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Share Your Snaps #9. 45/51.#LifeThisWeek. 111/2019.

Share Your Snaps #9. 45/51. #LifeThisWeek. 111/2019.

It’s that time again. Every 5 weeks here where the ‘snaps’ are shared. I know I share lots of my photos in posts but am determined, to make this post less wordy and more pictorial! 

Here goes. In line with last week’s post on colours…love them…

I am going to post photos which highlight colours…AND guess who does this best? Nature.










ON ANOTHER TOPIC! Women of Courage. 

I am looking for new Women of Courage to highlight in 2020. The current series finishes next week at #25. Then the series will be on a break (as they say in media-land) returning in early February 2020 on Wednesdays.

I would LOVE you (if you have not already!) to send me a message here: denyse@ozemail.com.au that you’d like to be part of it. It involves answering just 5 questions. And adding an image of yourself.

As you may know already from reading the series (here for those who want a refresh) “courage” comes in many forms. Sometimes getting up in the morning is an act of courage as is travelling solo around the globe.

Please consider this. I am so very proud of all who have submitted their stories and of those who have been published, I think there’s been a great deal of excellent feedback to know how much it was appreciated.

Will you be in it?


And that folks, is the second last Share Your Snaps for 2019.

Can you believe how fast this year is flying to the finish line?


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My First Car/Bike. #LifeThisWeek 34/52. 2017.103.

My First Car/Bike. #LifeThisWeek 34/52. 2017.103.

I made this prompt My First Bike/Car with an initial thought to write about my first car. Here’s the backstory.

However, I seriously could not find a photo of my first car probably because I did not have it for long. Towards the end of my first year of teaching, newly in love with the man who is my husband, I turned 21. My parents, back in Sydney, were not “quite up to speed” with how quickly our relationship had progressed and when I flew back to Sydney for a family 21st lunch and party with Sydney friends (no B with me!) I was surprised by a 21st gift of a second hand Blue Datsun 1000. OKayyyyyy. It was a part gift and part, ‘you can pay this off back to us’ present and I was delighted to have four wheels to call my own and to drive back to the country. But life, for us, took quite a different turn with our marriage early the next year and living in the bush (real bush!) meant my little car was not exactly road-worthy there nor was my now husband’s so we did a very practical thing and got a bigger car, a Ford Falcon. Not enough space to tell you the stories of us and cars. And I waited for another 10 years, when we were finally city-based for me to get a new car to call my own.

So much for not mentioning the car.

Not even a first bike story…it’s a tricycle.

When I was a little kid, around the age of 6 I was given a BLUE tricycle (not even a bike!) because…well just because I was six and it was cool. My brother could even sit on the back part of the bike and I could give him a ride. I am sure he loved that. Not. At the time this photo of me was taken there was an school fete on and a decorated bike competition. I remember Mum putting fresh flowers in the basket and I can see there are streamers in the spokes. I also notice I only have ONE black patent shoe on. That, my friends, is because earlier in that week barefoot me had trodden on a kid’s garden rake that had been left outside (shall I say, probably by my brother, because I was a perfect child) and I landed on it and the prongs when into my heel. Cue blood and crying but in the end OK but very sore.

I do not know if I won a prize with my bike but I sure do recall being very proud of it. I got my first BIcycle aged 11 once we had moved to Sydney. It was brand new and brown (who picks a brown bike? My parents I guess) and it was cool for 2 years and I rode it up and down the many hills in our Sydney harbourside suburb and then I sold it to my brother for 10 shillings. I was off to High School and a bike was not part of my needs. I also have no idea how long my brother kept the girl’s bike for as I cannot imagine HE pedalled to school on it.

And an ending as a little tribute to Dad. Father’s Day was yesterday. I did send a card and talk to him. Due to my cancer I have not been down to see him in  Sydney for over 4 months but I am feeling well enough to do this next Monday. Looking forward to it.

Here we are: about 66 years difference in the shots. Thanks for being my dad…even if you and I have clashed over the years I am very grateful for your love and care and support.

I look forward to reading your stories about bikes and cars too if you have gone along with the prompt.


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NEXT WEEK: This link up is ONE.  I have made that the prompt for the week and I will be posting about the community that we have grown here and how it’s been a constant in my life and has helped me very much. If you link up and like the idea of this special prompt use your post to tell us how it’s been for you in this 12 month period to link up. And, of course, THANK you for doing so!


Taking Stock. #LifeThisWeek 27/52. 2017.87.

Taking Stock. #LifeThisWeek 27/52. 2017.87.

When I started this link up I thought every 9th week could be a Taking Stock prompt using the words from here.

I remember mentioning when I wrote the last one here that I could see how things have moved more positively for me and that was great. In writing this one, however, I have had to make mention of the sudden and pretty shocking news given to me on 17th May that I have cancer. Nevertheless I have tried to see the words here with more than cancer in mind.

A year ago I started My Mandala Journey with this one and I have made 200+ since then.

A year ago I voted in the Australian Election. The #democracysausage was the best hashtag ever.

