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Daylight Saving. Like or Loathe?.#ltw4 366/277.

Daylight Saving. Like or Loathe?.#ltw4 366/277.

As of yesterday, Sunday 2 October 2016, these parts of Australia are taking part in Daylight Saving until the weekend of 2 April 2017:

  • New South Wales
  • Australian Capital Territory
  • South Australia
  • Tasmania
  • Victoria

Other states and territories which do not take part are:

  • Queensland
  • Western Australia
  • Northern Territory

img_6850 There were referenda about Daylight Saving when it first started in (from my memory 1973?) in N.S.W. and it commenced (then) in the last weekend in October and concluded in last weekend in February. I liked it better then. I am not sure when the other states came on board nor when it went to 6 months of the year. I also recall that during the Sydney Olympics in 2000 it commenced to co-incide with the Games start in mid- September. I am sure, dear readers, that if I am incorrect, you will let me know! The prompt today is about Like/Loathe Daylight Saving and I had some initial thoughts on this which are here:

  • I liked it better when it was for 4 months
  • I always find it much harder to deal with the final month of DLS – maybe it’s an end of Summer thing and I am waiting for the heat to have gone too
  • I do not mind some time at the end of the day with daylight for pottering in the garden or visiting the beach for a walk when it is cooler
  • I do find my body takes time to adjust both at the beginning and the end
  • I try to remember the time differences/changes in Australia when dealing with, say, a company in Queensland and know that their hours are different to ours. My hub’s Uni is in Qld and he needs to take into account their hours when trying to make contact.

clock-147257_960_720 I did not want this post to be ‘all about me’ so I put the question to Facebook and got many more responses for the ‘like’ than the ‘loathe’ and here’s some! Likes:

  • I love daylight saving..I wish they had it all year. I hate leaving work in the dark!
  • I love Daylight Saving but I agree with you Denyse 4 months is better. I spend the first and last months complaining about it as it doesn’t really work.
  • I love it. I love having more daylight at the end of the day. Wish we could have it for longer, like we did when Australia hosted the Olympics.
  • Because without it the sun would rise in Melbourne about 4.30-5am in summer!
  • I love daylight saving. It’s when I spend the most time with my neighbours…late afternoon drinks in the front yard while all the kids play cricket together. Love getting home from work while it’s still light too
  • I love it! So much more you can fit in the day! I have a friend though who is a dairy farmer and hates it. Reckons it was invented by public servants so they could mow their lawns after work.
  •  I love daylight saving. Was never a problem when the kids were smaller as I always tended to run off the daylight hours rather than a clock anyway. It was especially good when my hub was working in the city and not getting home until 6pm. It meant he could still have a play with the kids outside or go for a swim. I think a lot of people make a bigger deal out of it than it actually is.
  • I’m in Sydney and I would love for the time to be moved to Daylight Saving time permanently, ie all year round. I think having daylight hours at the end of the day is far preferable to the beginning.
  • I LOVE daylight saving but unfortunately in this state (WA) we don’t have it! So it’s 4am sunrise and 7pm -ish sunset. It never played havoc with my kids because they had blackout curtains and slept 11 hours no matter what.  So enjoy it NSW, I’ll be jealous when our summer BBQ’s and swims outside are ending because its getting dark!
  •   Love it! It means I am guaranteed to get out for run in the evening after hubby gets home from work, even if he is running late.
  •  I wish we had it in Qld- my early risers do not need any more encouragement to be up with the sun (at 4  thirty am!)
  •  We don’t have it in WA. I’m trying to express my feelings about this without swearwords, but it’s proving difficult. I probably used them all up when the State voted no, because they said it would fade the curtains and upset the cows.

Love the outdoors time!

  •  I’m glad we don’t have it in Qld. I think it’s completely pointless. We already have the sun out until 7 pm anyway.
  • I love not having daylight saving –  yes I’m a WA person Just annoying to call friends in other states Sun rises early enough and sets late enough without adding an extra hour to the day
  • Hate it for the fact I want the whole east coast on the same time zone, no matter what it is. We now have 6 months of people ringing right on the kid’s bedtime. Completely an insignificant issue but… argh!
  • To tell you the truth I am pleased we don’t have it in Queensland… it is light so early no matter what, and I would never see my hub as he wouldn’t be home until 7.30 – 8 pm every night… while other people may enjoy playing golf until all hours… it kills family life for those in the industry… we have to stay open from daylight to dusk and so many people play early in the morning due to it being cooler… whereas afternoons aren’t usually as busy as it is so hot… maybe I am just getting old… but I love our evening swims and walks… I would miss them.
  •  It’s useless trying to work after 2pm anyway because I can’t get hold of anyone over on the east coast
  • Yes! That! And the east coasters who don’t realise how far into the future they actually are, and call at 5am WST.
  •  In my opinion Daylight saving lasts for too long. It begins too early, plunging the mornings back into darkness, and once school is back, it just drags on and on. Towards the end we are rising in the dark again. In Central West NSW we have days of 40+C, and no relieving sea breezes or for that matter, no sea! The sun is still blazing as we try to eat dinner and it is never much of a pleasure to cook. Maybe if we just ran it in December and January when most people have holidays and time off from work it would be enough.

Can be a challenge getting kids to bed!

Thank you for your helpful comments for this discussion post about Daylight Saving. Now, what about you, dear Readers….Like or Loathe? Or, perhaps somewhere in the middle. This is probably where I sit these days too! Denyse. life 150 Thanks for linking up ( I hope you have!) whether it’s about the prompt or not!

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