hand side. I often have a heated pad for my back when I first get into bed, and USUALLY turn it off but it has a safety switch so off it goes after 90 minutes.

It is pretty dark and I am not wakened by noises outside as we live in a quiet neighbourhood

As for sleeping. I am usually asleep before midnight. I no longer ‘have’ to be awake for a particular time or event such as work or caring any more so I do not set an alarm.

I don’t take anything to help me get to sleep and usually my activity through the day (and my age!) is enough to get me tired enough to sleep for the next 7 hours or less.

I might waken in the night for a loo break and if I sense it may be hard to return to sleep (hello, thoughts that go round and round) I might listen to a gentle voice from one of my favourite podcasters. I deliberately do not choose ones that are funny! I want to drift back to sleep.


That’s it from me.

How do you sleep?


I am asking readers to pop back here, if they get a chance, and help me hone the blog for my planning to continue in 2017. If you get a chance, please comment to help! Thank you.


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Ten True Facts For Term 2. 366/117.

Ten True* Facts For Term 2. 366/117.

True* meaning not a lie and why I added it to Facts is that it rolls off the tongue better. Even though “true” and “facts” are meant to mean the same yes?

So, are you up for these?

  1. Term 2 is about to start for some states and schools and has just started for others and you are asking yourself already ‘did we really have a holiday?’
  2. The fact that you forgot that you had a holiday means that Term 2 is the ‘let’s get back into this school mode FAST as there is MUCH to do.
  3. One thing of course that’s coming is NAPLAN. Yep, that word which is bandied about and which I promise a post for you next week. It affects (is that the best word?) kids in ALL Australian schools in grades 3,5,7,9.
  4. And another fact, schools will be telling you somewhere very soon that it is WINTER uniform time! In most schools I know the minute you change your child’s uniform from summer to winter, it gets HOT again. Sigh.
  5. School Lunches. Say. No. More.
  6. Where did the play outside time go for after school? I’m blaming the coming of Winter and that shortest day of the year which occurs around 21-22 June. Term 2!
  7. Mother’s Day Stall. Not very far away. In fact next week! If you are the mother, you usually put the money in an envelope and send it off with your child dearly hoping that it is not lost and that the wonderful present you receive is not one you donated.
  8. Flu. Cold. Viruses. Reasons for sick days. You? How is your employer if you have to have days off? School cannot mind your sick child. Believe me, some parents do try. Do the flu injection. Stat. Thanks!
  9. Work..Homework…School Interviews… all happens in Term 2. It’s a furious time of full-on endeavour at the teacher/school end and eventually at your end, the parents, as you make appointments and get ready to hear about your child’s progress. I hope the only surprises are GOOD!
  10. Counting down to days till the next break. There is one long weekend in June and that’s about it unless your state has some others.

It’s a long term this one. In fact it is the busiest in some ways. However, if you can see it to the end then the school year is half-way over!

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What would you add to my list of facts about Term 2?


Thank you to the people who wrote suggestions for future post topics last week. I have them listed and will be adding them on the blog over time!

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