Here’s my list:

Making: mandalas in art

Cooking: cupcakes for me and for my husband and they have all gone into the freezer for future treats and snacks

Drinking: tea more than coffee but water more than both

Reading: both Saturday and Sunday newspapers because I love the papers

Wanting: good health after the recent diagnosis of squamous cell carcinoma in my upper gums

Looking: at my right leg and telling it to be a good skin flap and fibula bone for making my new upper jaw

Playing: CDs by my favourite ‘teachers’ such as Jack Kornfield and Pema Chodron

Wasting: a few moment here and there scrolling on social media

Sewing: nothin’

Wishing: that my surgery was over, that I recover very well and that my year ahead will be a smooth path to have my mouth reconstruction over and there is no cancer found anywhere else. (quite a few wishes I know, but that’s my focus!)

Enjoying: moments to chat with my husband and to watch our nightly 30 minutes of Downton Abbey!

Waiting: the call was made by me on Monday to FINALLY confirm (or change BOOOOO!) my planned surgery date is this coming Thursday 6 July.

Liking: the warmth brought into the house thanks to ducted air-conditioning

Wondering: where the heck we will be living this time next year as the landlords want us gone by the end of February. Booooo to that too.

Loving: the enveloping of care, concern and attention from many people since my cancer diagnosis and even though many of these people have never met me I know I am loved

Hoping: that Sydney house prices eventually settle as it’s a cray-cray scenario there (and in other cities I know) and I fear for those with a mortgage who are living  week by week

Marvelling: at nature …every.single.day.

Needing: not much at all

Smelling: the ocean when I am near

Wearing: warm clothes

Following: some lovely bloggers who care and share

Noticing: that my face is very lined since I have lost so much weight over the past 3 years + I AM 67! Yikes.

Knowing: I have had a very stressful year

Thinking: that it’s time people in higher echelons of government let schools and teachers get on with the role of educating kids instead of asking them to complete surveys, tests and so on to satisfy funding arrangements

Feeling: more calm that I though I’d be (this is Saturday evening writing so it will be interesting to see how I am by the time publication occurs)

Bookmarking: interesting podcasts for my long hospital stay

Opening: a box with a new Ipad inside. I have a very kind husband who knew that I was struggling with my old one which kept freezing.

Giggling: at the cute little toddler who offered me his mum’s car keys while I was waiting after them at the self-service checkout

Feeling: blessed. Yes, it’s not a fashionable word but like journey I am owning up to being blessed. Because I am.

To those who have shown their care and support by comments and messages I am most humbled and appreciative! I hope all is well in your lives and I look forward to coming back and announcing when the link up is back and regular blogging commences again soon.


Thank you for joining in today for this week’s linky. If you did a Taking Stock too that is awesome. I am closing the linky earlier than usual this week – Tuesday at 5 p.m. (Aust Eastern Time) as I will be leaving for Sydney the next morning.

I link up on Mondays with Alicia here and with Kell here too.

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Ten Things I Like About Me. #ltw5. 366/284.

Ten Things I Like About Me. #ltw5. 366/284.

The optional prompt for this week here for Life This Week is Ten Things You Like About You.

I’ve made it ‘me-centred’ for this post as I expect anyone else will who joins!

In chatting with a blogging friend I know we both thought it somewhat challenging to think about this prompt which led me to consider that it seems we are all geared to the default of negative in our views of self. I’m going through my usual meanderings of anxiety (that is, it comes and goes) so it appeared to be even harder for me to come up with this list.

But here’s how I did. I went back through my own set of memories…my photos…and they helped. It turns out I like qualities in me such as:

kindness, commitment, valuing education, being sociable, creating, practical skills, loving, intelligence, details oriented,  connected.

Here’s my list of 10 with accompanying photo:

ONE: Kindness. I am good at caring for others but I am also getting better at being kinder to me taking myself out of my head space and into nature when I need it so I like that in myself.


TWOCommitment. I am a loving, committed person and whilst relationships have ups and downs, I like that I have remained married to the same person for over 45 years and that he does too.


THREE: Valuing Education. Clearly education is a key to my many professional roles and that even here, at High School, I probably knew that then too but I was extra busy on the socialising side too. Me: Top standing, second in.


FOUR: Sociable. I like driving this car as it helps me to meet up with people. I am slowly taking my time in my new area to make social connections but I will over time.


FIVE: Creating. I  like that in discovering how much I enjoy art and creativity now, I also find sharing my art via postcards is a great way to stay connected with people I may never meet personally.


SIX: Practical Skills. I like the fact that I can cook meals that are both nutritious and enjoyable even though I do not get to cook much except for me these days, I value that I am as entitled to a good meal as anyone…even though I have to cook it!


SEVEN: Loving. I like being a wife, daughter, a parent but especially a grandmother to our grandchildren. I add that as they are growing up and we live a long way from them all now I have had to change how I view my role now as it was more involved when the children were younger and we lived close by.



EIGHT: Intelligence. I like the fact that I cannot stop learning about things but this time it is to have more understanding of myself and challenges I am facing, and these are some of the means I use to guide me.


NINE: Details Oriented. I like that I am primarily a visual person and I can see the smallest details in some of nature and I really, really notice! I also remember a LOT.



TEN: Connecting. I like the fact that some years ago I recognised I needed to have a way to continue to connect with people when I stopped teaching and that I started a blog and that I have readers who chat and connect here each week.


I hope this was of interest to you and that you might tell us some things you like about you if you have not believed about it. Use the comments to share!

I hope today and the rest of the week is a great one for you!


P.S. Next week’s optional prompt on Mon 17/10 “which anniversaries are special?” I have one and it is on that date!  I hope you find one to blog about  too!

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