Monday 19th March 2018

Little Fishies. 2017.35.

Little Fishies. 2017.35.

On Monday I drove to The Entrance for a haircut. Beforehand I did my favourite thing which was to take a look at The Entrance waterway and see what was happening. Not many people were there as school is back and holidays are over for most. However, the water was freshly running and just under the surface SCHOOL was in for Little Fishies!

Here’s what I saw.

After the haircut I drove back over the bridge in the photo and stopped off at Pelican Wharf where I took these pics standing on a little jetty. Look at the camouflage!

Do you ever just stop and notice nature like this?

It was a very mindful experience for me during a pretty stressful time. Life is like that for me right now.


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Close To Nature. 2017.3.

Close To Nature. 2017.3.

One thing I have learned about me in the past two years is that I need to be close to nature.

I did not really appreciate the healing and wondrous aspects of nature until I was taken away from ALL of my life’s work, distractions and busy-ness!

There IS something about the negative being turned into a positive and with the anxiety which rose (and rises!) in me, I have found being close to nature helps me become more grounded and at one with myself.

Here are some of my recent forays into nature. Some are as close as walking outside to our back garden and others are 5-10 minutes drive away! Enjoy.

In keeping with my blogging practice from 2016 I will blog under categories but now, there may be more than one in a blog post such as today’s with covers both mindfulness and health and photography!

Have you tried being in nature to take away some of the head-oriented stuff that keeps us stressed and anxious?








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Noticing Nature. 366/269.

Noticing Nature. 366/269.

I need to remind myself to do this EVERY day and it pays dividends each time for my senses and my mood.

Saturday was a beautiful spring day here and so I went for a little drive along the Wyong River.

It’s been a while since I’ve done that drive so I was interested to see what I noticed.

Here’s what I noticed in nature!


Watching the ripples on the water



Looking west Wyong River



Coral Tree with a LOT more flowers than last time.



Rail Bridge over the Wyong River, just before the Wyong Station stop.



Look…mandala in nature!



Blue Sky! Look Up, even when the clouds cover it, in meditation we learn there is always BLUE sky!

Do you notice nature (and the changes!) each day?

It’s amazing.

Nature is teaching me that everything changes every single day!

Have a great Sunday wherever you are.


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I Liked These Patterns! 366/86.

I Liked These Patterns! 366/86.

I see patterns everywhere!

I wish I could replicate some patterns in my art and I do give that a go sometimes.

As a predominantly visual person, I see LOTS around me and patterns often attract my attention.

On some recent trips around here where nature abounds here is what I saw…


Beach dunes

Beach dunes



Look What The Ocean Spat Out!



Foamy patterns are endless here.



Left by the tide



Ever-waving patterns rocks and sand underneath



Look UP, there’s always a pattern!



‘Mandala’ lantana flower…close up!


Do you see patterns too?


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Mindfulness Poem 366/20.

Mindfulness Poem 366/20.

After last week’s post I was sent the following poem by a kind reader….who I married almost 45 years ago…and it does certainly ‘fit’ with the idea of being mindful. I read it and have been taken back over and over to the sea, where I walked this week and was reminded of the constant that is change.


“Nothing is constant in the whole world.
Everything is in a state of flux, and comes into being
as a transient appearance.
Time itself flows on with constant motion,
just like a river: for no more than a river
can the fleeting hour stand still. As wave is driven on by wave,
and, itself pursued, pursues the one before,
so the moments of time at once flee and follow,
and are ever new. What was before is left behind,
that which was not comes to be,
and every minute gives place to another.”


Roman poet, Ovid,’THE METAMORPHOSES’

My meditation was walking along here…feeling the sand and grit with my feet, enjoying the water splashing about my toes and legs, and viewing with gentle gaze the beauty about me and high in the sky.

Do you try walking meditation too?


PS Whilst technically I was walking mindfully most of the time, I only shot these pics for post purposes. 🙂


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Art & Anxiety. 153/365.

Art & Anxiety. 153/365.

I have always enjoyed some kind of art/craft/making/creating activities including drawing, scrapbooking, lettering, and so on.

As a teacher it was always fun to create with and for the kids in class and I continued this when all of the grandkids came along, especially those who stayed for G&P care each week.

I guess I never put a lot of time into making and creating as a solo activity (that would be indulgent…old Denyse would have said) until I was led to Daisy Yellow around this time 2 years ago when I was feeling stressed.

Who knew Art helps anxiety?

Not me then.

But I sure know now! When I create I am “in the moment” and I cannot feel anything but the act of what I am creating. It sometimes takes me a while to recognise that my anxiety could be quelled with some art-type activity and once I make the connection, my tummy relaxes and I have fun.

Recently I have had to overcome some challenges about travelling to Sydney and I’m convinced that taking some art time before I left helped me relax and soothed my fears about potential IBS from stress.

Here’s what  I created on Tuesday morning before going to Sydney for a wonderful and uneventful (except for the joy) trip

Today, I have already started Index Card a Day (ICAD) challenge for 2015.

Are you taking part?

Denyse xx


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In The Moment. 150/365

In The Moment. 150/365.

Today was one of those days where the weather could have turned nasty but didn’t so I ventured out with my Canon G15. On manual setting!

Over the ‘hill’ to Hardys Bay I drove.

And walked along the sandstone where the tide was so low I could see such busy-ness.

I soon became ‘in the moment’ and noticed these.

What a busy and purposeful day they were having!

Do you sometimes ‘notice’ and then become completely unaware of time passing?

It’s being the most mindful I can be and I relish it.

Denyse xx


Look at sole crab… and the patterns made by the inhabitants



Crab not fully in shot but enjoyed seeing the ‘industrious’ work



Here’s the low tide area


After walking back from the jetty, I spied! Off they go.


One Perfect Moment.145/365.

One Perfect Moment. 145/365.

We have lived with a view from our house for the past 5 months. It is spectacular but sometimes I don’t even notice it.


Yesterday I did.

And decided in that ‘one perfect moment’ to capture the view via a pencil sketch.

I thought about doing this many times but it took this long to actually do it.

Is that what some things are like for you too?

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Denyse xx