Tuesday 22nd May 2018

G’day It’s ICAD 2016 Starting UP! 366/150.

G’day It’s ICAD 2016 Starting UP! 366/150.

On 1 June I am starting the Index Card A Day Creative Challenge called ICAD for short.

You know about it from me here!

This year it’s my 4th year and I couldn’t be happier to get digging deep (thanks Brene Brown for that expression) and using my creative forces for GOOD.

I’ve made a retrospective little vid over on YouTube and added music from the one and only quintessentially Aussie singer/song writer, the late Slim Dusty.

His ‘say G’day’ song is my little Aussie flavour added to the largely US-based group and waving my patriotic flag to say ‘g’day.’

Here it is…it goes for less than a minute and there are around 30 cards out of the 93 created over 3 years.

An annoying ad comes up after the start. On the right of the vid, click the X for it to disappear. Thanks!

I know I have asked before..but are you doing ICAD this year?

I started when I was at a low point in my life and it’s really helped me re-direct some of my energies into creating. It IS like BIG MAGIC as Elizabeth Gilbert wrote.

For more about how to join up with the challenge, pop over to Tammy Garcia’s website first, then follow the links. You’ll be glad you did!


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Joining Leanne from Deep Fried Fruit today and wondering if she and any of her blog followers will ‘give it a go!’.



Water Views Then & Now. 366/92.

Water Views Then & Now. 366/92.

Regular readers here know that I love the water!

They also may realise we are now into our second year living near the water.

Today I have chosen 3 shots I took close to one year ago and 3 I took on Thursday of this week.



We Lived Near Here at Empire Bay for most of 2015.

MacMasters Beach. Last surf for the season 2015 for me.

MacMasters Beach. Last surf for the season 2015 for me.

'in the water' at MacMasters Beach looking towards Copacabana April 2015.

‘in the water’ at MacMasters Beach looking towards Copacabana April 2015.


Rough and wonderful seas at Soldiers Beach rock platform 31 March 2016. Near where we live now.


No-one is standing on these platforms waiting to jump in when it’s like this!


From Soldiers Beach top carpark looking towards Norah Head 31 March 2016.

What’s the water view near you?


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Joining my photography friends with links attached here:

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